It started three years ago, the world internet federation reported the appearance of an aggressive new computer worm; Venjix Virus. What no one knew though was where the virus came from. In fact, the Self aware, self generating computer virus was created by Doctor K herself. She created with the sole intention of infecting the Alphabet Soup Security Compound Computers, allowing her, Gem & Gemma to escape from their prison, since they had been kidnapped & raised in the building all of their lives. However, before Dr. K could install the firewall that would keep the virus in the Alphabet Soup Computers, the security men came in and captured Dr. K, Gem and Gemma. Thus the Venjix Virus was released unto the world.

A year later it was estimated that Venjix had all ready infected thirty-seven percent of the world’s computer systems. By then it was too late. Venjix took control of the world’s communication, power & defense systems. It built armies of advanced robotic soldiers that laid waste to everything in their path. There was no stopping them, and Venjix declared victory. But it was not over, not yet. Luckily a number of people from all over Earth managed to make it to the domed city of Corinth . It’s the only place where they can be safe from Venjix's armies, thanks to the protective defense barriers.

Venjix resides in his mechanical palace ruling over his army. His only form was that of a large technology pillar with one red optical eye. However, after suffering so many defeats at the hands of the Power Rangers, Venjix downloaded himself into a Generation 13 Body. He went into the wastelands and fought the Power Rangers himself, and had the upper hand the entire time. However, the Gold & Silver Rangers were able to come to the rescue & use their Zords to destroy Venjix & his Drones.

But Venjix was not destroyed. He returned to his pillar in his palace, and then once more downloaded himself into a duplicate Generation 13 Body. After suffering more defeats at the hands of the Rangers, Venjix felt that his current body had failed him enough.

General Shifter downloaded Venjix back into his pillar, so that a new Venjix body could be built. The new body would have powerful armor, as well as Cannon Blasters & Rocket Lasers. Once the new body was finished, Venjix began downloading himself into it. However, when they discovered a gate to Corinth was open, Venjix stopped the download at eighty percent, and went to battle the Rangers himself.

Venjix fought the Rangers in giant form, but our heroes managed to blast him down with the SkyRev Megazord. Returned to normal size, Venjix still had the upper hand. The Gold Ranger tried battling the evil overlord, but he was outmatched. The Red Ranger jumped in, and with the help of the Gold Ranger's Cloud Hatchet, was able to destroy this new Venjix body with a Street Saber Strike.

After the Rangers had left, Venjix was still online in the head of the body. General Shifter arrived and Venjix ordered him to return him to the palace. Venjix returned himself back to his pillar where he continued to rule over his army.

With the destruction of General Shifter, Venjix had the remains of the General recovered. Kilobyte was then ordered to use those part to help build a new body for Venjix. The villain did as was ordered and the new Venjix Body was born. Venjix downloaded himself into the new body and now is ready to destroy Corinth. Thanks to Tenaya 15 retrieving a needed component, Venjix was ready to make his final assault on the city.

Kilobyte worked on the Magnetic Pulse component to complete the trigger that would activate all the Hybrids inside of Corinth and bring them under Venjix control. However, when Venjix continued to show more favoritism to Tenaya 15, Kilobyte went to test his device on a Hybrid in the city alone. By doing this, Kilobyte disobeyed Venjix and revealed the plan to the Rangers. Venjix banished Kilobyte and was forced to start his final attack early.

Luckily for Venjix, Tenaya 15 was able set the Magnetic Pulse inside the city and when it finally went off, all of the numerous Hybrids were activated and under the control of Venjix, including Dillon. This allowed the evil master to gain access to the command tower of the city.

Having control of Corinth, Venjix and his forced then went to the Rangers base. They broke in and captured Dr. K. Ziggy tried to rescue her, but he ended up being captured as well. Venjix order Tenaya to take the two away, and she did so. The evil master scanned all the Ranger data from Dr. K's computers, giving him full access to the Ranger's Bio Field. Venjix then went about destroying most of the lab. Dillon arrived just as Venjix finished, but as he continued to try and fight off the virus & being activated, he was not able to put up a fight. Venjix left Dillon on the floor of the lab.

After the Rangers managed to destroy Venjix's last attack bot, Venjix himself was prepared to fight the Rangers. The Red Ranger jumped to the ground and fought hard against the evil virus with his Street Saber. However, Venjix proved too powerful and the Red Ranger was de-morphed. Venjix then used his control of the Bio Field to blast & delete the PaleoMax Megazord. The High Octane was next, but the Gold & Silver Rangers used their Mach Megazord to push the High Octane out of the way of the blast. The Mach Megazord was deleted, and then since Gem & Gemma were morphed, thus connected to the Bio Field, they were deleted as well. Venjix then left to get more power.

After Scott, Flynn & Summer found where the citizen of Corinth and Colonel Truman were being held, they made their way in and rescued everyone. But Venjix soon showed up to fight the Rangers. The three were in trouble since they couldn't risk morphing with Venjix still able to access the Bio Field. Luckily Tenaya, now free of Venjix control & back to helping the Rangers, finished installing the virus in the Venjix Computers. This allowed Dr. K to regain control of the Bio Field and the Rangers to morph.

The three morphed and began fighting off all of the Grinders. After taking down most of the Grinders, Venjix had the forces return to him. He prepared to try to delete the Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers, but his plan backfired. Because of Dr. K's new virus, instead of deleting the Rangers, Venjix deleted all of his Grinders. This left just Venjix and the three core Rangers.

The Rangers gave everything that had to fight Venjix. Meanwhile Dr. K & Ziggy worked on bringing Gem & Gemma back. In their last effort, the Ranger's used their burn out cuffs to try to weaken and damage Venjix. It worked some, as the evil master was somewhat weakened, but the Rangers were out of power. Luckily, they then heard the familiar sound of the Gold & Silver Ranger's Zords fly over. Gem & Gemma were back, and they used their Zords to blast the connecting beams that held up the Control Tower. The tower plummeted to the ground, striking Venjix as it hit and exploded, destroying Venjix for good, or so was thought.

After everyone believed that the battle had been won and the Venjix was indeed gone, Dr. K had the Rangers return their Morphers into a storage case. Everyone then left to go their separate ways and Dr. K went to put the Morphers away. But what Dr. K failed to notice was the red light on Scott's Morpher was lit up exactly like Venjix's signature glow. It is believed that Venjix remains, either inside the Bio Field or trapped inside Scott's Morpher.

Venjix DronesEdit

This flying Attack Drone was personally piloted by Venjix in his Generation 13 Body. It was capable of fight and equipped with heavy fire power. It was made up of one big Drone that Venjix piloted, and four normal sized drones. It could separate into its five drones when under attack. The five drones were all destroyed though by the Gold & Silver Ranger's Zords.

General CrunchEdit

General Crunch was one of Venjix's two loyal commanding Generals. However, he was not to bright and gets confused easily. After Venjix decided that both General Crunch & General Shifter had become obsolete, they were blasted & destroyed.

After sometime though, both generals were rebuilt and given their positions back in Venjix' evil machine order.

