Tenaya 7 is a pet project of Venjix. He had created Tenaya 7 to look human and revealed his project to his Generals Shifter and Crunch.

Venjix had sent Tenaya 7 on a mission. Ziggy was holding auditions for the Green Ranger. Tenaya 7 was to audition and become the Green Ranger. Tenaya 7 blended into the crowd and waited for the right opportunity. It soon came. Ziggy had been taken to the back alley by Fresno Bob and his men. Ziggy owed them money and Fresno Bob wanted his men to pound it out of Ziggy. Fresno Bob's men were about to strike when Tenaya 7 began whistling. Everyone was startled and paused. Tenaya 7 took advantage of this and knocked the men before they even knew what was going on. Tenaya 7 easily defeated the men. She then taunted Fresno Bob, asking him if he wanted to take her on. Fresno Bob was furious and warned Ziggy that all five cartels knew he was back. Fresno Bob wanted Ziggy to come see him and tossed his card. Fresno Bob threaten Tenaya 7 as well. Fresno Bob and his men left. Ziggy, who had hid during the fight, got up and walked over to Tenaya. Ziggy told her that it was good that she had shown up when she did, because he was about to go primal on them. Tenaya remarked that she could tell they were in trouble. Tenaya told Ziggy that she had to get back in line. Ziggy couldn't believe it, although Tenaya added that she didn't know if she had what it took to become a Ranger. Ziggy reassured her that she. Ziggy took her inside the auditorium and introduced her to Summer, Flynn, and Scott. She gave her name as Tenaya Sevenson, a former news helicopter pilot. Tenaya went through several tests and her scores were off the chart. Summer commented that she was perfect, too perfect. Flynn, Scott, Summer, and Ziggy walked over to Tenaya and welcome her to the team. She gave them a big smile. Ziggy left to get the green morpher as Dr. K wanted her to bond with the morpher immediately. Scott, Summer, and Flynn left for awhile as well. Corporal Hicks and a security guard had to give Tenaya more tests. Corporal Hicks was having trouble with his scanner, as Corporal Hicks was sure it was reading wrong. Tenaya told him not to worry about it. Tenaya removed her hair and Corporal Hicks saw the plate on her neck and knew she was a robot. Tenaya fought and defeated Corporal Hick and his security guard. Ziggy then came running in just as Tenaya revealed her true form. Ziggy took off and Tenaya 7 went after him. Ziggy had hoped onto a scooter and was about to take off, when Tenaya 7 grabbed a hold of the scooter and stopped him by lifting it in the air. Ziggy asked who she was and Tenaya 7 went into a long speech about who she was. Ziggy squirted water into her face and she dropped the scooter. Ziggy took off. Tenaya 7 would soon catch up to him. Ziggy had stopped in the midst of several clothing lines. Tenaya 7 enjoyed taunting her prey and whistled again. Tenaya 7 walked in between several sheets hanging and Ziggy could see her shadow. Ziggy finally yelled out that he was not afraid of her. Tenaya 7 grabbed Ziggy and told him he should be. Ziggy wiggle out of his jacket and got away. Tenaya 7 tried to catch up, but Ziggy had thrown several sheets over her and she was tangle up. When she managed to untangle herself, she took off once more. Tenaya 7 tracked Ziggy down to the race track. Ziggy had just handed over his bag to Fresno Bob. Tenaya 7 ran towards them. She yanked Ziggy away and told Fresno Bob the bag belonged to her. Fresno Bob was not about to give up the bag. Then Fresno Bob recognized her as the girl from earlier and figured out that Ziggy had lured her to the race track. Ziggy got away as Tenaya 7 once more fought and defeated Fresno Bob's men. She soon discovered the green morpher was not in the bag. Dillon had arrived in his car. Ziggy had clambered in. Tenaya 7 had spotted them and began her whistling. Ziggy explained to Dillon that was what she does, it was like her calling card. The car took off, and Tenaya 7 leaped onto the hood of it. Dillon could not shake her off the car. The car stopped and Tenaya 7 leaped off. She went over and yanked Ziggy through the window and he hit the pavement hard. Dillon had scrambled over the car and began fighting with her. Tenaya 7 could tell that Dillon had had upgrades. Dillon morphed into Black Ranger. Tenaya 7 battled Black Ranger easily and soon knocked him to the pavement. She walked over to the fallen Ziggy and grabbed the morpher out of his hands. She was very pleased and gave another one of her speeches. Ziggy told her she talks too much. Ziggy got up and they both struggled to have control of the morpher. Ziggy had the morpher on his wrist and activated, becoming the Green Ranger. Tenaya 7 went after him. Black Ranger was back up and he fired his weapon at her. This time Tenaya 7 was defeated. Tenaya 7 couldn't resist telling the two Rangers that they were too late. Gopher Bot was within the city walls. Black Ranger and Green Ranger took off. Later, Gopher Bot would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Tenaya 7 stood alongside General Crunch and General Shifter. They were all standing in front of Venjix. Venjix: Prepare yourselves for a new era of Venjix technology. The latest robot was revealed. Venjix: The Nozzbot Attack System Generation 9. General Shifter: Most excellent Master Venjix. General Crunch: Nice work, your Venjixness. Tenaya 7 was in disbelief. Tenaya 7: It looks like a giant bottle of window cleaner. Sorry, are we trying to destroy Corinth or give the city a streak free shine? Venjix: You are looking at the newest evolution of Venjix tech. And like all technology, the new is designed to replace the old. Which means the time has come for one of you to be destroyed. Generals Crunch and Shifter stepped back. Venjix: Tenaya 7, I'm afraid your failure to procure the Ranger Green series morpher has made you obsolete. The Grinders moved in an attack position. Venjix: Tenaya 7, you were built to think like a human, to feel like a human, but so far you've provided me with nothing. Tenaya 7: Maybe not, but it's provided me with something. Several Grinders moved forward and started fighting Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 destroyed them all. Tenaya 7 faced Venjix once more. Tenaya 7: A self preservation instinct. Venjix: Impressive. Perhaps you are worth keeping operational after all. General Shifter was outrage and stepped forward. General Shifter: I must protest Master Venjix, sir. As I recall, you said that one of us needed to be destroyed. Venjix blasted General Shifter and he was in pieces. General Crunch was very amused and thought General Shifter had walked right into that one. Venjix then instructed Tenaya 7 to make sure Nozzbot got into the city. Tenaya 7 and several Grinders entered the city. It was for them to defeat the security guards posted. Soon Summer, Flynn, and Ziggy arrived. Tenaya 7 was looking forward to battling the Rangers. Soon after, Scott and Dillon arrived as well. They all battled the Grinders and soon the five teens had morphed. The Rangers continued to battle the Grinders. Tenaya 7 started battling Black Ranger. Ever since their last battle, Tenaya 7 had been dreaming of destroying Black Ranger. Black Ranger attempted to use the invincibility shield against Tenaya 7, but Tenaya 7 easily blasted through it. She was heading straight for Black Ranger when Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger arrived with the Road Blaster and fired at her. Tenaya 7 went flying and landed close to Scott's car. Tenaya 7 knew she had to retreat, but first detach her hand and placed it under Scott's car. Tenaya 7 returned to base and a very angry Venjix. Tenaya 7 listened to Venjix's threats and could barely contain an eye roll. Tenaya 7 admitted that she may have been driven from the city, but she wasn't defeated. She had left an present for the Rangers and then displayed her arm with the missing hand. The next day, Tenaya 7 began operating her hand. Tenaya 7 and General Crunch watched the screen as Tenaya 7 directed her hand through the teens' home. General Crunch wouldn't have mind having a hand like that. Flynn was making a smoothie. Flynn had been asking Dillon to pass various fruits. Dillon got tired and left. Flynn was demanding an apple, unaware that Dillon had left. Tenaya 7 had the hand give Flynn an apple. General Crunch was surprised and asked her why she had done that. Tenaya 7 shrugged her shoulders, she didn't know herself. The doors to the Ranger room opened and Scott and Summer stepped out. The hand scurried into the room. Tenaya 7 was very happy and she soon had lowered the shields on the city and Nozzbot and more Grinders were sent in. The alarms had sounded. Flynn, Ziggy, Scott, and Summer were about to take off in their vehicles when the hand shut the doors. Tenaya 7 had a moment of fun when she had the hand give Ziggy a wedgie. The four teens went after the hand. The hand manage to outmaneuver them. The hand reached inside Scott's shirt and slammed him against the pool table several times. Scott yelled for help and his friends hit him with their cue sticks until Scott screamed for them to stop. Dillon had stepped out of his room and leaped into the chaos. The hand tripped Dillon and he landed close to his car. The hand would have burned Dillon with his own car if Scott hadn't pushed Dillon away. Ziggy, Summer, Flynn, and Scott morphed. The four Rangers continued to go after the hand. The hand had fun poking out of the various pockets of the pool table when Green Ranger went after it. But Blue Ranger and Red Ranger managed to get it out of the pool table and sent it flying. Dillon tried next, but the hand flipped him hard. The hand then went after the laser torch and used it against the Rangers. Dillon morphed. Black Ranger successfully used the invincibility shield. But the hand knew that it was only five seconds worth of protection. But Dr. K and Black Ranger had another surprise for the hand. Tenaya 7 couldn't believe it when Black Ranger opened the fridge and laser cannons came out and fired at the hand. It was destroyed and the Rangers left for the city. General Crunch asked Venjix if he was going to wait until the Rangers defeated Nozzbot or go ahead and make him big. Tenaya 7 stepped aside and Venjix blasted him. Moments later, still in pieces and with nothing to lose, General Crunch asked Venjix why he didn't send in all the drones when the city's shields were down. General Crunch got blasted once more and broke into more pieces. Venjix did send in the drones. The Rangers destroyed the drones and Nozzbot. Venjix was furious. Tenaya 7 told Venjix not to look at her, she had gotten the robot into the city.

