Power Rangers: R.P.M. - MonstersEdit

Generation 5 Attack BotEdit

With the Defense Shields of Corinth City down, Venjix brought this Attack Bot forth to go in and attack the city. The monster attacked with the Grinders, but he was soon met with the Power Rangers attack. The Rangers used their weapons against him and were able to take him out with a blast from the Road Blaster. However, Venjix brought the Attack Bot back online and made him grow large. The Rangers formed the High Octane Megazord to do battle with him. The monster used his pipes to start polluting the air of the domed city. Luckily our heroes were able to stop him by clogging his pipes. The Rangers then used the High Octane Megazord's Super Saber attack to destroy the Attack Bot.

Water HoserEdit

Venjix created this Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot, and ordered him to infiltrate the city's water supply, via the hydraulic circulatory system. The bot did manage to enter the city, and he released the Shield Disruption Mist, that allowed the Grinders to enter the city. The Rangers quickly showed up and battled the Grinders. After the robot soldiers were out of the way, the Rangers were able to battle Water Hoser with their weapons. Though they were more than a match for him, the monster was able to turn back into water and escape through the city's main water line. Water Hoser re-emerged in the harbor, only in his giant size form. The Rangers were kept at bay by a large army of Grinders. Once the Black Ranger showed up, the others were able to summon their Zords and form the High Octane Megazord. In the battle with Water Hoser, the Megazord was sent crashing into a city bridge. This made it to where the Megazord had to hold the bridge steady, so that the people still on the bridge could get to safety. But Water Hoser took advantage of this attacked the Megazord. Once everyone was safe, the Rangers were able to fight with the High Octane Megazord again. They then managed to trap Water Hoser in the bridge, and used the Super Saber attack to destroy him.

Gopher BotEdit

General Shifter & Crunch created this bot in order for it to dig underground, below the Corinth City Shields, and then attack. The Gopher Bot was successful, and managed to get in under the city. However, once the Green & Black Rangers learned of him, they were ready. The two Rangers attacked the exact spot in the ground, just as the bot passed by underneath, forcing him out. The Gopher Bot attacked the two Rangers, but the others quickly showed up to help. They managed to get in some fast hits on the monster, but before they could destroy him, the Gopher Bot buried the Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers and escaped. The Green & Black Rangers went after him and caught up to him in the city. They fought him with their weapons, and managed to take him down with their Turbo Plasma Launcher. Venjix brought the Gopher Bot back online and made him grow huge. The Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers arrived, called for their Zords and formed the High Octane Megazord. The two battled it out, with the Megazord having the advantage. The Rangers were able to destroy the bot with the Street Saber's slashes.

Noz BotEdit

This Noz Bot was the latest creation by Venjix, meant to replace Tenaya 7. That is until she proved herself useful by making it possible for the Nozbot & Grinders to enter the city. Once the Noz bot was inside Corinth, he started attacking the city defense forces. Luckily the Rangers arrived and used the Road Blaster to take him out. Venjix then revived him and made him grow. Plus, the evil master sent in swarms of Drones to attack the Rangers as well. The Rangers tried to fight with the High Octane Megazord, but they were overwhelmed. That's when the Green & Black Rangers summoned their Zords, and destroyed the attacking Drones. They also attacked the Noz Bot, allowing the High Octane Megazord time to regroup. With the Megazord back online, the Rangers used the Super Saber to destroy the Noz Bot.


This Bot entered Corinth and started attacking the city's computer banks, in order to get the shield codes. The Rangers went to stop him, hoping that by using the Green Ranger's teleportation ability, he could sneak up behind him, while the others distracted him. However, when they went to proceed with their plan, things didn't go too well. The bot used his powers to magnetize the Nitro Blasters and started pulling the Rangers toward him. Meanwhile, the Green Ranger never showed up behind the bot. So the Rangers had no choice but to morph their blaster into sword mode, and give into the pull of the bot. When the swords stuck the bot, he was hit but managed to escape. Later the Red & Blue Rangers found the bot at the Junk Yard with some Grinders. They tried to fight him, but the needed help. The Yellow & Black Rangers arrived, while the Green Ranger was in prison. Though the four fought hard, the Magnetron was still too much for them. He blasted them, forcing them to power down. As he & the Grinders were about to escape Corinth with the Shield Codes, the four Rangers showed up again and fought the evil forces. This time the Rangers managed to take the Magnetron down with the Road Blaster. However, Venjix sent the download to make the Magnetron grow. The Rangers formed the High Octane Megazord and were ready to battle with the Super Saber, but the bot used his power to steal the sword from them. The monster then used the Megazords own weapon against it. Luckily the Green & Black Rangers arrived just in time. They managed to blast the bot back. The High Octane Megazord then combined with the Green Ranger's Zord. This allowed the team a new Blade Spinning Slash Attack. They used the attack & were able to destroy the Magnetron.