Crunch went with Venjix and the other evil forces during the final battle in Corinth. His main job was to protect the entrance to the Control Tower. After Tenaya had been cured of the Venjix Virus and was again on the Ranger's side, she managed to enter the tower to help bring Venjix down. But when Crunch soon learned of her betrayal, he went to destroy her in the then falling tower. Tenaya was able to hold him off a bit. Dillon then arrived and rescued his sister. As the tower fell, Dillon & Tenaya parachuted out of it. Crunch was left inside the tower as it fell to the ground and exploded, destroying both him and Venjix.

General ShifterEdit

General Shifter is one of Venjix's two loyal commanding Generals. He is methodical and wants to help his master claim victory over the Earth. After Venjix decided that both General Crunch & General Shifter had become obsolete, they were blasted & destroyed.

After sometime though, both generals were rebuilt and given their positions back in Venjix' evil machine order.

Later Shifter created a Generation 16 Hyper Bot that was going to be used as the new body for Venjix. However, Tenaya 7 had tampered with it, so that it would malfunction. So when Shifter activated the bot to show its power, it attacked Venjix. Shifter was then banished to the Wastelands by Venjix.

Shifter took his Hyper Bot with him and planned to not only destroy the Rangers, but Venjix as well. He managed to give the Rangers a tough battle with his Hyper Bot, and even got control of the PaleoMax Megazord for a short time. He battled the Red Ranger and managed to implant a control key in him, without the Ranger realizing it. However, the Hyper Bot was still destroyed by the Ranger's RPM Ultrazord.

After his bot was destroyed, Shifter took the key had had used to upgrade the Hyper Bot and connected it to himself. This caused Shifter to become more powerful. With Shifter still lurking, he's a threat to both the Rangers and Venjix.

Shifter later activated his controller, giving him complete control over Scott's body. When Shifter arrived in the city, the other Rangers battled him, but were soon forced to prepare their blasters. But before they could fire, the Red Ranger came in, with his body being controlled by Shifter, and pointed his blaster at the Rangers. It seemed like the Rangers would have to choose between their friend or protecting the dome, but then Shifter was attacked by Tenaya 15.

During the attack, the controller for the control key was broken, and so the key itself was ejected from Scott. Shifter then made himself grow huge. The Rangers used the RPM Ultrazord to beat him, but was not yet destroyed. The Red Ranger battled Shifter on the ground and used his Street Saber to destroy Shifter for good.

However, the Venjix army recovered the remains of Shifter's body. Kilobyte was ordered to use them to build a new Venjix Body, and he did so.


Kilobyte is Venjix most feared general. He was created long ago, and for quite some time, believed to have been lost in battle. However, he spent all these years walking 430,019.2 miles in the wastelands, just to rejoin his creator and help in conquest of Earth.

Kilobyte is quite full of himself. He does not like Tenaya 7 at all. He see her as nothing more than a useless girl, while he himself is the purest from of perfection. He has even gone so far as to cause Tenaya 7 to fail in battle, just so he can be proven right in the eyes of Venjix.

Both Kilobyte and Venjix know the true origins of Tenaya 7. Kilobyte was one of the ones responsible for helping recapture Dillon & Tenaya when they first tried to escape the palace years ago.

After Tenaya learned of her human past and betrayed Venjix, it was Kilobyte who managed to capture her once more. He then placed her back into the Venjix Pit and used Generation 15 technology and weapons to remove Tenaya's memories, and turn her into Tenaya 15.

Kilobyte also used the remains of General Shifter's body to create the new Venjix Body. He was then sent into the city to keep the Rangers busy while Tenaya 15 acquired a necessary item for the final strike against Corinth. Even though the Rangers still beat him, he wasn't destroyed and he kept them from finding what exactly Venjix was planning.

Kilobyte was then given the task of working on the Magnetic Pulse component to complete the trigger that would activate all the Hybrids inside of Corinth and bring them under Venjix control. However, when Venjix continued to show more favoritism to Tenaya 15, Kilobyte went to test his device on a Hybrid in the city alone. By doing this, Kilobyte disobeyed Venjix and revealed the plan to the Rangers. Venjix banished Kilobyte and was forced to start his final attack early. But before he left, he heard Venjix tell Tenaya 15, that once they had claimed Corinth, that they would destroy Kilobyte.

After Venjix had gained control of the city, Kilobyte made his way into the city and up to the Control Tower. Knowing Tenaya was going to soon destroy him, Kilobyte decided to destroy Tenaya 15 first. He used the Venjix computers to remove Tenaya's blaster weapon and then proceeded to fight her. He had the upper hand in the battle, until the Black Ranger showed up to protect Tenaya. Even though Dillon was trying to protect her, Tenaya 15 then captured the Black Ranger and was prepared to use him as a shield.

However, Ziggy & Dr. K then caused a distraction, and Ziggy got the antidote for the Venjix Virus back to the Black Ranger. Dillon then got free of Tenaya 15 and injected her with the antidote. Kilobyte tried to blast them both, but the Black Ranger held back most of the blast with his shielding power. It wasn't enough though and Dillon took the remainder of the blast himself. The Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers then showed up and destroyed Kilobyte with the Road Blaster.


Tenaya 7 is a Venjix Human Infiltration Attack Bot, and the latest creation of Venjix. He made her to look like a human, but she is a warrior bent on destruction. Venjix planned to have her infiltrate the Rangers, via Ziggy's Ranger auditions, naming herself Tenaya Sevenson. She succeeded and would have gotten the Green Ranger Morpher, but the Corinth Security Forces found her out. She took out the guards, but Ziggy found her out as well. After a long game of cat & mouse, Tenaya 7 was about to take the Morpher, but Ziggy did what he had to & Morphed himself into the Green Ranger.

After failing to obtain the Green Ranger Morpher, Venjix was about to destroy Tenaya 7, however she managed to prove herself useful. She managed to attack the Rangers in their base, without actually being completely there. She detached her robotic hand, placing it underneath Scott's car. So where the team returned to the base, Tenaya 7 used her hand like a remote controlled weapon, and went about attacking the Rangers in their own base. However, the Rangers still managed to destroy her robotic hand.

As one of Venjix's most powerful Attack Bots, she has no fear. In battle, she wears a visor. When she is stalking her pray, you'll hear her whistle the tune of "The Farmer in the Del" just before she strikes. Tenaya 7 has also been equipped with a new weapon for her hand. This new weapon allows Tenaya 7 to fire out powerful laser blasts.

Because Venjix created Tenaya 7 with Human physiology and emotions, this has the effect that Tenaya must rest and sleep like normal humans, in order for her to still function normally.

Tenaya 7 continued to battle the Rangers and create Attack Bots as Venjix commanded, however when Kilobyte, Venjix most feared general arrived, things started to change. Kilobyte does not think Tenaya 7 is worth keeping around, and he even caused her to fail in one of her battles.

Later when Tenaya 7 returned to the palace, she overheard Venjix & Kilobyte talking and learned that there was a secret that they were keeping from her, that dealt with her specifically. But for the time being, Tenaya 7 is bent on showing Kilobyte that she is more powerful & evil than he is.