Boom Bot had managed to lower Corinth's shields for a moment and entered with Tenaya 7 and several Grinders. Several security guards tried to stop them. City Patrol: Get them! The Grinders battled the security guards and the security guards were soon overwhelm. City Patrol: Code Red! Infiltration! One security guard managed to get to the vehicle to make contact. City Patrol: Corinth control tower! This is city patrol...its. Tenaya 7 had walked towards the security guard. City Patrol: Hey! Stop her! A security guard came running towards Tenaya 7 to stop her. Tenaya 7 used her leg to keep the guard pinned to the fence behind him. She reached in and used the CB. Tenaya 7 was able to mimic the guard's voice perfectly. Tenaya 7: It's all clear. Over and out. Tenaya 7 then knocked the guard down. The security guards were defeated. Tenaya 7 walked over to Boom Bot and the Grinders. Tenaya 7: Now go and crush them. While Boom Bot kept the Rangers busy, Tenaya 7 went over to Corinth's city bank. She was holding a flyer about a diamond. Tenaya 7: The Landsdown diamond. The only pure class four black diamond left in existence. Tenaya 7 tossed the flyer aside. She bent down to a vent and removed it. Tenaya 7 reached in and detached her hand. The hand opened the vault door for her from the inside. Tenaya 7 walked in and attached her hand. Tenaya 7: And it's about to become mine. Venjix: You mean ours. Tenaya 7: Right, that's what I meant. Tenaya 7 began searching for the diamond. Venjix: Remember, that diamond is the key to my plan. Don't disappoint me Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 found the diamond and walked out of the bank with it. She reported in to Venjix that she had the diamond. Tenaya 7 was outside the building when Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Red Ranger arrived and surrounded her. Tenaya 7 enjoyed the challenge. Tenaya 7 battled the four Rangers with ease, and soon had them defeated. Tenaya 7 went into her speech when Summer arrived. Summer wanted Tenaya 7 to skip the blab, blab, blab, as her parents were visiting. Tenaya 7 and Summer fought. It wasn't as easy. Summer morphed. Tenaya 7 and Yellow Ranger battled. It was more difficult. Yellow Ranger soon had Tenaya 7 hitting the pavement. Unseen by Yellow Ranger, Tenaya 7 detach her hand, and it grab a weapon that had been knocked out of one of the Power Rangers. Tenaya 7 told Yellow Ranger to tell her parents not to wait. Yellow Ranger was confused by the comment. Yellow Ranger then noticed that Tenaya 7's hand was missing and the reflection on Tenaya 7's visor showed her the hand had a weapon. Yellow Ranger managed to duck out of the way and the weapon hit Tenaya 7 instead. Tenaya 7 got up and told the Rangers they had failed. Tenaya 7 opened up the jewelry case, but the diamond was gone. Double drat. Tenaya 7 walked away as the Rangers gathered around Yellow Ranger.

Generals Shifter and Crunch were rebuilt and back. Tenaya 7 return without the necklace and one hand. Generals Shifter and Crunch stood with Tenaya 7 as she gave Venjix the bad news. Tenaya 7: The Landsdown diamond should have been there. General Crunch: What are you going to do to her? Blow her up? General Crunch laughed. Venjix: No. I have something else in mind. An upgrade. Fortunately for you, Tenaya 7, I still need your human form to secure the Landsdown diamond and power up my Camera attack bot. The screen showed a newspaper announcing the upcoming wedding of Summer. Tenaya 7: Well, well, well, if it isn't Ranger Yellow. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Venjix: The Landsdowns will present the rare black diamond as a gift to their daughter at her wedding. Tenaya 7: So I get to get my hands on a big sparkly diamond, destroy the city of Corinth, and ruin Ranger Yellow's wedding, all at once? Oh, I am so totally there! Tenaya 7 left. She disguised herself as a cater and delivered the wedding cake to the garage where the wedding was to take place. Tenaya 7 put the finishing touches on the cake. She reported in to Venjix. Tenaya 7: Still no sign of the diamond. Venjix: But are you prepare to seize it and attack with my Camera Bot when the time comes? Tenaya 7: Sure, piece of cake. Tenaya 7 took a small swipe at the cake and like some frosting off. Tenaya 7 stood in the background as the ceremony began. Scott told everyone about the new Summer. Mr. Landsdown held up the black diamond necklace and told Scott that was the day Summer had given him this. Tenaya 7 came flying in and stated this was the day she was going to take it. Tenaya 7 held the necklace as Grinders and Camera Bot burst in through the doors. The guests were in a panic. Tenaya 7 was gleeful. She looked over at the bride and told her she loved the dress. Tenaya 7 then ripped off the veil, but it was not Summer. The young woman, Dr. K, told her thanks, she thought she looked radiant. Summer came swinging in. No cater would place a wedding cake next to a recycle motor oil bin. The battle brought out. The guys battled the Grinders as the guests panic and ran to safety. Tenaya 7 had been knocked down by Summer and dropped the necklace. Summer picked it up. Tenaya 7 told her she didn't want to get in between her and something sparkly. Summer told her to get some. Tenaya 7 and Summer battled. Tenaya 7 managed to hold Summer in place and feed the necklace to Camera Bot. Camera Bot ran out of the building. Tenaya 7 was kicked and went flying through the air and then hit the pavement. Summer and the guys morphed and took off. Eventually the Rangers would destroy Camera Bot. But Tenaya 7 was not done. Using the weapon in her hand, she approached the woman she assumed was Dr. K. It was. Tenaya 7 had heard that Dr. K was smart and she expected to hear some profound last words from her. Dr. K decided to use the universal language of music. The violin was plugged in and Dr. K played it. Tenaya 7 told her she was smart before she was blasted by the sound waves.

An attack bot had been sent into Corinth City. There were two fault lines under the city. The attack bot was to drill a hole in one, gathered up the lava, and then proceed to the second fault line. Once the attack bot drilled the second fault line, an volcanic eruption would take place and Corinth City would be destroyed. The attack bot arrived first and began the drilling. Tenaya 7 then entered the city with Generals Shifter and Crunch. Tenaya 7: Let's make it snappy, can we? For once, it would be nice to get this done before you know who gets here. Dillon: Sorry Tenaya. Scott: You're too late. Tenaya 7 was very annoyed to see the teens had arrived. Several Grinders arrived and Tenaya 7 sent them in. The teens battled the Grinders. Ziggy ended up hiding behind some barrels. Ziggy: Wait...wait...hold on. The Grinders took the barrel and tossed it aside. A Grinder grabbed Ziggy and swung him around. As the Grinder did this, Ziggy kicked out at the remaining Grinders, knocking them down. Generals Crunch and Shifter fired at Flynn. Flynn went flying through the air and landed hard on the pavement. Scott, Summer, Ziggy, and Dillon came racing over. Scott: Flynn! Are you okay? Flynn got up. Scott: Ready? Summer, Ziggy, Flynn, Dillon: Ready! Teens: RPM! Get in gear! Green Ranger noted the explosion that occurred behind them when they morphed. Green Ranger: There! See that explosion. I'm telling you, that was just a little one. The Rangers went back into battle. The Generals and the Grinders continued to battle the Rangers. The attack bot went in search of the fault line. Tenaya 7: Actually Rangers, and this feels so good to say....(the ground shook) you're the ones who are too late. The attack bot was now giant size. The battle continued and Tenaya 7 joined in as well. During the battle, Blue Ranger's suit had a malfunction and he could not move. The remaining four Rangers surrounded him to protect him as they battled the Grinders when they moved in close. Tenaya 7 used this to her advantage and made a dramatic exit, along with the Generals. The attack bot would find the second fault line, but Green Ranger and Black Ranger were trying to stop it with their ValveMax Megazord. It was a difficult battle and Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger were sent in to help. Tenaya 7 arrived with more Grinders. Tenaya 7 and the Grinders battled the two Rangers. Tenaya 7 had just tossed both Rangers to the ground when Flynn came running up. Flynn battled a few Grinders, made sure Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger were okay, and the reverse his morph. This cause a huge explosion, which knocked Tenaya 7 and the Grinders off their feet. Blue Ranger then battles the remaining Grinders and destroys them. Tenaya 7 retreats. The remaining Rangers form the High Octane Megazord. The two Megazords battle and destroy the attack bot.