Pump BotEdit

This unnamed Bot made it into Corinth City. The Rangers were on it's trail, but he managed to escape the city via an underground mining tunnel. He showed up outside the city, as Scott was retrieving the Flux Overthruster Core Reactor needed for the Croc Carrier Zord. The Bot & the Grinders went after Scott. When Scott was saved by Colonel Truman & his forces, this left the city shields down and allowed the bot to enter the city with the Grinders. Scott morphed and battled the Bot, while the Blue & Yellow Rangers took out the Grinders. Together, the Rangers used the Road Blaster to take down the Attack Bot. But Venjix then made the machine grow large. Thanks to the reactor Scott brought back, Doctor K was able to bring the Croc Carrier Zord online. The Green & Black Ranger arrived on the scene with their three Zords, and took down the attack Drones. The Rangers formed the ValveMax Megazord and started fighting the Attack Bot. With the Megazord's Triple Attack, the Attack Bot was finally destroyed.

Boom BotEdit

The Boom Bot infiltrated the Corinth City Shields, with Tenaya 7 & the Grinders, by creating Sonic Interference. They were stopped and held up by the Corinth City Forces, but Tenaya 7 quickly took them out, allowing the bot & the Grinders to continue. When they arrived in the city, the evil forces started attacking the citizens of Corinth. The City Patrol tried to stop them, but they weren't strong enough. Scott, Flynn, Ziggy & Dillon soon arrived and took the Grinders out. They then Morphed and were ready to battle the Boom Bot. However, the robot used his Sonic Bombardment Cannons to keep the Rangers down. Luckily the Yellow Ranger showed up and battled the Boom Bot. Yellow Ranger was able to use her Energy Blast to weaken the beast. This gave the team enough time to form their cannons and blast the bot. But the battle wasn't over just yet. Venjix made the Boom Bot grow, forcing the Rangers to form the High Octane Megazord. The Megazord alone wasn't strong enough to take on the Boom Bot. The Black Ranger then joined in the fight with his Zord. By combining the Black Ranger's Zord with the High Octane Megazord, the Rangers gained the fire power they needed to destroy the Boom Bot. The Rangers & Doctor K later discovered that the Boom Bot was not the primary threat to the city. The bot had been implanted with a self destruct device, that was activated during the battle. The Boom Bot was then in fact just a decoy to keep the Rangers busy while Tenaya 7 went to steal the Landsdown Diamond.

Camera Attack BotEdit

The Camera Attack Bot was built by Venjix to destroy the city. It's primary weapon needed the Landsdown Black Diamond in order to function though. Tenaya 7 made her way into the city and managed to steal the diamond, but then lost it in her battle with the Yellow Ranger. Later the Camera Attack Bot, Tenaya 7 & the Grinders invaded the Ranger's base garage when Summer's arranged wedding was about to take place. Tenaya 7 managed to steal the diamond. Though Summer fought hard to protect the diamond, the Attack Bot still got it and was ready to use his full attack powers. The bot grew huge and the Rangers responded with the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords. Before the Camera Bot could blast the city, the Rangers blinded it with the suns light and used the Megazords attacks to destroy the bot.

Drill Attack BotEdit

The Attack Bot entered the city with Tenaya 7, the Generals and Grinders. His job was to dig into one of the two main fault lines that Corinth City sits on. While Tenaya & the others kept the Rangers busy, the bot was able to drill into the first fault line. The lava he drilled out from the earth then allowed him to grow giant size. As he was about to start drilling into the second fault line, the Black & Green Rangers tried to stop him with their ValveMax Megazord. However, the bot was too strong and fired some of the lava at the Megazord. As hard as the ValveMax tried to fight, the Attack Bot was stronger. Luckily the other Rangers showed up just in time with the High Octane Megazord. Thanks to the Super Saber attack, the Attack Bot was destroyed.

Reflects BotEdit

Venjix created two of these Attack Bots, part of his plan to have Tenaya 7 help him in his attack. The first bot attacked the city in giant size. The Rangers responded with the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords. However, because the bot was equipped with a Molecular Mirroring System, it was able to use the mirrors in his chest to copy the Megazord's weapons. It copied the Black & Green Ranger's Zords for his arms, and used them to take out the ValveMax Megazord. Then he cloned the Super Saber and took down the High Octane Megazord. Just as he was about to finish off the Rangers, the Reflects Bot suffered a complete systems failure and shut down, returning the normal size. The bot was restrained, even though he was offline, and taken to the Ranger's base to be studied. However, this was all part of Venjix & Tenaya 7's plan. While the Rangers were busy dealing with Drones in the city, Tenaya 7 was able to enter the Rangers base through the bot and started attacking. Venjix then unleashed the second Reflects Bot on the city, in giant form. This one though had some upgrades, as it's weapons systems were much like those of General Shifter & Crunch. The Rangers fought him with the High Octane Megazord, but they were no match. Back in the Ranger's Base, Dr. K managed to hold off Tenaya 7 and when the evil villainess tried to use the offline Reflects Bot to copy Dr. K's cannon, it instead copied the Overthruster needed for the Rangers to form the new Zenith Megazord. Once Dr. K grabbed & installed the reactor, the Rangers were able to form the Zenith Megazord. The Reflects Bot tried to copy the Zenith's weapons system, but before he could, the Megazord kicked the bot's chest and broke the mirrors. The Rangers then used the Zenith Megazord's final blast to destroy the Reflects Bot.