With the arrival of Kilobyte, General Shifter has shown to take the side of Kilobyte and is trying to undermine Tenaya 7. However, the villainess has warned Shifter to watch his back. Following up on her threat, after Shifter had created a bot to be used as the next Venjix body, Tenaya 7 tampered with it, causing it to malfunction. When Shifter activated it to display its power, it ended up attacking Venjix. This caused Shifter to be banished to the Wastelands.

When Dillon got the idea to combine his key & his sister's key, he did so, and then put them into the pocket watch, the watch played the song "Farmer in the Dell". The same song that Tenaya 7 would always whistle. This revealed to Dillon that Tenaya 7 was in fact his sister.

Dillon journeyed out into the Wastelands on his own, to draw Tenaya 7 out. When she arrived, Dillon had the watch playing "Farmer in the Dell". Tenaya was curious, and then Dillon played the other song on the watch. That caused memories in Tenaya's head to return. She saw how he & her were brother & sister, and that it was Venjix who had made her evil. But Tenaya refused to believe it. She found Dillon and didn't want to believe she was human, until she saw that she was cut and bleeding human blood.

Dillon returned to the Ranger's base, while Tenaya returned to the Venjix palace where she discovered the truth on the computer mainframe. With Tenaya 7 still wanting to serve Venjix, she vowed to destroy Dillon. She returned to the city and wanted to fight the Black Ranger. The two fought while the other Rangers battled the Grinders. During their fight the Black Ranger ran out of power and returned to civilian form.

The Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers fired the Road Blaster at Tenaya 7 to stop her from blasting Dillon, but Dillon then jumped into front of the Ranger's blast to protect Tenaya. The blast still sent Tenaya over the side of the bridge. She was able to just barely hang on to the cables of the bridge. Dillon tried to grab her but couldn't reach without her giving him her hand. Tenaya's memories came through again, as she remember how Dillon tried to save her from falling into the pit in the Venjix Palace. Tenaya then took Dillon's hand and was saved.

She disappeared with the Rangers battled the Heat Bot, but after the team returned to the base, Tenaya walked in and explained that she wanted to help them. While Dillon believed her, the others were not so convinced. But with General Shifter's Hyper Bot reading to take control of the Ranger technology, they needed the base codes used to program the bot. Tenaya offered to get them from the palace, but she would need some help. Dillon offered to go with her, but he had to leave his Morpher behind so Venjix wouldn't detect him.

Once they got into the palace, it appeared as though Tenaya really was still loyal to Venjix. She had Dillon captured and placed into a holding cell. But it was just part of Tenaya's plan to keep Venjix off her trail. Tenaya went to the mainframe and downloaded the base codes the Rangers needed. However, Kilobyte was not convinced of Tenaya's loyalty. When he approached her and then learned of the Black Ranger's escape, he knew she had turned against Venjix. Luckily Dillon came just in time and knocked Kilobyte out.

Together, Dillon and Tenaya were able to make it back into the city. Dillon rejoined the Rangers in the fight, while Tenaya took the chip with the base codes to Dr. K. Thanks to Tenaya's efforts, the Rangers were able to regain control of the PaleoMax Megazord and destroy Shifter's Hyper Bot.

After the battle, all the other Rangers were glad to have Tenaya on their side. But before they could celebrate, Kilobyte showed up once more and captured Tenaya. The Rangers rushed to try and stop him, but it was too late. He blasted the Rangers and then escaped with Tenaya.

Kilobyte placed Tenaya back into the Venjix pit. He had her memories completely removed or blocked, and upgraded with with Generation 15 technology and weapons. Tenaya became Tenaya 15 Attack Bot, with no recollection of her past. Even her voice had become robotic.

She attacked Shifter as he had the Rangers on the ropes. Dillon believed that his sister had managed to escape, but he was devastated to find that Tenaya only saw him as the enemy, and had no memories of before. Later Dillon had a chance to try and get Tenaya back with the Control Key the Rangers got, that was inside Scott, but Dillon used the key to help save his friends.

Tenaya later managed to acquire a very important object Venjix needed for his final assault on Corinth City, thanks her scamming Fresno Bob.

That component was a Magnetic Pulse, necessary to complete the trigger that would activate all the Hybrids inside of Corinth and bring them under Venjix control. However, when Venjix continued to show more favoritism to Tenaya 15, Kilobyte went to test his device on a Hybrid in the city alone. By doing this, Kilobyte disobeyed Venjix and revealed the plan to the Rangers. Venjix banished Kilobyte and was forced to start his final attack early.

Luckily for Venjix, Tenaya 15 was able set the Magnetic Pulse inside the city and when it finally went off, all of the numerous Hybrids were activated and under the control of Venjix, including Dillon. This allowed the evil master to gain access to the command tower of the city.

After Venjix had gained control of the city, and had captured Dr. K & Ziggy in the lab, Tenaya was order to take the two away. Once the two were loaded in a transport in the city, Tenaya was about to leave when Kilobyte arrived. Knowing Tenaya was going to soon destroy him, Kilobyte decided to destroy Tenaya 15 first. He used the Venjix computers to remove Tenaya's blaster weapon and then proceeded to fight her. He had the upper hand in the battle, until the Black Ranger showed up to protect Tenaya. Even though Dillon was trying to protect her, Tenaya 15 then captured the Black Ranger and was prepared to use him as a shield.

However, Ziggy & Dr. K then caused a distraction, and Ziggy got the antidote for the Venjix Virus back to the Black Ranger. Dillon then got free of Tenaya 15 and injected her with the antidote. Kilobyte tried to blast them both, but the Black Ranger held back most of the blast with his shielding power. It wasn't enough though and Dillon took the remainder of the blast himself. The Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers then showed up and destroyed Kilobyte with the Road Blaster.

The others rushed to Dillon's side as the antidote cured Tenaya of Venjix's control. She remembered her past and all Dillon had done to try to help & protect her. When everyone returned to the base, Dr. K informed Tenaya that the blast caused all the Dillon's robotic parts to lock up, thus making him unconscious. Tenaya wanted to remain by her brother's side, but the Rangers needed her. Deciding to plant another Virus in the Venjix Computers, they needed her to gain access to the Control Tower to plant the virus, since all the evil forces would still think she was Tenaya 15. Flynn eventually convinced her, Dr. K loaded the virus on Tenaya's memory drive, and she left for the tower.

Once she was inside the tower, Tenaya ordered everyone out. She accessed the computers and began installing the virus. Thanks to her efforts, Dr. K was able to break Venjix's control over the Bio Field and bring Gem & Gemma back as well. But before Tenaya could leave, Venjix blasted the Control Tower and Crunch broke in to destroy her. Tenaya was able to hold him off a bit. Dillon then arrived and rescued his sister. As the tower fell, Dillon & Tenaya parachuted out of it. Crunch was left inside the tower as it fell to the ground and exploded, destroying Venjix.

With the battle won, Tenaya was finally able to rejoin her brother. Dr. K informed her that she did not know how much longer the Venjix implant would allow her to see, but Tenaya was fine. After saying their goodbyes, Tenaya, Dillon & Summer were about to leave, but Dr. K stopped the brother and sister. She wanted to give them back the pocket watch they had left in her lab, but they told her to keep it.