Venjix had assembled his generals and Tenaya 7 to his chamber. Venjix: Prepare yourselves to meet the final nightmare of the living. My most horrifying creation yet. The Reflex bot, generation 12. The Reflex bot had a chamber, and when he opened it, there was a mirror. The generals were reflected in the mirror. General Crunch: Ewww! Gross! General Shifter: Sweet heavens! It's even more gruesome than I imagine. Look at those two heads, they're disgusting. General Shifter pointed at General Crunch's reflection. General Shifter: Ohhh! That one is the most hideous. General Crunch then pointed at General Shifter's reflection. General Crunch: No, that one is so much worse. Tenaya 7: Do you want to tell them, or should I do the honors? Venjix: What I want is for you to make sure that the Power Rangers do not interfere with my Reflex bot attack plan. Which is why I have built a second one, just for you. I'm counting on you Tenaya 7. You are my wisest and most trusted adviser. The first Reflex bot had walked away and now a second one is revealed. General Crunch: Ohhh, look, this one is even more ugly than the first! Tenaya 7: Well, yeah, but that's not exactly saying much is it? General Shifter: Master, you cannot unleash something this putrid into the world. General Crunch: Can...can machines throw up? I think I'm going to throw up! Tenaya 7 could only place her head in her hands and shake her head. The Reflex bot was sent out and soon the Rangers were battling it. After the Reflex bot had defeated the Rangers, it had a malfunction. The Reflex bot was taken to the Ranger room, although Colonel Truman would have preferred having it destroyed. After Colonel Truman left, Dr. K was busy helping the Rangers battle the numerous drones. Dr. K was ready to download a second set of zords, when the casing for the Reflex bot came apart. Tenaya 7 stepped out. Tenaya 7: Oh no you're not! Tenaya 7 walked over to where Dr. K sat at her table. Tenaya 7: The Reflex bot's malfunction was all just part of the plan. I knew someone like you could never resist a peek at Venjix's latest hardware. Tenaya 7 did not see Dr. K pressing the keys on her computer. Suddenly the laser cannons lowered and fired at Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 managed to avoid getting fired at, and then fired her own weapon at the cannons, destroying them. Tenaya 7 keeps her eyes on Dr. K as she walked over and then pressed a few keys herself. Tenaya 7: Greetings Rangers. You are now traveling with Tenaya 7. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Tenaya 7 had taken away the Rangers' control of their zords. Dr. K angrily pushed Tenaya 7 away and then pressed more keys. A glass container came down, slicing off Tenaya 7's hand as it imprisons her. Tenaya 7 bangs on the container, but she cannot break free. She yells at Dr. K that she is getting out. Dr. K manages to get 70% of the control of the zords back to the Rangers. Tenaya 7's hand moves across the floor and then up another set of keyboards. The hand releases Tenaya 7 from the container. Tenaya 7 grabs her hand, connects it, and then contacts Venjix and tells him to send in the second Reflex bot. Tenaya 7 then goes after Dr. K and they battle. Dr. K grabs her sonar cannon and tells the Rangers she is downloading the original Megazord configurations. Tenaya 7 takes this distraction as an opportunity to hide. Tenaya 7 begins whistling from her hiding spot. Dr. K looks all around. Tenaya 7, still unseen, tells Dr. K that she prides herself on being really smart, but that she had messed up big time. Dr. K blasts the sonar cannon wildly, clearly upset. Tenaya 7 comes out of her hiding place. Tenaya 7 has always wanted a sonar cannon and opens the chamber on Reflex bot. But instead of the sonar cannon being reproduced, another flux over thruster is reproduced. Dr. K grabs it and installs it. Dr. K contacts the Rangers and tells them they can now form the Zenith Megazord. Tenaya 7 is very angry. She realizes that this was Dr. K's plan all along to get another flux over thruster. Dr. K then picks up her violin and begins playing, much to Tenaya 7's anguish. A large fan is turned on and a hole opens up in the wall. Dr. K plays her music loud and the pan picks up, creating a strong wind. Dr. K has hooked herself onto a pole with her foot. Tenaya 7 lifts up and she grabs onto a pole. But she is eventually blown out of the room.

Venjix had come up with another plan to destroy Corinth and the Rangers. Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 entered his chamber. Venjix: Shifter, Crunch, Tenaya 7, watch and learn. The three watched the screen. The Rangers were battling several Grinders and an attack bot. Eventually the Grinders would be destroyed and the attack bot defeated. General Crunch giggled uncontrollably. Tenaya 7: Let me guess, bigger is better. Venjix: Initiate the download. General Crunch: Whoa, I love this part - every time. I just never get tired of it. The three continued to watch the screen and soon the Rangers destroyed the attack bot with the Zenith Megazord. General Shifter: Not again. General Crunch: Looks like that bot finally met his match. General Crunch realized he had said the wrong thing. Venjix blasts the Generals. Tenaya 7 is ready to leave, but Venjix commands her to stay once more. Venjix tells them of his plan. Sat bot is in the city causing the multiple energy disruptions. So there is no problems with the Rangers, Venjix sends out another attack bot. Venjix has the Generals and Tenaya 7 watch. In the woods, the Rangers battled and with the RPM Enforcer, destroy the attack bot. Tenaya 7 is about asleep and makes another attempt to leave, but Venjix stops her once more and commands that she watches. Tenaya 7 stays, but only after telling Venjix he had Tenaya 7 programmed with human needs and emotions. She can't help it if she needs some sleep once in awhile. Venjix then has a breach at the docks. The Rangers will split up to take care of the various problems. The breach in the docks will be taken care of by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger. The Rangers will then reunite and battle Sat Bot. Although Black Ranger was reluctant to battle Sat Bot, since Sat Bot had his memories, eventually Black Ranger would, with the rest of the Rangers, destroy Sat Bot. Venjix was furious that his plan had failed. Tenaya 7 has had enough and tells them she is off to bed. The Generals wish her a good night.

Tenaya 7 walked slowly on the beach. Ahead of her were Flynn, Summer, and Ziggy. In the distance, Dillon and Scott were racing their cars. Suddenly the cars stopped. Dillon and Scott got out of their cars, and walked past their friends to face her. Summer, Ziggy, and Flynn turned around and spotted Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7: Very, very impressive race. But you se, I prefer my battles to have a more permanent outcome. Ziggy: See, I don't care how powerful or deadly you think you are, Miss Tenaya 7. But there are five of us and only one (several Grinders came out of their hiding place) one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Okay, well now this isn't fair. Tenaya 7 raced forward as the teens raced towards her. Tenaya 7 battled Dillon as the rest of the teens battled the Grinders. Tenaya 7: For a human, you're pretty fast. Dillon: For a robot, you're pretty human. Tenaya 7: Don't ever call me that again! Tenaya 7 leaped over Dillon, gently placing a remote device on the back of his neck, and then knocked him to the ground. Dillon got back up. Dillon: RPM! Get in gear! Tenaya 7 continued to battle Black Ranger. Flynn and Summer battled several Grinders. Flynn: You ready? Summer: Ready. Flynn & Summer: RPM! Get in gear! Scott had been battling several Grinders by his car. One Grinder went to hit him, and instead scratch Scott's car. Scott became furious when he saw the scratch. Scott battle the Grinders and then took out a container and spray a couple of Grinders, freezing them in place. Ziggy came running up from behind them. Ziggy: I see you boys have really chilled out. Now try not to go to pieces. Ziggy kicked them and the Grinders fell into pieces. Ziggy had also hurt his foot in the process. Scott: you okay? Ziggy: Yeah. Scott: Ready? Ziggy: Ready. Scott & Ziggy: RPM! Get in gear! Green Ranger and Red Ranger continued their battle against the Grinders. Red Ranger: Nitro blaster! Tenaya 7 had knocked Black Ranger onto the sand, hard enough to make him go off line. Tenaya 7: To be continue. Tenaya 7 blasted Dillon and then vanished. Tenaya 7 was with Lighting Bot and watched as the teens headed back to their cars. Tenaya 7: Fools! Mission accomplish Master Venjix. Tenaya 7 returned to base. She stood with Generals Shifter and Crunch in Venjix's chamber. The screen was down and it had shown them that shields, which had been going down, were now going back in place. General Shifter: Master Venjix, the city's shields are back at full power. General Crunch: The Rangers have discovered the remote override...uh..thingy on subject D44. Venjix: Well Tenaya 7? Tenaya 7: Not to worry, this is just the beginning. Ranger Black will join us or be destroyed. The following day, the shields are lowered once more. General Crunch: Subject D44 has begun disrupting the city's shields frequencies again! General Shifter: The robotic virus must be taking hold of him, even sooner than we expected. Tenaya 7 is feeling very triumph. Venjix instructs her to send in Lighting Bot. Lighting Bot and several Grinders are sent into the city. Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger battle them. Eventually Red Ranger and Black Ranger joins them in the battle. The Grinders are destroyed and Lighting Bot is defeated. Venjix prepared the download. Lighting Bot is giant size. The battle continues and the Rangers destroy Lighting Bot with the Zenith Megazord. Tenaya 7, the Generals, and Venjix watch the screen. The teens had return to the Ranger room and are trying to stop the virus in Dillon, when it suddenly takes control of Dillon and he fights his friends. Tenaya 7 is feeling very triumphant. Venjix is pleased and the Generals are thrilled. But Dr. K types in the base code and Dillon is returned to normal and the virus returns to it's normal rate.