Gat BotEdit

With Venjix using the Sat Bot to cause Corinth's Shield Energy to be disrupted, this allowed the Gat Bot & Grinders to enter the city. The Rangers responded and fought the bot, but he was a bit too much for the Rangers to take on. Luckily the Blue Ranger was able to use his Time Burst attack to weaken the robot. The Rangers formed the RPM Enforcer and used it to blast the Gat Bot down. Venjix then revived the creation and made him grow. The Rangers went to the Zenith Megazord and were too fast for the Gat Bot to keep up with. The team then used the Megazord's blast to finish off the bot.

Broiler BotEdit

After the Gat Bot was destroyed, Venjix sent this bot into the city, thanks to the Sat Bot causing Corinth's Shield Energy to be disrupted. The Rangers found and fought this bot in the forest. The Rangers were able to get the upper hand by using their weapons. They then formed the RPM Enforcer and used it to destroy the bot.

Sat BotEdit

Years ago, when Dillon had been captured by Venjix, this Attack Bot was the one responsible for taking Dillon's memories from him. Later, Venjix sent the Sat Bot into Corinth to cause Corinth's Shield Energy to be disrupted, thus allowing other Attack Bots to enter the city. Once Dr. K found the source of the disruption, Dillon & Ziggy went to check it out, while the others fought off more attacks at the docks. The plan was to have Dillon force the bot down to where Ziggy was, and then Ziggy would finish the bot off. However, things did not go as planned. Dillon soon remembered the Sat Bot as the one who had stolen all his memories, and the bot remembered Dillon as well. In fact, the Sat Bot still had all of Dillon's past memories. Dillon Morphed and tried to fight the Sat Bot, but with his memories at risk of being destroyed with the Sat Bot, the Black Ranger wasn't on full guard. The Sat Bot then used his powers to fire his lasers through the city's weather grid. This blasted the Black Ranger off of the roof. Luckily the Green Ranger came to his aid and used his Teleportation Power to save him. The Red, Blue & Yellow Rangers then caught up and found the Sat Bot. They fought him and Red was about to slash him with his Street Saber, but the Black Ranger stopped him. Dillon still wanted to keep the Sat Bot online in hopes of getting his memories back, but Scott ordered the team that the bot had to be destroyed. The Green Ranger went after the Sat Bot and got in some hits with his Turbo Axe. But when the team was distracted by a power surge from the Black Ranger, the Sat Bot struck the Rangers with a blast from his lasers. Dillon realized that the safety of Corinth City was more important than his memories and he fought the Sat Bot. The Rangers then formed the RPM Enforcer and used it to destroy the Sat Bot. However, after the battle Doctor K scanned Dillon's body and discover that the Sat Bot had transmitted a signal into Dillon’s arm containing an encrypted initiation code. It initiated the virus that was lying dormant inside his implanted robotics. That machinery within Ranger Black has restarted a self generation process. It is growing, and it will keep growing until it has taken him over entirely. There is no cure.

Lightning BotEdit

The Lightning Bot was sent with Tenaya 7, to attack the Rangers at the beach. However, he did not battle the Rangers. Instead, after Tenaya 7 had placed a Mind Control Device on the back of Dillon's neck, the Lightning Bot zapped Dillon. This activated the chip, and it downloaded an acceleration upgrade into the viral hardware all ready growing inside Ranger Series Black. The Venjix Hardware inside him started taking over his biological being at a rate 50 times greater than it was before. The Ranger realized that the only way to return the internal virus back to its original pace, was to get the circuit board from the Lightning Bot and used it to reverse the virus. On Scott's orders, the shields were lowered. The Lightning Bot was sent back into Corinth to attack the citizens. The Blue, Yellow & Green Rangers soon showed up and started battling the bot & Grinders. The Green Ranger tried to fight the Lightning Bot, but soon realized he didn't know what area of the bot not to attack, so as not to damage the circuit board. Soon Scott & Dillon arrived to help out. The two Morphed and took the Lightning Bot on with their Wheel Blasters. With their blasters they managed to take the bot down. But Venjix revived the Lightning Bot and made him giant size. The Rangers formed the Zenith Megazord and were able to destroy the Lighting Bot. The Yellow Ranger was then able to retrieve the needed circuit board. As every was working on the circuit board, Dillon lost control again as the virus started to take hold. Scott, Summer & Ziggy tried to stop him while Flynn tried to break the code of the Venjix Chip. But he could not decrypt it without the base code, the original code that was used to create the Venjix Virus. Just as Dillon was about to blast everyone, he returned to normal. Doctor K explained that she entered the base code, allowing Dillon to return to normal. She told them that she knew the base code because she wrote it. Everything they & the world has been through, is all her fault.