Dillon, Tenaya & Summer journeyed out into the wasteland to help begin rebuilding in some way. They made their way to the little yellow flower Dillon had watered when he was first looking for Corinth. Then the group also found that mother nature had begun rebuilding herself, as they discovered a whole valley full of new green grass, flower and water.


The Grinders are the foot soldiers of the Venjix Army. They are robot warriors with strong fight skills. They can fire lasers from their weapons, and they pilot the Drones.


The Drones are the basic attack machines of the Venjix Army. They can change from flight to ground mode. They fire out powerful laser blasts and are piloted by the Grinders.


Generation 5 Attack BotEdit

With the Defense Shields of Corinth City down, Venjix brought this Attack Bot forth to go in and attack the city. The monster attacked with the Grinders, but he was soon met with the Power Rangers attack. The Rangers used their weapons against him and were able to take him out with a blast from the Road Blaster.

However, Venjix brought the Attack Bot back online and made him grow large. The Rangers formed the High Octane Megazord to do battle with him. The monster used his pipes to start polluting the air of the domed city. Luckily our heroes were able to stop him by clogging his pipes. The Rangers then used the High Octane Megazord's Super Saber attack to destroy the Attack Bot.

Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot Water HoserEdit

Venjix created this Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot, and ordered him to infiltrate the city's water supply, via the hydraulic circulatory system. The bot did manage to enter the city, and he released the Shield Disruption Mist, that allowed the Grinders to enter the city.

The Rangers quickly showed up and battled the Grinders. After the robot soldiers were out of the way, the Rangers were able to battle Water Hoser with their weapons. Though they were more than a match for him, the monster was able to turn back into water and escape through the city's main water line.

Water Hoser re-emerged in the harbor, only in his giant size form. The Rangers were kept at bay by a large army of Grinders. Once the Black Ranger showed up, the others were able to summon their Zords and form the High Octane Megazord. In the battle with Water Hoser, the Megazord was sent crashing into a city bridge. This made it to where the Megazord had to hold the bridge steady, so that the people still on the bridge could get to safety. But Water Hoser took advantage of this attacked the Megazord.

Once everyone was safe, the Rangers were able to fight with the High Octane Megazord again. They then managed to trap Water Hoser in the bridge, and used the Super Saber attack to destroy him.

Subterranean Plutonic Gopher BotEdit

General Shifter & Crunch created this bot in order for it to dig underground, below the Corinth City Shields, and then attack. The Gopher Bot was successful, and managed to get in under the city. However, once the Green & Black Rangers learned of him, they were ready. The two Rangers attacked the exact spot in the ground, just as the bot passed by underneath, forcing him out.

The Gopher Bot attacked the two Rangers, but the others quickly showed up to help. They managed to get in some fast hits on the monster, but before they could destroy him, the Gopher Bot buried the Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers and escaped.

The Green & Black Rangers went after him and caught up to him in the city. They fought him with their weapons, and managed to take him down with their Turbo Plasma Launcher.

Venjix brought the Gopher Bot back online and made him grow huge. The Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers arrived, called for their Zords and formed the High Octane Megazord. The two battled it out, with the Megazord having the advantage. The Rangers were able to destroy the bot with the Street Saber's slashes.

Generation 9 Noz Bot Attack SystemEdit

This Noz Bot was the latest creation by Venjix, meant to replace Tenaya 7. That is until she proved herself useful by making it possible for the Nozbot & Grinders to enter the city.

Once the Noz bot was inside Corinth, he started attacking the city defense forces. Luckily the Rangers arrived and used the Road Blaster to take him out. Venjix then revived him and made him grow. Plus, the evil master sent in swarms of Drones to attack the Rangers as well.

The Rangers tried to fight with the High Octane Megazord, but they were overwhelmed. That's when the Green & Black Rangers summoned their Zords, and destroyed the attacking Drones. They also attacked the Noz Bot, allowing the High Octane Megazord time to regroup. With the Megazord back online, the Rangers used the Super Saber to destroy the Noz Bot.


This Bot entered Corinth and started attacking the city's computer banks, in order to get the shield codes. The Rangers went to stop him, hoping that by using the Green Ranger's teleportation ability, he could sneak up behind him, while the others distracted him. However, when they went to proceed with their plan, things didn't go too well. The bot used his powers to magnetize the Nitro Blasters and started pulling the Rangers toward him. Meanwhile, the Green Ranger never showed up behind the bot. So the Rangers had no choice but to morph their blaster into sword mode, and give into the pull of the bot. When the swords stuck the bot, he was hit but managed to escape.

Later the Red & Blue Rangers found the bot at the Junk Yard with some Grinders. They tried to fight him, but the needed help. The Yellow & Black Rangers arrived, while the Green Ranger was in prison. Though the four fought hard, the Magnetron was still too much for them. He blasted them, forcing them to power down.

As he & the Grinders were about to escape Corinth with the Shield Codes, the four Rangers showed up again and fought the evil forces. This time the Rangers managed to take the Magnet Bot down with the Road Blaster.

However, Venjix sent the download to make the Magnetron grow. The Rangers formed the High Octane Megazord and were ready to battle with the Super Saber, but the bot used his power to steal the sword from them. The monster then used the Megazords own weapon against it. Luckily the Green & Black Rangers arrived just in time. They managed to blast the bot back. The High Octane Megazord then combined with the Green Ranger's Zord. This allowed the team a new Blade Spinning Slash Attack. They used the attack & were able to destroy the Magnetron.

Pump BotEdit

This unnamed Bot made it into Corinth City. The Rangers were on it's trail, but he managed to escape the city via an underground mining tunnel. He showed up outside the city, as Scott was retrieving the Flux Overthruster Core Reactor needed for the Croc Carrier Zord. The Bot & the Grinders went after Scott. When Scott was saved by Colonel Truman & his forces, this left the city shields down and allowed the bot to enter the city with the Grinders.

Scott morphed and battled the Bot, while the Blue & Yellow Rangers took out the Grinders. Together, the Rangers used the Road Blaster to take down the Attack Bot. But Venjix then made the machine grow large. Thanks to the reactor Scott brought back, Doctor K was able to bring the Croc Carrier Zord online. The Green & Black Ranger arrived on the scene with their three Zords, and took down the attack Drones.

The Rangers formed the ValveMax Megazord and started fighting the Attack Bot. With the Megazord's Triple Attack, the Attack Bot was finally destroyed.

Boom BotEdit

The Boom Bot infiltrated the Corinth City Shields, with Tenaya 7 & the Grinders, by creating Sonic Interference. They were stopped and held up by the Corinth City Forces, but Tenaya 7 quickly took them out, allowing the bot & the Grinders to continue.

When they arrived in the city, the evil forces started attacking the citizens of Corinth. The City Patrol tried to stop them, but they weren't strong enough. Scott, Flynn, Ziggy & Dillon soon arrived and took the Grinders out. They then Morphed and were ready to battle the Boom Bot. However, the robot used his Sonic Bombardment Cannons to keep the Rangers down.