Tenaya 7 walked into Venjix's chambers. Generals Shifter and Crunch were there. The Generals had been watching a screen. The Rangers had just destroyed the latest giant attack bot. Generals Crunch and Shifter were unable to salvage any parts. Venjix: My days of defeat are over. I am going to destroy the Power Rangers, once and for all! General Shifter: Behold my newest creation. An attack bot was being lifted out. General Crunch laughed. General Crunch: Let's check it out. General Crunch walked over to the attack bot was it was being placed onto the floor. Tenaya 7 was not impressed. Tenaya 7: What's so special about this robot? Venjix: Well, you'll see. The download process began. Tenaya 7 was a little taken aback. General Crunch: We have a little surprise. General Crunch plug a hose into the attack bot. Gradually the red glow of Venjix in the tube began to fade, and the red glow of the eyes of the attack bot began to glow brightly. Tenaya 7 felt frighten. Venjix: I've downloaded myself into this body, so I can destroy the Power Rangers with my own two heads. Venjix had walked towards Tenaya 7 as he spoke. Tenaya 7 quickly concealed her fear. Tenaya 7: Very nice. Generation 12? General Shifter: 13! Tenaya 7: When are we going to the city to meet the Power Rangers? Venjix: We aren't. Plans are already in place, for them to come to me! Venjix left to put his plan into action. Tenaya 7 and the Generals watched Venjix's battle with the Rangers on the screen. The Rangers had not been doing well against Venjix. Suddenly two new zords appeared. The new zords went after Venjix, battle him, and "destroyed" him. The Generals were very upset. Not Tenaya 7. She pointed out that someone had to take Venjix's place. General Shifter was ready, but so was General Crunch. Tenaya 7 suggested they settle it the fair way. No one was to fight until her visor hit the floor. The Generals agreed. Tenaya 7 tossed her visor and without warning, starting fighting the Generals before her visor hit the floor. Tenaya 7 was very pleased when she defeated the Generals. Venjix complimented Tenaya 7, and then pointed out that he was Venjix and he was immortal. Tenaya 7 was not happy to see that Venjix was back in his tube. The Generals were happy to see him. Another attack bot (looking just like the last one) was pulled out and Venjix downloaded himself into the body. Venjix told them he would never be defeated. Tenaya 7 pointed out that the Rangers had defeated him several times. Venjix replied that the Rangers were falling into his trap.

Tenaya 7, General Crunch, and General Shifter are inside Venjix's chamber. Venjix was there as well. The screen was up and they could see Dyno Bot. Dyno Bot had just recently battled the Rangers in Omega City. Dyno Bot: Venjix, my master, the Rangers have just left Omega City. Venjix: And I take it you did not let them go without giving them a goodbye present. Dyno Bot: Not to worry. Everything is in place as planned. Venjix: Outstanding. Wait until my signal to blow the charge. General Shifter and I will meet you in this wasteland canyon to arrange the proper greeting party. Dyno Bot laughed. Venjix and General Shifter left. Dyno Bot would be destroyed by the Rangers. General Shifter and Venjix had retreated from battle.

Tenaya 7, Generals Shifter and Crunch managed to get one of the gates opened to Corinth City. They walked through and into the city. Tenaya 7: So what do humans need to live? General Shifter: Food? General Crunch: Water maybe? Or! Tenaya 7: You know I don't know why I bother trying to include you two at all! I was referring to...air. General Crunch: Air? General Shifter: Oxygen, of course! Tenaya 7 had started to walk away. General Crunch: Wait, that was my next guess! The three made it inside an air circulation building and began wrecking the equipment there. Tenaya 7: That should be more than enough damage to do the trick. General Crunch took a hose and started spraying the air at General Shifter. General Crunch: In your face Shifter! General Crunch laughed. General Shifter: Stop that! Tenaya 7: I said enough! General Shifter and Crunch stopped. Tenaya 7: We need to pull out before...Red Ranger: Before the Rangers get here. Tenaya 7's visor went down. Tenaya 7: Sure, something like that. Tenaya 7 turned around faced the Rangers. Tenaya 7: Grinders! The Rangers raced forward and the battle began. Green Ranger was battling several Grinders. The Grinders began pulling on Green Ranger. Green Ranger: Yeah, stretch that heavy. Yeah. Green Ranger managed to get out of their grip. Green Ranger: Okay, now you see me! Green Ranger then teleported to another part of the room. Green Ranger: Now you don't! But there were more Grinders and they soon knocked Green Ranger to the floor. Green Ranger: Wait! Wait! Suddenly Blue Ranger appeared and used his time freeze on the Grinders. Blue Ranger: Move aside. Blue Ranger destroyed the Grinders. Blue Ranger helped Green Ranger back up on his feet. Blue Ranger: Up and at it. Green Ranger: Thanks. General Shifter and General Crunch was battling Yellow Ranger. Yellow Ranger: Energy blast! Yellow Ranger knocks the generals to the floor. Red Ranger is also battling several Rangers and knocking them all over the place. Red Ranger: Come on! Red Ranger races towards more Grinders. Red Ranger: Burst attack! Tenaya 7 is battling Black Ranger. Tenaya 7 knocks Black Ranger to the floor and then starts blasting him. Black Ranger: Shield! Black Ranger uses his invincibility shield to protect himself. Tenaya 7 and Black Ranger battle more and then Tenaya 7 knocks Black Ranger to the floor once more. Tenaya 7 walks over to the controls. Tenaya 7: So long. Tenaya 7 flips a few switches and the huge fan at the end of the hall turns on. Several Grinders end up in the fan. General Shifter's and General Crunch's weight makes them immune to the power of the fan. The Rangers hold onto whatever they can grab onto. Green Ranger loses his grip and begins to get pulled towards the fan. General Shifter and Crunch stand by Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 is thrilled to see one of Rangers heading towards the fan. Only four more to go! Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger arrive. Silver Ranger bashes the controls, which stops the force of the fan. Tenaya 7, Generals Shifter, and Crunch retreat. They manage to get through the gate. Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger were after them, but Red Ranger stop them from leaving Corinth. Tenaya 7, Generals Crunch and Shifter return to Venjix's headquarters. Venjix is very pleased. The humans are overreacting as he had planned. Venjix plans to send in Vacuum Bot in to take out all the oxygen out of the dome. An outpost is set up just outside the city. Tenaya 7, Generals Shifter, and Crunch head out with Vacuum Bot to the outpost. Tenaya 7, Generals Shifter, and Crunch supervise the Grinders outside as they move equipment. Tenaya 7 then heads inside the cave with Vacuum Bot. Tenaya 7 supervises inside the cave as Grinders move around, setting things up. Then Vacuum Bot begins draining Corinth of it's oxygen. Suddenly Silver Ranger races in, followed by Red Ranger. Tenaya 7 battles the two Rangers, as does the Grinders. The equipment is hit and an explosion occurs. Vacuum Bot is thrown from the cave. Tenaya 7 makes it outside the cave as well. Tenaya 7 sees Gold Ranger battling Generals Crunch and Shifter and goes after him. Soon Red Ranger and Silver Ranger arrive and they battle Vacuum. Tenaya 7 is battling Gold Ranger, and he has her, when he spots Red Ranger and Silver Ranger. Tenaya 7 breaks free from his hold. Gold Ranger asks Tenaya 7, Generals Shifter, and Crunch to hang on, as he runs over to Silver Ranger and Red Ranger. Instead of sticking around, Tenaya 7, Generals Shifter, and Crunch retreat. The three Rangers defeat Vacuum Bot, but Venjix prepares the download and Vacuum Bot is giant size. The rest of the Rangers arrive, with the ValveMax Megazord and the zords. High Octane Megazord is formed. The Rangers battle and destroy Vacuum Bot.

Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger were in the city, searching for an attack bot, they thought was in the shape of a ball of yarn. Tenaya 7 watched them for a moment, enjoying their confusion as they could not find a ball of yarn. Generals Crunch and Shifter were hidden as well. Tenaya 7 started whistling as she approached the Rangers. The five Rangers began looking around for the source. Black Ranger: Unless it was a trap. Tenaya 7: That's right Ranger Black, but the whole whistling thing kind of gave it away, don't you think? Tenaya 7 finished whistling her tune. Generals Shifter and Crunch appeared on the balcony of a building. General Shifter: Greetings. General Crunch laughed. Red Ranger: Sorry guys, but that ball of yarn has me way more worried than you. General Shifter: Should we tell them about the surprise? General Crunch: Oh no, don't ruin it. Let's let it be a surprise. Tenaya 7: You just did ruin it. As soon as you said the word surprise. Green Ranger stepped forward. Green Ranger: Sorry, but we came here expecting to find a big ball of yarn. What could you possibly offer that would surprise us at this point? Suddenly an attack bot (Saw Bot) came racing towards Green Ranger and attacks him, pinning him against several crates. General Shifter and General Crunch: Surprise! Green Ranger: Okay, I'll admit I didn't see that coming, but I wouldn't actually say I was surprised. Tenaya 7: The surprise is not that you are going to be fighting Venjix's latest creation. Saw Bot had been created to learn the Rangers' moves and then use it against them and destroy them. Saw Bot battled four of the Rangers as Tenaya 7 battled Black Ranger. Black Ranger broke off his fight with Tenaya 7 when Dr. K advise him to help Yellow Ranger. Saw Bot easily battled the Rangers and they were soon knocked to the ground. Tenaya 7 was very happy and confident the Rangers were about to be destroyed. Instead, Tenaya 7, Generals Crunch and Shifter, and Saw Bot were knocked off their feet by an explosion. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger had arrived. Tenaya 7 was furious and decided to make a dramatic exit. Tenaya 7 created her own explosion and when the smoke cleared Tenaya 7, General Crunch, General Shifter, and Saw Bot had vanished. The following day, the Rangers would destroy Saw Bot.

Tenaya 7 walked into Venjix's chamber as Venjix was presenting his latest creation. The Generals were impressed, not so much Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7: But that's a bit on the pathetic side, don't you think? The Rangers have already defeated your Saw creation. Tenaya 7 snapped her fingers and the screen displayed the Rangers destroying the last Saw Bot. Tenaya 7: Sending it after them again is like, I don't know, asking a girl out on a date, after she's just totally rejected you. General Crunch burst into laughter. Venjix: On the contrary Tenaya 7. The defeat of the Saw Bot was hardly pathetic. It was only part of the plan for having it ultimately destroy the Power Rangers. During the initial encounter with the Rangers, the Saw Bot's goal was not to defeat them. It was merely to gather raw data. To study the Rangers' moves, to uncover their weaknesses, and to use that information for the base programming of this incarnation of the Saw Bot. Tenaya 7: Let me guess. It's now invincible. Venjix: Invincible enough to destroy the Rangers and to make certain that my ultimate plan takes flight. The alarms went off and the screen showed a map. Tenaya 7 was excited. Tenaya 7: Sensors are picking signs of a human raiding party nearing...sector 17. General Shifter: Sector 17! That's the location of the primary factory site. Venjix: They're much too late. My doomsday weapon will be online and airborne in a matter of hours. Venjix looked at Generals Shifter and Crunch. Venjix: Prepare the drone squadrons and my personal ship for an aerial attack on the city. General Shifter and General Crunch bowed. General Shifter & General Crunch: Yes, Master. Generals Shifter and Crunch left. Venjix then looked at Saw Bot. Venjix: Saw Bot go! Saw Bot left. Venjix: The new Saw Bot will know just where to find them. Saw Bot then battle the Rangers. Tenaya 7 kept on an eye on things. Later, Tenaya 7 became alarm as she noticed something different was going on the screen. Tenaya 7: Venjix! Venjix came over. Tenaya 7: Sensors are picking up some kind of foreign DNA base code being uploaded into the factory main frame. Venjix: Activate the attack ship launch code. It's time to finish this. Venjix walked out. Tenaya 7 stayed behind. Eventually Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger defeated Saw Bot. Venjix was not pleased and contacted Tenaya 7 from his ship. Venjix appeared on the screen. Generals Shifter and Crunch had returned. Venjix: Tenaya 7, initiate the temporal power load and victory...Tenaya 7: shall be ours. yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. Tenaya 7 gave the order to the Generals and they prepared the download. Unfortunately Venjix's plan did not work. Dr. K had managed to transform the Doomsday Bot into a new zord for the Rangers - the Blue Whale zord. With the new zord, the Rangers were able to form a new Megazord configuration that Saw Bot did not know, the Mach Megazord. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger battled and destroyed Saw Bot.

Tenaya 7 was inside the palace, working on a new project of hers. She was very pleased with it and installed onto her wrist. Generals Shifter and Crunch walked in and towards Tenaya 7. General Shifter: Wait, shouldn't you be assembling the next generation attack bot as Venjix instructed? Tenaya 7: First of all, lug nut, I don't take orders from you. Secondly, I've done one better. I've built an electromagnetic lighting blaster. It will end the Rangers in one painful stroke. General Crunch: How does it work? Tell me! Tenaya 7: It's easy. You just check the safety...the weapon goes off and Tenaya 7 accidentally destroys several Grinders. Tenaya 7: Okay, maybe I need a little practice. General Crunch: I love to practice! Can I help? Tenaya 7: Why don't you go build another attack bot, and then, maybe. General Crunch: Goody-goody! General Crunch walked away, still talking. General Crunch: I'll make the perfect bot. It will be colorful and crazy. General Shifter: Perhaps we should test this further. Tenaya 7, General Shifter, and several Grinders head out to an island out in the waste land. Tenaya 7 is ready to do some target practicing with her lighting blaster. The Grinders set up a paint can onto a rock. Tenaya 7 fires her weapon, destroying the Grinders. Tenaya 7 is very pleased, not General Shifter, who is concern. Tenaya 7 summons her latest attack bot, Generation 3 Textile Bot, which will take care of the Rangers if they decide to show up. Soon Tenaya 7 is aware that Gem & Gemma have arrived on the island. Tenaya 7, General Shifter, Textile Bot, and several Grinders make their presence known. Gem & Gemma battle the Grinders and Textile Bot. Eventually they morph. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger have a difficult time against Textile Bot, General Shifter, and the Grinders. Tenaya 7 uses her lighting blaster against them as well. The two Rangers go flying through the air and then hit the ground hard. Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger form their Mach Megazord. The Mach Megazord is soon on the ground and tied up. Unfortunately the rest of the Rangers arrive in their High Octane Megazord and ValveMax Megazord. High Octane Megazord frees Mach Megazord. Tenaya 7 is ready to use her lighting blaster when she and General Shifter are blasted off their feet. The blaster goes flying and is destroyed. It was Venjix in his flying machine, angry at Tenaya 7 and General Shifter for launching an attack without his permission. Venjix then joins Textile Bot in the battle against the Rangers. Soon ValveMax Megazord and High Octane Megazord are in trouble. Mach Megazord helps them out. The Rangers then form the SkyRev Megazord which destroys Textile Bot and defeats Venjix.

Tenaya 7 and several Grinders were out in the waste land. Prisoners had escaped and Tenaya 7 and the Grinders were sent out to recapture them. The prisoners were running, but they were soon surrounded by Grinders. Tenaya 7 approached the group. Tenaya 7: Naughty, naughty. No one escapes that easily. Venjix is going to blow a circuit when he sees the workers I have brought to the palace. Grab them! The prisoners were being rounded up, when more Grinders approached with two young men. Tenaya 7: Well, well, come join the fun. The two men were brought to the group. Tenaya 7 walked over and noticed the Medal of Valor on one of the young men's neck. Tenaya 7: For bravery, huh? You aren't so brave now, are you? Tenaya 7 took the medal and placed it over her own neck. Tenaya 7 and the Grinders lead the prisoners in a line towards the transport vehicle. Suddenly Commander Murdoch, one of the prisoners, broke free from the line. Commander Murdoch grabbed a weapon from one of the Grinders and started firing it. Commander Murdoch managed to take out three Grinders before being recaptured. Tenaya 7 was not happy. Tenaya 7: Three perfectly good Grinders trashed! Tenaya 7 was ready to fire at the Commander Murdoch, when the two recent prisoners raced forward and morphed. Tenaya 7 battled Red Ranger as the Grinders battled the Gold Ranger. The medal went flying off Tenaya 7's neck and eventually she was defeated. The Grinders were destroyed. Scott and Gem drove the prisoners to the safety of Corinth.