Luckily the Yellow Ranger showed up and battled the Boom Bot. Yellow Ranger was able to use her Energy Blast to weaken the beast. This gave the team enough time to form their cannons and blast the bot.

But the battle wasn't over just yet. Venjix made the Boom Bot grow, forcing the Rangers to form the High Octane Megazord. The Megazord alone wasn't strong enough to take on the Boom Bot. The Black Ranger then joined in the fight with his Zord. By combining the Black Ranger's Zord with the High Octane Megazord, the Rangers gained the fire power they needed to destroy the Boom Bot.

The Rangers & Doctor K later discovered that the Boom Bot was not the primary threat to the city. The bot had been implanted with a self destruct device, that was activated during the battle. The Boom Bot was then in fact just a decoy to keep the Rangers busy while Tenaya 7 went to steal the Landsdown Diamond.

Camera Attack BotEdit

The Camera Attack Bot was built by Venjix to destroy the city. It's primary weapon needed the Landsdown Black Diamond in order to function though. Tenaya 7 made her way into the city and managed to steal the diamond, but then lost it in her battle with the Yellow Ranger.

Later the Camera Attack Bot, Tenaya 7 & the Grinders invaded the Ranger's base garage when Summer's arranged wedding was about to take place. Tenaya 7 managed to steal the diamond. Though Summer fought hard to protect the diamond, the Attack Bot still got it and was ready to use his full attack powers.

The bot grew huge and the Rangers responded with the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords. Before the Camera Bot could blast the city, the Rangers blinded it with the suns light and used the Megazords attacks to destroy the bot.

Drill BotEdit

The Attack Bot entered the city with Tenaya 7, the Generals and Grinders. His job was to dig into one of the two main fault lines that Corinth City sits on. While Tenaya & the others kept the Rangers busy, the bot was able to drill into the first fault line. The lava he drilled out from the earth then allowed him to grow giant size.

As he was about to start drilling into the second fault line, the Black & Green Rangers tried to stop him with their ValveMax Megazord. However, the bot was too strong and fired some of the lava at the Megazord. As hard as the ValveMax tried to fight, the Attack Bot was stronger. Luckily the other Rangers showed up just in time with the High Octane Megazord. Thanks to the Super Saber attack, the Attack Bot was destroyed.

Reflects Bot Generation 12Edit

Venjix created two of these Attack Bots, part of his plan to have Tenaya 7 help him in his attack. The first bot attacked the city in giant size. The Rangers responded with the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords. However, because the bot was equipped with a Molecular Mirroring System, it was able to use the mirrors in his chest to copy the Megazord's weapons. It copied the Black & Green Ranger's Zords for his arms, and used them to take out the ValveMax Megazord. Then he cloned the Super Saber and took down the High Octane Megazord. Just as he was about to finish off the Rangers, the Reflects Bot suffered a complete systems failure and shut down, returning the normal size.

The bot was restrained, even though he was offline, and taken to the Ranger's base to be studied. However, this was all part of Venjix & Tenaya 7's plan. While the Rangers were busy dealing with Drones in the city, Tenaya 7 was able to enter the Rangers base through the bot and started attacking.

Venjix then unleashed the second Reflects Bot on the city, in giant form. This one though had some upgrades, as it's weapons systems were much like those of General Shifter & Crunch. The Rangers fought him with the High Octane Megazord, but they were no match.

Back in the Ranger's Base, Dr. K managed to hold off Tenaya 7 and when the evil villainess tried to use the offline Reflects Bot to copy Dr. K's cannon, it instead copied the Overthruster needed for the Rangers to form the new Zenith Megazord. Once Dr. K grabbed & installed the reactor, the Rangers were able to form the Zenith Megazord.

The Reflects Bot tried to copy the Zenith's weapons system, but before he could, the Megazord kicked the bot's chest and broke the mirrors. The Rangers then used the Zenith Megazord's final blast to destroy the Reflects Bot.

Gat BotEdit

With Venjix using the Sat Bot to cause Corinth's Shield Energy to be disrupted, this allowed the Gat Bot & Grinders to enter the city. The Rangers responded and fought the bot, but he was a bit too much for the Rangers to take on. Luckily the Blue Ranger was able to use his Time Burst attack to weaken the robot. The Rangers formed the RPM Enforcer and used it to blast the Gat Bot down.

Venjix then revived the creation and made him grow. The Rangers went to the Zenith Megazord and were too fast for the Gat Bot to keep up with. The team then used the Megazord's blast to finish off the bot.

Broiler BotEdit

After the Gat Bot was destroyed, Venjix sent this bot into the city, thanks to the Sat Bot causing Corinth's Shield Energy to be disrupted. The Rangers found and fought this bot in the forest. The Rangers were able to get the upper hand by using their weapons. They then formed the RPM Enforcer and used it to destroy the bot.

Sat BotEdit

Years ago, when Dillon had been captured by Venjix, this Attack Bot was the one responsible for taking Dillon's memories from him.

Later, Venjix sent the Sat Bot into Corinth to cause Corinth's Shield Energy to be disrupted, thus allowing other Attack Bots to enter the city. Once Dr. K found the source of the disruption, Dillon & Ziggy went to check it out, while the others fought off more attacks at the docks. The plan was to have Dillon force the bot down to where Ziggy was, and then Ziggy would finish the bot off. However, things did not go as planned.

Dillon soon remembered the Sat Bot as the one who had stolen all his memories, and the bot remembered Dillon as well. In fact, the Sat Bot still had all of Dillon's past memories. Dillon Morphed and tried to fight the Sat Bot, but with his memories at risk of being destroyed with the Sat Bot, the Black Ranger wasn't on full guard. The Sat Bot then used his powers to fire his lasers through the city's weather grid. This blasted the Black Ranger off of the roof. Luckily the Green Ranger came to his aid and used his Teleportation Power to save him.

The Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers then caught up and found the Sat Bot. They fought him and Red was about to slash him with his Street Saber, but the Black Ranger stopped him. Dillon still wanted to keep the Sat Bot online in hopes of getting his memories back, but Scott ordered the team that the bot had to be destroyed. The Green Ranger went after the Sat Bot and got in some hits with his Turbo Axe. But when the team was distracted by a power surge from the Black Ranger, the Sat Bot struck the Rangers with a blast from his lasers.

Dillon realized that the safety of Corinth City was more important than his memories and he fought the Sat Bot. The Rangers then formed the RPM Enforcer and used it to destroy the Sat Bot.

However, after the battle Doctor K scanned Dillon's body and discover that the Sat Bot had transmitted a signal into Dillon’s arm containing an encrypted initiation code. It initiated the virus that was lying dormant inside his implanted robotics. That machinery within Ranger Black has restarted a self generation process. It is growing, and it will keep growing until it has taken him over entirely. There is no cure.

Lightning BotEdit

The Lightning Bot was sent with Tenaya 7, to attack the Rangers at the beach. However, he did not battle the Rangers. Instead, after Tenaya 7 had placed a Mind Control Device on the back of Dillon's neck, the Lightning Bot zapped Dillon. This activated the chip, and it downloaded an acceleration upgrade into the viral hardware all ready growing inside Ranger Series Black. The Venjix Hardware inside him started taking over his biological being at a rate 50 times greater than it was before.