Tenaya 7 was inside Venjix's chamber, along with Generals Shifter and Crunch. The screen had just shown the latest attack bot being destroyed by the Power Rangers. General Shifter: No! Tenaya 7: Of course it was a failure. General Bolts for Brains here design it. Venjix: On the contrary. The bot has planted lead chargers inside Corinth. When activated, they will disrupt the city's shields long enough to grant the next attack bot access into the city. General Shifter: Kudos to me and my unrivaled design expertise. Tenaya 7 wants to design the next attack bot, but General Shifter smugly tells her he has already taken care of the next attack bot. Later, General Shifter reveal the Hammer bot. Tenaya 7 puts it down, insisting she could do better. Venjix points out that her job is not to design attack bot. Tenaya 7 wants to know what her job is. Venjix becomes angry with her and tells her she will do what she is told. The next day, General Shifter and Hammer bot is sent into the city. Tenaya 7 goes into the city as well, without telling anyone. Flynn's car is driving through the city, and Tenaya 7 fires at it. Flynn and Gemma get out of the car. Tenaya 7 battles Gemma and Flynn. During the battle, Tenaya 7 had hear the conversation between Flynn and the rest of the team in another area of the city. The five Rangers are having a hard time against Hammer bot. The Road Attack Zord had been downloaded. The Road Attack Zord had knocked Hammer Bot down, but was now out of control. Flynn doesn't understand why the zord is out of control. Tenaya 7 knocks Flynn aside, and continues to battle Gemma. Tenaya 7 is defeated by Gemma. Eventually the Rangers gain control of the Road Attack Zord and destroy Hammer bot. Afterwards, Tenaya 7 returns to Venjix's palace. Venjix is very angry with Tenaya 7's insubordination. Tenaya 7 blames it on her human side. Venjix tells her she is not human, she is completely machine and if she doesn't behave, she will be dismantle. General Crunch wants Tenaya 7 to be dismantle and is eager to watch. Tenaya 7 tells General Crunch he better watch it and storms off.

Tenaya 7 was inside Venjix's chamber. Venjix, Generals Shifter and Crunch were there. Tenaya 7 was very proud to show off her latest attack bot creation. The attack bot was being lifted out of the pit. Tenaya 7: The Generation 3 Chemical Bot. It's arm with toxics that can knock out everyone in Corinth City. Generals Crunch and Shifter began to make sounds of fear. Tenaya 7: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm brilliant. General Crunch: No, not you. It'''s Kilobyte. Tenaya 7 turned around and an unfamiliar robot entered with a chuckle and then struck a pose. Kilobyte: Indeed, it is. Venjix: Kilobyte, my most fear general. I thought I lost you. Kilobyte: I thought I lost myself a few times, Commander. 4,319.2 miles of walking. Kilobyte removed his head and pour sand out onto the floor. Kilobyte: Well, no wonder I've had such a headache. Kilobyte pointed at Tenaya 7 and then at the floor. Kilobyte: Sweetheart, would you mind cleaning up this mess? Tenaya 7 was furious and she walked up to Kilobyte. Tenaya 7: Sweetheart! I am Tenaya Generation 7 Venjix Human Infiltration Attack Bot! Kilobyte touched Tenaya 7's face and she yanked it away. Kilobyte: Just 7? Well even that should be enough to know how to use a broom. Tenaya 7 was about to strike Kilobyte. Generals Shifter and Crunch grabbed her and held her as she struggled to free herself. Tenaya 7: Let go of me! Venjix: Tenaya 7, take your Chemical Bot and attack the city as planned. Generals Crunch and Shifter released Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 glared at Kilobyte as she walked out. Tenaya 7 lead several Grinders into the city. She was still fuming and blasted some civilians as she walked. Tenaya 7: Sweetheart! I mean how dare he call me sweetheart! Tenaya 7 turned around and faced the Grinders. Tenaya 7: Do I look sweet to you? The Grinders had no answer for her and merely tilted their heads. Tenaya 7: Wrong answer. Tenaya 7 blasted some of the Grinders. The Power Rangers arrived. Tenaya 7: Perfectly predictable. Attack! The Grinders raced forward. The Rangers battled the Grinders as Tenaya 7 watched. After awhile, Red Ranger stopped battling. Red Ranger: Gem, Gemma, you stay here. We're going to go after the other guy. Silver Ranger: No Gold Ranger: problem. Red Ranger: Alright guys, let's spilt. Five of the Rangers took off. Tenaya 7 decided she wanted in on the battle. Tenaya 7: I'll show Kilobyte who's sweet. Tenaya 7 leaped in and battled Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger. Eventually she was just battling Gold Ranger. Silver Ranger: Over here! Tenaya 7 went after Silver Ranger and battle the Silver Ranger, knocking her back to Gold Ranger. Gold Ranger: Cloud Hatchet! Silver Ranger: On! Gold Ranger: Slash Mode! Gold Ranger destroyed several Grinders. Silver Ranger: Ice Mode! Silver Ranger destroyed the rest of the Grinders. Eventually Tenaya 7 is defeated. Tenaya 7 returns to Venjix's palace. Kilobyte is there and he is not impressed and comments on how she had accomplished nothing. Tenaya 7 is not worried, it's not over yet. Tenaya 7 keeps an eye on the screen and she is pleased by what she sees. Tenaya 7 announces to Kilobyte that all the men in Corinth are asleep. Kilobyte questions why only the men and then remarks the women are worthless. Tenaya 7 thinks Kilobyte thinks because she is design like a girl, she can't bring it. But Kilobyte thinks it is because she is programmed like a girl, she can't bring it and turns his back on her. Tenaya 7's temper flares and she is ready to strike Kilobyte. Kilobyte is prepared and stops Tenaya 7 and lifts her up into an air. Tenaya 7 struggles to free herself. Kilobyte doesn't like a cheap shot. Venjix instructs Kilobyte to let Tenaya 7 go. Kilobyte drops Tenaya 7 and she hits the floor. Kilobyte warns her to be careful. Afterwards, Tenaya 7 leaves with Chemical Bot and numerous Grinders. Tenaya 7 is determined to show Kilobyte what she is made of. Soon Tenaya 7 comes face to face with Summer and Gemma. First the Grinders battle Summer and Gemma. Eventually Gemma and Summer morph. Silver Ranger and Yellow Ranger continue their battle against the Grinders. Tenaya 7 then sends in Chemical Bot. Eventually she joins the battle as well. Suddenly a thunderstorm arrives. The lighting blasts several of the Grinders. Tenaya 7 uses the lighting strikes to power herself up. Chemical Bot leaves for a different area. A tornado forms and several Grinders are pulled into it. Tenaya 7 grabs onto a building and fires her weapon at Colonel Truman's office, which hits the computer and knocks the weather system offline. The weather returns to normal. Tenaya 7 blasts Silver Ranger and Yellow Ranger. The two Rangers demorph as they hit the ground. Tenaya 7 is ready to first at Gemma and Summer. Suddenly Tenaya 7 is knocked aside by a blast. She hits the ground and sees that it was Kilobyte that had fired at her. Tenaya 7 gets up as four Rangers arrive. Tenaya 7 retreats. The Rangers destroy Chemical Bot and Dr. K had made an antidote that woke up all the men and they were okay. Afterwards, Tenaya 7 is walking in the palace, when she overhears her name. She stops and listens as Kilobyte and Venjix talk about her. Kilobyte tells Venjix how Tenaya 7 has failed again. Venjix tells Kilobyte that Tenaya 7 may need some upgrades. Kilobyte asks Venjix if Tenaya 7 knows the truth, and Venjix tells him no. Tenaya 7 vows to show Kilobyte how evil she can be.

Ziggy wanted you to see how they do what they do and was taking you on a behind the scenes look at Power Rangers. Tenaya 7 walked up and saw a Grinder sitting in her chair. Tenaya 7: Excuse me! The Grinder quickly got out of the chair and Tenaya 7 sat down. A Grinder began to fan Tenaya 7 and another offered her a drink. The Grinders hovered closed by. Tenaya 7: Well, come on, don't you guys have something better to do? Later, Scott was going to demonstrate how they work on stunts. Tenaya 7 was standing close by. Scott: Now, you should never hit girls. But, considering she's a robot, well...Tenaya 7 and Scott began to battle. Tenaya 7: Boys always think they're so much faster and stronger than girls. Soon Tenaya 7 had Scott in a hold. Tenaya 7: Don't believe it. Tenaya 7 then knocked Scott to the ground. Scott: Okay, okay! Tenaya 7 and Scott demonstrated more moves and how they learned them. Their scene was shot. Afterwards, Tenaya 7 and Scott laughed and walked away with their arms around each other.

Tenaya 7, along with Generals Crunch and Shifter, were searching an area that used to be the headquarters of Alphabet Soup. Tenaya 7, Generals Crunch and Shifter, looked around the area. Tenaya 7: This is where it all started. Alphabet Soup. General Crunch became excited when he saw an Operation Overdrive red helmet. General Crunch: Wow! General Crunch picked it up. General Crunch: Maybe I can be a Ranger! Tenaya 7 was not happy. Tenaya 7: What did I say? General Crunch dropped the helmet quickly. General Crunch: Uhmmm, don't touch anything. Tenaya 7: There has to be something useful in this stink tank. Tenaya 7 bent down and began looking at the items on the floor. General Crunch: Hey, what is Alphabet Soup anyways? General Shifter: It's a chicken-based human substance containing pasta that's been pressed into the letters of the Latin alphabet. General Crunch: Oh! I get it! I get it! I get it! General Crunch began laughing. Tenaya 7 found a laptop and plugged herself into it. Tenaya 7 was immediately tuned out and focus on the information provided. Tenaya 7 finally disengaged herself. Tenaya 7: Finally, something interesting. They've buried all their discarded technology in the south red mountain. General Shifter: That's the dome. Tenaya 7: We're going to need something that can dig. General Crunch: That'll be fun! Tenaya 7 and General Crunch left. Unfortunately for Tenaya 7, General Shifter returned to the palace, before she did. Tenaya 7 proudly entered Venjix's chamber. Generals Crunch, Shifter, and Kilobyte were there. Tenaya 7: Master, I've acquired important information from Alphabet...Venjix: I already know about the dumping ground from Kilobyte. Kilobyte gave Tenaya 7 a small salute. Kilobyte: Everything's under control sweetie. I'm already building a Series 2 Roto Bot as we speak. Tenaya 7: But how? General Shifter: With my help. Tenaya 7 walked up to General Shifter. Tenaya 7: So you've chosen sides. A big gamble. Huge! General Crunch and Kilobyte: Whooaa. Tenaya 7 stormed out. Later the Power Rangers would gain a new Megazord, PaleoMax Megazord, and destroy Series 2 Roto Bot. After the battle, Tenaya 7 kept close tabs on General Shifter. Tenaya 7 saw him walking through the halls of the palace and began whistling. General Shifter paused and looked around. Tenaya 7 walked up General Shifter. Tenaya 7: You better watch your back, Shifter. General Shifter became annoyed and back away. Tenaya 7 glared at General Shifter's retreating back.

Tenaya 7 was inside Venjix's chamber. General Shifter's latest attack bot, Hyper Bot, was there. Tenaya 7 worked quietly and quickly on sabotaging the wiring inside the attack bot. She was unseen by Venjix. Tenaya 7 heard voices - it was General Shifter and Kilobyte. Tenaya 7 found a place to hide. She could hear their conversation. General Shifter: The programming is perfect this time. Kilobyte: Then you'll be fine. Kilobyte and General Shifter entered the chamber. General Crunch is there as well. General Shifter walks up to Venjix. General Shifter: Venjix, once downloaded, you can fight beside us in this new body. Venjix: But can it handle my power? General Shifter: This is Generation 16 technology. It cannot fail. Tenaya 7 came out of her hiding place. Tenaya 7: Talk, talk, talk. Why don't you show us how it works? General Shifter: Sure. Watch this. General Shifter walked over to the console where Tenaya 7 stood. General Shifter: Move. Tenaya 7 moved aside. General Shifter activated Hyper Bot. Hyper Bot immediately launch lasers at Venjix. Venjix: Nooo!!!! Kilobyte: No!! Kilobyte knocked Hyper Bot to the floor. Hyper Bot laid still on the floor. General Shifter: That's impossible! The programming was flawless and...Tenaya 7 was smiling widely and General Shifter noticed and knew who had been behind the failure of his attack bot. General Shifter: You! You did this! Tenaya 7 played innocent. Tenaya 7: Typical Generation 5 glitch, shifting the blame to other. Venjix: You will leave here General Shifter, and never return. General Shifter: What! Into the waste land! But I'll rust! Kilobyte: Another tragic Gem 5 flaw, no undercoating. Avoid the salt flats. General Shifter growled. General Shifter: Gem 5 has strengths too, and I'll use them. General Shifter left, dragging Hyper Bot behind him. Venjix: Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7: My Heat Bot has been tested. Venjix: Excellent. Tenaya 7: I'll personally make sure he doesn't fail. Tenaya 7 headed out with Heat Bot. Kilobyte: We'll be watching. Tenaya 7 and Heat Bot entered Corinth. Heat Bot started attacking the new fuel depot. Soon all the Rangers arrived. Numerous Grinders were there as well. The Rangers battle the Grinders, but would eventually split into two groups. At one point, Yellow Ranger was alone as she destroyed the remaining Grinders. Tenaya 7 entered the battle with Yellow Ranger. Tenaya 7 defeated Yellow Ranger with ease, and Yellow Ranger landed on the ground. Black Ranger arrived. Black Ranger: Leave her alone. Tenaya 7 and Black Ranger battled. Tenaya 7 soon had Black Ranger pinned to the ground. Tenaya 7: Subject D44, give it up. A hybrid is no match for robotic machinery like me. Black Ranger: I can take care of myself, but thanks for your concern. Black Ranger knocked Tenaya 7 off. Tenaya 7 flipped through the air several times. Tenaya 7 then knocked Black Ranger to the ground once more. Tenaya 7 was ready to blast Black Ranger. Tenaya 7: In the end, Venjix and his robotic army will rule the world. Tenaya 7 fired at Black Ranger. Yellow Ranger: Dillon, watch out. Black Ranger used his shield and the blast reflected off and it the top of a building inside. Part of the building fell down on Tenaya 7 and knocked her to the ground. She was pinned beneath the wreckage. Tenaya 7: Help me! Help me! Black Ranger: She's really hurt. Black Ranger stepped closer to help her and Tenaya 7 laughed. Tenaya 7: Human compassion. It's a weakness. Tenaya 7 threw part of the wreckage towards Black Ranger. Black Ranger hit the ground once more, as Tenaya 7 stood up. Tenaya 7 noticed that she had been damaged and part of her circuitry was now exposed. Tenaya 7: Observe. When I get damaged, it's a simple repair, but when you get damaged, you bleed. Yellow Ranger got to her feet and raced over to help Black Ranger back to his feet. The rest of the Rangers arrived and raced over to Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger. Tenaya 7 took advantage of this and vanished. Tenaya 7 returned to the palace. A Grinder was repairing the damage on Tenaya 7. General Crunch is with her. General Crunch thinks he can fix her, and Tenaya 7 slaps him away. The screen pops up and General Crunch takes a look. General Crunch tells Tenaya 7 that the hybrid has left Corinth. Tenaya 7 gets up and takes a look. General Crunch wants to see out Grinders. Tenaya 7 tells General Crunch that she will take care of this personally. Tenaya 7 heads out to the waste land and soon finds the hybrid sitting on the hood of his car. There is an open pocket watch and it is playing a song Tenaya 7 is very familiar with. Tenaya 7 walks up and tells Dillon he is playing her favorite song, actually the only song she knows. Dillon takes out his key and inserts it into the pocket watch. It begins to play a different song. Dillon asks hr if she recognizes it. As the song plays, Tenaya 7 is suddenly filled with memories of her as a little girl receiving a key, along with a young boy, who gets the pocket watch. Tenaya 7 is very confused. Dillon tells her that he doesn't remember much, but he believes they are both hybrids. Tenaya 7 insists she is robotic. Dillon tells Tenaya 7 that she is his sister. Tenaya 7 is confused and angry. Tenaya 7 fires at Dillon. Dillon leaps into the air and morphs. Tenaya 7 and Black Ranger battle. Black Ranger tells her he doesn't want to fight her anymore. Tenaya 7 continues her battle with Black Ranger. Black Ranger gives a strong hit and Tenaya 7 hits the ground. Black Ranger demorphs. Tenaya 7 is in pain and stunned when she takes a look at her arm and sees that it is bleeding. Tenaya 7 gets up and takes off. Dillon yells at her to wait, but Tenaya 7 doesn't. Tenaya 7 returns to the palace. She enters a room alone and decides to do her own investigation. Tenaya 7 turns on some equipment and has her human arm scanned. The computer screen reveals that her DNA marks her as a subject T78, along with another subject, D44, that has similar DNA that marks them as siblings. The screens shows Tenaya and Dillon walking in hospital gowns, trying to get away. Tenaya remembers how they were stopped by Kilobyte and several Grinders. Tenaya had been frighten as Dillon fought the Grinders. Tenaya remembers being grabbed by several Grinders, and Dillon being captured by the Grinders as well. Tenaya 7 is brought back to the present by Kilobyte, who now knows that Tenaya 7 knows the truth. Kilobyte tells her that he is going to miss her. Tenaya 7 insists she is not going anywhere. Kilobyte tells her that every time she sees her brother, more memories will come back and she will soon be human and then destroyed. Tenaya 7 insists that she has come too far with Venjix to turn human. Tenaya 7 decides that she needs to destroy the source of her memories. Heat Bot is sent back into the city and begins his attack. The Rangers arrive and Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger freeze Heat Bot. The Rangers have gathered together, when Tenaya 7 fires at them, knocking them off their feet. Tenaya 7 walks towards them and tells the Rangers she wants the hybrid. Tenaya 7 summons several Grinders. All the Rangers, except Black Ranger, battle the Grinders. Tenaya 7 and Black Ranger battle each other. Black Ranger tells Tenaya 7 he doesn't want to fight her and asks her to remember the past. Tenaya 7 remarks it's not the past she is concern about, it's the future. Soon Tenaya 7 hits Black Ranger hard enough that Black Ranger demorphs. Tenaya 7 is ready to blast Dillon. Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger form the Road Blaster. Dillon sees them and quickly gets up to protect Tenaya 7 from the blast. The force knocks Tenaya 7 off her feet and off the top of the building. Tenaya 7 grabs onto the wiring of the building. Dillon leans over and holds out his hand and tells Tenaya 7 to grab his hand. Tenaya 7 doesn't and Dillon adds please. More memories come back to Tenaya as she remembers how Dillon had fought to protect her. Tenaya being tossed into the pit and how Dillon had leaned in and offered his hand. Tenaya had grabbed his hand, but couldn't hold on and slipped into the pit. Tenaya returns to the present and grabs Dillon's hand, pleading with him not to let go. Dillon pulls her up. It is a bit awkward between them. The rest of the Rangers have destroyed the Grinders. Their helmets retract as they race over. Scott can't believe that Dillon protected Tenaya and wants to know why. Dillon explains that Tenaya is his sister. The rest of the Rangers are stunned and Flynn figures out Tenaya's eyes must be robotic. Kilobyte arrives and blasts Heat Bot, melting the ice and freeing him. Venjix makes Heat Bot giant size. The Rangers realize they need to get back into battle. Dillon asks Tenaya to wait and she nods her head. The Megazord is formed and the Angers battle Heat Bot as Tenaya watches anxiously. More help is needed and PaleoMax Megazord is formed. Tenaya leaves as the Rangers battle and destroy Heat Bot. Tenaya stays in the city and thinks about her situation. Tenaya finds the garage and stands in the doorway as the teens were ready to head out. Dillon walks up to Tenaya and asks if this means she believes him. Tenaya does and she wants to help.