The Ranger realized that the only way to return the internal virus back to its original pace, was to get the circuit board from the Lightning Bot and used it to reverse the virus.

On Scott's orders, the shields were lowered. The Lightning Bot was sent back into Corinth to attack the citizens. The Blue, Yellow & Green Rangers soon showed up and started battling the bot & Grinders. The Green Ranger tried to fight the Lightning Bot, but soon realized he didn't know what area of the bot not to attack, so as not to damage the circuit board.

Soon Scott & Dillon arrived to help out. The two Morphed and took the Lightning Bot on with their Wheel Blasters. With their blasters they managed to take the bot down. But Venjix revived the Lightning Bot and made him giant size. The Rangers formed the Zenith Megazord and were able to destroy the Lighting Bot.

The Yellow Ranger was then able to retrieve the needed circuit board. As every was working on the circuit board, Dillon lost control again as the virus started to take hold. Scott, Summer & Ziggy tried to stop him while Flynn tried to break the code of the Venjix Chip. But he could not decrypt it without the base code, the original code that was used to create the Venjix Virus.

Just as Dillon was about to blast everyone, he returned to normal. Doctor K explained that she entered the base code, allowing Dillon to return to normal. She told them that she knew the base code because she wrote it. Everything they & the world has been through, is all her fault.

Oil BotEdit

This bot was attacking the city in his giant form. The Rangers responded with the Zenith Megazord, but the Attack Bot had the advantage with his slippery oil making the Megazord loose its footing. It blasted the Megazord, causing the Rangers to have to separate back to their individual Zords.

Upon Doctor K's orders, the Rangers formed the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords. They used their Megazord's finishing attacks to destroy the Attack Bot.

Dyna BotEdit

Dyna Bot was went to Omega City to ambush the Rangers and destroy them. When he arrived, he first had the Grinders attack the Rangers, and then he battled them himself. He proved much to powerful for the Rangers, and was about to use one of his explosives to finish them off. But before he could, the Gold & Silver Rangers came to the rescue.

The new Rangers battled Dyna Bot and managed to beat him, forcing him to retreat. But before the five Rangers left in Project Go-Onger, Dyna Bot managed to place an explosive charge on the back of the vehicle. Once the Rangers were out in the Wastelands, the device went off, causing the transport to go out of control. The Rangers were forced to abandon the vehicle, before it went careening over a cliff.

There waiting for the Rangers were Dyna Bot, General Shifter and Venjix. The evil master Venjix used part of the Venjix Virus to bound the Rangers, making them helpless. Luckily the Gold & Silver Rangers arrived again, blasting the evil bots with their Zords.

After taking out another group of Grinders, the Gold & Silver Rangers attacked Venjix himself, forcing him to retreat. With the Dyna Bot let to fend off the new Rangers, he sent in more Grinders to attack them. Gold & Silver quickly took the Grinders out with the Cloud Hatchets, and then used their Jet Mode Attack to weaken the Dyna Bot. Finally, the two heroes used their Sky Shift Blazers to blast and destroy the bot.

Vacuum BotEdit

After Tenaya 7, General Shifter & General Crunch manages to do significant damage to the Corinth Oxygen Regeneration Plant, Venjix created the Vacuum Bot to suck the remain air out of Corinth. To do this, the bot would suck the air out via a pre-historic river bed that ran under the city & out into one the Venjix Outpost in the Wastelands.

Luckily Scott, Gem & Gemma were able to catch on to the plan and ready to stop it. With the Gold Ranger took on the Generals, Red & Silver took out the Vacuum Bot, stopping him from sucking the air out.

Once the bot was out in the open, the Red & Silver Rangers battled him with their weapons. The Gold Ranger soon joined them and they blasted the bot together to take him down.

But Venjix soon revived the bot and made him big. The other Rangers showed up and it was Megazord time. The Vacuum Bot quickly used his powers to take away the Super Saber, and absorb the blasts from the ValveMax Megazord. The Gold & Silver Rangers joined in the fight and combined their Zords with the High Octane Megazord. With the Megazord's new Bow & Arrow Powers, the Rangers were successful in destroy the Vacuum Bot.

Saw Bot Generation 15Edit

This bot was created with one sole purpose, to destroy the Power Rangers. The Rangers first detected what they thought was a Ball of Yarn Attack Bot, which had entered the city through a trash shoot. However, when they went to investigate, they could not find anything.

Tenaya 7 and the Generals then surprised them and had the Saw Bot begin his attack on the Rangers. The team learned that the Saw Bot was programmed to learn the Rangers moves and fighting strategies. So as the Rangers tried to fight it, it learned everything on the five core Rangers. Luckily the Gold & Silver Rangers came in and forced the evil villains to retreat.

Later when the Saw Bot returned, the Red & Blue Rangers were the only ones inside the city to fight it. The other Rangers had journeyed out into the Wastelands to try and find information on Dillon's sister at the Venjix Grinder Factory. The Gold & Silver Rangers with their Sky Shift Blazers were able to take the Saw Bot out.

Venjix brought the bot back online and giant size. The Rangers fought with the Zenith Megazord, and the Gold & Silver Ranger's Zords. Together they managed to successfully destroy the Saw Bot for good.

Saw Bot Generation 16Edit

After the destruction of the Saw Bot Generation 15, Venjix used all the information the bot had collected, and programmed it into the Saw Bot Generation 16. Thus this new bot was equipped with all of the Ranger's attacks, powers, and moves.

Venjix sent the Saw Bot to attack the Rangers & Corinth City Forces that were gathered at Sector 17, as they planned to attack the Venjix factory. The bot arrived and started attacking. The city forces tried to blast him, but were ineffective. The Rangers jumped in and started battling him and the Grinders. The Rangers too found themselves to be no match for the new Saw Bot. Dr. K then ordered Gem & Gemma to place an explosive on the bot to blow him away. The twins were successful and blasted the bot & Grinders away.

The Saw Bot soon returned as the Red, Black & Yellow Rangers were making their way through the factory. Black & Yellow held the bot off, while Red went to place the remaining charges. The bot was far too powerful, forcing the two Rangers to use up all their power. Summer then battled the bot by herself, allowing Dillon the chance to blow up the factory.

While the bot was inside the factory during the explosion, he still survived. Gem and Gemma were next line to battle the beast. They morphed and were able to take him down with their Sky Shift Blazers. But Venjix ordered the download to revive and grow the bot.

With the Saw Bot now inside Corinth and giant size, the Rangers were even more outmatched. Since the bot knew every power & move of the Megazords, there was no use in sending the Rangers Zords in. But Dr. K wasn't out of ideas just yet. With the newly acquired Whale Zord in hand, Dr. K activated a new Megazord formation just for the Gold & Silve Rangers. The twins formed their Mach Megazord and went to fighting the Saw Bot. With the new Megazord, the Gold & Silver Rangers had the advantage and blasted the Saw Bot. They finished him off with the Mach Megazord's Energy Power Bow attack.