Dillon lead Tenaya into the garage. Dillon and his friends formed a circle with Tenaya. Tenaya: I want to help. Help destroy Venjix. Flynn: You're want to join us? Ziggy: Is it just me or does anyone else think this is nuts? I mean the Queen of Mean her wanted to pulverize us this morning and now? Scott: Ziggy's right. If we trust her, she'll learn all about our technology. Everything that makes us us. Now Dillon, what if she's not...Dillon: If she's not what? Summer: Not telling the truth. Dillon, you know Venjix will do anything to take Corinth. He could be using her right now. Tenaya felt sad during this whole exchange. Dr. K walked up to them. Dr. K: The point is moot. Ziggy looked confused. Dr. K: Moot means it doesn't matter, it has no relevance. Ziggy: Oh, that moot, yeah. Dr. K walked around the outside of the circle they had formed. Dr. K: The bot that attacked the city was only here to sample wave lengths and matrix data in the Ranger Series bio fields. Flynn: Meaning what? Dr. K: Meaning, if my calculations are correct. Gem: It will return to the city Gemma: with the ability to intercept the bio fields. Dr. K: And take control of our weapons. So you see, whether Tenaya 7 is a spy or not is really the least of our worries. Right now, we're defenseless. Tenaya: I can get you the base codes. Scott: how? Tenaya: Shifter designed that bot. His codes are on the palace servers. Dr. K: With the coding, we'll have a chance. Tenaya: Then I'll go get them for you (Tenaya looked over at Dillon) but, I'm going to need your help. Dillon walked over to his sister. Dillon: Fine. Scott: Not, not fine. Dillon, what if this is a trap and you don't come back with the codes? Dr. K: If he doesn't come back with the codes, it won't matter if he comes back at all. Ziggy: It'll be moot. Dr. K: Exactly. Tenaya: Leave your morpher. Venjix will detect it before we get even close. Dillon gave his morpher to Ziggy. Summer walked over to Dillon. Summer: Good luck. Dillon gave her a small smile. Tenaya and Dillon left in the Fury. They made it to the waste land. Tenaya and Dillon hid among the sand as a couple of Grinders passed on motorcycles. Tenaya: We have 30 seconds until the next patrol. Ready? Dillon: Did it say our names? Tenaya: What? Dillon: When you saw the prison data, did it say our names? Anything? Tenaya: No. Tenaya took off and Dillon soon followed. Tenaya and Dillon made it inside the palace with no problem. Tenaya lead Dillon down a hall that lead to Venjix's chambers. Dillon had paused as memories of the last time he was inside Venjix's palace overwhelmed him. Soon Dillon was captured by several Grinders. Tenaya heard Kilobyte's and Venjix's conversation before she stepped in. Venjix had just appointed Kilobyte to lead his armies. Kilobyte: You won't regret it, your greatness. Tenaya walked in. Tenaya: Want to bet? Kilobyte: Well, look who's back. Tenaya tells Venjix if he wants results, then she should be in charge. The Grinders have Dillon in the doorway. Dillon yells at Tenaya 7 and she grins. The Grinders walk way with Dillon. Tenaya vows she will bring the rest of the Rangers as well. Venjix is very pleased. Afterwards, Tenaya walks down another hall toward the main console. It is guarded by a couple of Grinders. Tenaya points out that Venjix has put her in charge and dismisses them. The Grinders leave. Tenaya walks up to the main computer, and beings working quickly, downloading the information. Tenaya gets the information on Hyper Bot, when Kilobyte walks up. Kilobyte is suspicious that Black Ranger approached Venjix's palace, without a morpher. Kilobyte believes Tenaya is helping him. Tenaya quietly places the information into her detached hand and sends it off. Tenaya denies what Kilobyte and tells him he is too suspicious. Kilobyte tells her that he questions everything about her. Tenaya's hand makes it over to Dillon's cell. It slides the computer chip under the door. The hand then taps the glass and Dillon walks over. The hand punches in the code and the doors open. The hand leads Dillon to where Tenaya is. Meanwhile, Kilobyte continues to question Tenaya about her brother. A couple of Grinders come in and report that Dillon has escape. Kilobyte points out that Tenaya doesn't seem surprise that her brother has escape. Tenaya tells Kilobyte that she ahs been here the whole time. Kilobyte is not convinced, and begins to walk around and soon sots Tenaya's hand crawling back. Kilobyte stomps on the hand and then holds it up to Tenaya, pointing out that it appears she has been in two places at one time. Suddenly Kilobyte is jerked by a massive electric charge and falls to the floor. Dillon applied the chargers to Kilobyte and then gives Tenaya her hand back. Dillon tells Tenaya that he had left her once, and he doesn't intend to do it again. Tenaya and Dillon make it back to the Fury and race back to Corinth. Grinders come after them and the Venjix barricade goes up. Tenaya fires and knocks down a piece of the barricade. Dillon grins at her and they make it back into the city safely. Dillon tells Tenaya to take the computer chip to Dr. K immediately. Tenaya takes off. Tenaya makes it to the Ranger room and hands Dr. K the computer chip. Dr. K begins working the chip and Tenaya takes off. Tenaya stays hidden in the city until the Rangers destroy Hyper Bot. Tenaya spots Dillon, Flynn, Scott, Ziggy, Gem, Gemma, and Summer walking through the streets of the city. She gives them a small wave and Dillon returns the wave. Suddenly, Kilobyte steps out of his hiding place. Ropes bind Tenaya. Kilobyte tells them to watch what happens to traitors. Flynn, Scott, Ziggy, Gem, Gemma, Summer, and Dillon start racing forward and are knocked off their feet when Kilobyte blasts them. Tenaya screams. When the smoke clears, Tenaya and Kilobyte are gone.

Tenaya 7 is rebuilt into Tenaya 15 by Kilobyte.