Balloon BotEdit

With Tenaya 7 & General Shifter leaving to test Tenaya's new Electro Magnetic Lightning Blaster, General Crunch was put in charge of creating an Attack Bot. So he created this strange Balloon Attack Bot.

The bot was sent into the city, all ready in giant size. The Rangers responded in the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords. However, before they could fully attack the bot, Dr. K told them to stop. It was not known what kind of air was in the balloons of the bot. It the air were toxic, it would poison the entire dome. However, as the Bot inflated his balloons to escape, the Gold & Silver Rangers showed up in the Mach Megazord and destroyed the bot completely. Luckily, the air in the balloons was not toxic.

Generation 3 Textile BotEdit

When Tenaya 7 & General Shifter went to test Tenaya's new Electro Magnetic Lightning Blaster, Tenaya also brought along this Attack Bot should any Rangers show up. The Textile Bot's Threads were made to molecularly mimic Spider Silk, making them strong enough to capture a jumbo jet, or Megazord.

When Gem & Gemma arrived in the wasteland to find the energy disturbance they had detected, they were ambushed by Tenaya 7, General Shifter & the Textile Bot. The bot battled the Silver Ranger and was too powerful for her. When the twins were able to regroup, Tenaya blasted them with her laser.

The two Rangers tried going to their Mach Megazord, but Tenaya shot it right out of the sky. Then the giant size Textile Bot used its threads to tie up the Megazord. The other Rangers arrived in their Megazords just in time. They were able to free the Mach Megazord. However, the Textile Bot was still to powerful for the three Megazords.

To make matters worse, Venjix showed up to fight in his Attack Ship. The Textile Bot had the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords tied up, but the Mach Megazord swooped in and freed them. Then Gold & Silver realized they had to work together with the other Rangers, and the Rangers were finally able to bring all three Megazords together to form the SkyRev Megazord.

With their new Megazord formation, the Rangers took to the skies and fired their combined blast. The blast destroyed the Attack Ship, along with the Textile Bot. Venjix managed to survive the blast.

Manhole BotEdit

When the City Hall area came under attack, this monster managed to corner Colonel Truman, a little Girl, and two city Defense Soldiers in an ally way. They were blocked in by the Bot and a team of Grinders. Just as the Bot was about to fire, the Gold Ranger jumped in and deflected the blasts with his Cloud Hatchet.

While the Red Ranger battled the Grinders, the Gold Ranger fought off this Attack Bot. With his Cloud Hatchet, the Gold Ranger was successful in destroy the Attack Bot.

Knight BotEdit

This Bot started out attacking a Forest Area of Corinth. The Rangers quickly responded with the three Megazords. However, they were not prepared for the bot's Negatively Fused Electronic Charges. These blasts greatly weakened the Megazords, and even took down the ValveMax & Mach Megazords.

The Blue Ranger tried to power the Megazords back up with a newly invented Engine Cell of his, but instead it backfired and took the two Megazords completely offline. Luckily Dr. K was able to bring the Megazords back up. By working together, the Rangers were able to use their Megazords to destroy the Knight Bot, by them each reflecting the Mach Megazord's Propeller Blades back at the bot.

The Knight Bot was not a complete failure for Venjix though. The bot did manage to place delayed energy charges inside of Corinth. These then allowed the Hammer Bot to enter the city to attack.

Hammer BotEdit

Thanks to the Knight Bot placing delayed energy charges, the Hammer Bot was able to get inside Corinth City. Once inside, the bot began striking the ground with his hammer fist, causing the entire city to shake. The Red, Yellow, Green, Black & Gold Rangers quickly responded, while Flynn & Gemma stayed behind to try and convince Dr. K to use their newly invented Road Attack Zord.

The Rangers soon found themselves outmatched by the sheer strength of the Hammer Bot. It had the complete advantage over the Rangers. While Flynn and Gemma were tied up fighting Tenaya 7, Dr. K had no choice but to send in the Road Attack Zord. The new Zord did manage to take out the Hammer Bot, but it then started to attack the Rangers. Luckily they were able to shut it off.

With the Hammer Bot not yet destroyed, General Shifter gave the order for the download to make the bot giant size. Just as the beast was about to smash the Rangers, the Blue & Silver Rangers arrived in their Zords to stop him. Dr. K had managed to take the excess energy from the Road Attack Zord, and divert it into the other Zords to repair them. This was all thanks to Flynn's idea.

The Rangers formed the SkyRev Megazord, and then launched the Road Attack Zord with a new Engine Cell powering it. The new Zord in it's warrior mode was able to fight the Hammer Bot and wear it out. With the Hammer Bot on the ropes, the Road Attack Zord switched back to tire mode. The Rangers powered it up with a blast from the SkyRev Megazord, and then fired the new Zord at the Hammer Bot. The bot was hit by the Road Attack Zord and completely destroyed.

Generation 3 Chemical BotEdit

This Generation Three bot was created by Tenaya 7, and was equipped with toxins capable of putting all of the citizens of Corinth to sleep. Tenaya 7 was ordered to take the bot into the city and attack, and they did. The Gold & Silver Rangers battled the Grinders, while the other Rangers took on the Chemical Bot. They managed to beat the bot and force him to retreat. However, during the battle, the bot dropped a red bottle of toxin.

Later the Chemical Bot showed up at the Corinth Air Supply Systems. He placed a yellow chemical into the air supply machines. This toxin then caused all the men in Corinth to fall asleep. The red chemical that he had lost, would have caused all the women to fall asleep as well.

With only Summer, Gemma, Dr. K and Vasquez at City Command, the women of Corinth did not have much time. Summer laid out a plan, while Gemma made upgrades to the Road Attack Zord & Dr. K worked on an antidote.

When the Chemical Bot returned with Tenaya 7 & Grinders, Summer and Gemma showed up to fight them. They held them off for as long as they could, and then Summer ordered Vasquez to initiate Operation City Storm. Vasquez used the city Weather Controls to create a large Tornado Storm that blasted the Grinders with lightning and blew the Chemical Bot away with a tornado.

The Chemical Bot tried to escape, but the Red Ranger caught up to him. Thanks to Dr. K finding an antidote, the male Rangers were able to rejoin the battle. So the Red Ranger used the Road Attack Zord in his Battle Mode to fight the Chemical Bot. With the Zord's Burnout Attack, the bot was out.

Venjix made the Chemical Bot giant size and the Rangers, except for Red who was low on power, jumped to their Zords. They weakened the bot with their individual Zord attacks, and then destroyed him with attacks from the ValveMax & Mach Megazords.

Dowser BotEdit

This unnamed Attack Bot wasn't featured in a normal episode, but in the Behind the Scenes show "And... Action". So the basic origins and battles with this bot are either not known, or simple.

This bot was sent into Corinth to attack the city, along with Tenaya 7 and the Grinders. The Rangers quickly responded and fought off the evil army. The Red Ranger fought the bot, and then the Rangers were able to destroy this Attack Bot with the RPM Enforcer.

Series 2 Roto BotEdit

After Tenaya 7 found the location of the Alphabet Soup dumping grounds, General Shifter & Kilobyte constructed this Roto Bot to dig into the mountains and find the Alphabet Soup technology they were looking for.

The bot did manage to get into the mountains, but was then found by the Rangers. They tried blasting him, but he deflected the blast. That deflection ended up revealing the sealed away Paleo Zord. The bot was made giant size and the Rangers battled him with the SkyRev Megazord. They were about to finish him off with the Road Attack Zord, when the wild Paleo Zord attacked all of them. The Roto Bot took advantage of this distraction and managed to escape.

Robo Bot later returned with the Grinders, in search of the Paleo Zord in the forest. The Rangers battled the Grinders and the Red Ranger fought the attack bot. When the Paleo Zord came zooming through the forest, the Robo bot tried to attack it, but ended up being knocked down.

It later returned in giant size and battled the ValveMax & Mach Megazords. It managed to defeat both of them, as well as the Lion Hauler & Bear Crawler Zords. With the Rangers out of options, the Red Ranger showed up and tried to fight the monster with any Zords.

Luckily Dr. K managed to gain control over the Paleo Zord, thus allowing the Red Ranger to take command of the Zord. The Red Ranger formed the Paleo Max Megazord and destroyed the Roto Bot with the Megazord's slash attacks.

Heat BotEdit

After Tenaya 7 managed to sabotage General Shifter's Hyper Bot from becoming the next Venjix body, she took her Heat Bot to Corinth to attack the new Fuel Depot. The bot tried to heat the depot up, but the Rangers arrived to stop him. While Gold, Silver & Yellow fought the Grinders, the others battled the Heat Bot. He was too much for the Rangers to handle at first. Even once Gold and Silver joined in the Heat Bot still managed to escape.

Later the bot returned and tried to heat the depot up so that it would explode, but the Rangers fired the RPM Enforcer on it. When that didn't work, the Gold & Silver Rangers used their Freeze Mode of their Cloud Hatchets to freeze the Heat Bot in ice.

The bot remained frozen until Kilobyte arrived and released him. The bot grew giant size and the Rangers went to the SkyRev Megazord. When the bot's heat was too much, the Red Ranger called for the Paleozord. He used the Mammoth's ice breath to freeze the bot, and then destroyed it with the PaleoMax Megazord.

Generation 16 Hyper BotEdit

This bot was originally intended to be the next body for Venjix. However, after Tenaya 7 managed to sabotage the bot, when General Shifter activated it to show it's power, it attacked Venjix. The evil master then banished General Shifter. As he left, Shifter took the Hyper Bot with him. In the Wastelands, Shifter vowed revenge on both the Rangers and Venjix.

After the Rangers defeated the Heat Bot, Shifter made his Hyper Bot grow and attack the Megazords, but then quickly retreat. The Rangers later learned that it's first attack was to sample wavelengths and matrix data of the Ranger bio fields, so that when it returned, it could gain control of any of the Ranger's technology. The only way to stop it would be to get the base codes that were used to program the bot. Tenaya, now knowing that she was Dillon's sister and wanting to help, offered to get the codes.

When the Hyper Bot returned, the Red Ranger battled it with the PaleoMax Megazord. However, Shifter quickly upgraded the bot's power with a key of his. The key not only made the Hyper Bot more powerful, but it allowed it to take control of the PaleoMax Megazord, forcing the Red Ranger out.

The ValveMax & Mach Megazords soon arrived and tried to stop the now evil PaleoMax and Hyper Bot, but they weren't strong enough. The Red Ranger rejoined the fight. He along with Blue & Yellow fought with the High Octane Megazord, but were still defeated. Luckily Tenaya came through with the Base Codes, and Dr. K was able to return the PaleoMax to normal. Dr. K then discovered the capabilities of all 12 Zords to combine together to form the RPM Ultrazord.

The Rangers brought their Zords together to form the RPM Ultrazord, which towered over the Hyper Bot. During the battle, the bot threw everything it had at the Ultrazord, but it was no use. The Rangers used the Road Attack Zord's Burn Out Attack, and then finished the Hyper Bot with the RPM Ultrazord's finish move.

With the bot destroyed, the upgrade key from Shifter fell back to the ground. General Shifter then used the key on himself to make himself more powerful.

Dumbbell BotEdit

With the completion of Tenaya 15 and the destruction of Shifter by the Rangers, this new Attack Bot was created to attack the city. It attacked with the Grinders and the Rangers, except for Dillon responded. While the other Rangers fought off the evil army, Dillon kept an eye on thing from above, waiting for Tenaya 15 in hopes of using the Control Key on her to get her back.

The Attack Bot proved to be much more powerful than the Rangers could handle. He had the team down and almost out, but the Black Ranger used the Control Key on the bot, causing him to shut down for a few seconds. This bout the Ranger enough time to combine their weapons and blast the bot.

The bot was then made huge, but was quickly destroyed with the Road Attack Zord and the Mach Megazord.

Generation 12 Energy BotEdit

This Energy Bot was created with the power to dwarf and manipulate the Rangers Bio Field Energies. It went with Venjix, Tenaya 15 and the Grinders to attack the city. The Rangers quickly showed up and the battle began.

The Black and Green Rangers were ready to fight the bot, but it used it's powers to force the Rangers to blast him. He then took that energy, changed it and blasted back at Green & Black. The Energy Bot then fought the Red, Yellow & Blue Rangers.

When the team regrouped and fired everything they had at Venjix, the Energy Bot jumped in, took the blasts, changed them and fired them back at the Rangers, forcing them to de-morph and retreat.

It later attacked Dillon & Ziggy as they were making their way back to the base. They morphed and tried to fight off the bot. When they fired their Turbo Plasma Launcher at him, the same result as before occurred. However, the other Rangers showed up while the bot was firing, and they then blasted the Energy Bot with their blasters. Since the bot was distracted with Green & Black, the other blasts managed to hit and take him down.

He was brought back giant size and the High Octane & Mach Megazords tried to fight him. The Attack Bot used his special powers to blast the Megazords away. Green & Black fought with the ValveMax Megazord and thanks to Dr. K reconfiguring the Megazord's weapons array, they were successful in destroying the Energy Bot.

Final Attack BotEdit

This Attack Bot appears to have been made of pieces of many previous Attack Bots. It was created for Venjix's final attack on Corinth. After Venjix activated the Hybrids in the city and gained control of the Control Tower, this Attack Bot confronted five of the seven Rangers. Ziggy was on his way back to base to protect Dr. K and Dillon was trying to fight off the virus inside him after being activated.

The remaining Rangers morphed and fought as hard as they could against this beast. They managed to hold him off for a while, but he was soon grown to giant size. The Rangers called for the High Octane, Mach & PaleoMax Megazords. The High Octane and PaleoMax Megazords tried to battle the bot on the ground, but the machine coated the two Megazords in heavy oil, making them completely immobile. The Gold & Silver Rangers split their Megazord and attack with their Zords, while the Whale Zord washed the other Megazords off.

With the High Octane and PaleoMax back to normal, Gold and Silver reformed the Mach Megazord and held the Attack Bot in place for the Megazords to attack. By combining all of their attacks, they managed to destroy the Attack Bot.