Venjix had started conquering Earth three years ago. Within no time he had control of the world's communication, power, and defense systems. Venjix had built armies of advance robotic soldiers. The robotic soldiers were Grinders. The Grinders laid waste to everything that stood in their path. There was no stopping them. Venjix would declare victory. Venjix: I am Venjix. Your world is now my world and your time is now over. Only the dome city of Corinth was not under Venjix's control and that is where the remaining humans had fled to. Venjix placed a barricade around the city. Grinders patrol the barricade. Other Grinders wander the desert terrain in search of any humans. A year later, several Grinders were out in the desert. A car had stopped and a young man (Dillon) had gotten out of the car. The Grinders began advancing towards the car. Dillon seemed to have vanished as the Grinders look around the car. Suddenly Dillon leaped out at them. The Grinders battled Dillon, but they did not do so well against him. The Grinders were left in pieces, as Dillon return to his car and took off. Later that day, the same car was approaching the barricade. This time in addition to Dillon, there was another human in the car, Ziggy. Grinders on their motorcycles, the perimeter patrol, began to pursue the car. Thermo chargers were tossed out at them. Several Grinders were destroyed. Dillon had managed to cause enough damage to the barricade that they were able to enter the city. The gates had been opened and the car raced in. Several Grinders, and Generation 5 Attack Bot, took advantage of the open gate and enter the city before the gates could come back down. The Grinders and Generation 5 Attack Bot were going after the stopped car, when suddenly three teens arrive. The three teens (Flynn, Summer, and Scott) morphed in the Power Rangers. The Grinders battled the Rangers and would be destroyed by them.

Several more Grinders were still in the city. Venjix had sent in all his drones, which were piloted by Grinders as well. The Rangers continued their battle, this time against the drones. Several Grinders worked together to set up a trap for Yellow Ranger. They also had a weapon, and it was locked on Yellow Ranger. The Grinders did not know they had been spotted by Ziggy, who pointed them out to Dillon. The Grinders were focused on Yellow Ranger and didn't notice, until it was too late, the car heading straight their way. The car knocked into them, destroying several Grinders. The weapon had also been knocked off line, and instead of firing at Yellow Ranger, it was firing at the drones in the sky. The weapon destroyed several drones. Soon the Grinders and the drones were retreating and the shields and gates sealed the city once more.

Venjix had sent in Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot into Corinth through it's water supply system. Once the robot entered the city the shield disruption mist was activated. This allowed numerous Grinders to enter the city as well. Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger had caught up to Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot. Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot soon had several Grinders with him. The Grinders charged at the Rangers. The Grinders battled and were destroyed by the Rangers. Later, more Grinders appeared in the city. This time to stop the Rangers from reaching the harbor. Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot had grown to giant size in the harbor and was attacking the city. There were so many Grinders, that soon the three Rangers ran out of energy. The Grinders were about to defeat the three Rangers when a car raced up. Dillon leaped out of the car and morphed. Black Ranger told the rest of the Rangers to take care of big ugly, he would take care of the Grinders. The three Rangers were concern, there were hundreds of Grinders. Black Ranger knew, Venjix should have sent more. The three Rangers left. They would form their High Octane Megazord, battled and destroy the robot. The Grinders battled Black Ranger. Despite their number, the Grinders would all be destroyed by Black Ranger.

Several Grinders were inside the base, as Tenaya 7, General Crunch, and General Shifter entered. Venjix was waiting for them. Venjix: Prepare yourselves for a new era of Venjix technology. The Nozzbot Attack System Generation 9. General Shifter: Most excellent Master Venjix. General Crunch: Nice work, your Venjixness. Tenaya 7: It looks like a giant bottle of window cleaner. Sorry, are we trying to destroy Corinth or give the city a streak free shine? Venjix: You are looking at the newest evolution of Venjix tech. And like all technology, the new is designed to replace the old. Which means the time has come for one of you to be destroyed. Tenaya 7, I'm afraid your failure to procure the Ranger Green series morpher has made you obsolete. The Grinders moved forward into position. Generals Shifter and Crunch stepped back. Venjix: Tenaya 7, you were built to think like a human, to feel like a human, but so far you've provided me with nothing. Tenaya 7: Maybe not, but it's provided me with something. The Grinders surrounded Tenaya 7 and the battle began. Despite being outnumbered, Tenaya 7 destroyed them all. Venjix was impress and decided to keep her operational. Several Grinders, along with Tenaya 7, entered Corinth through an air intake. The Grinders and Tenaya 7 easily defeated the security guards. Soon Summer, Flynn, and Ziggy arrived. The Grinders battled the three teens with ease. Moments later, Dillon and Scott were also battling the Grinders. Eventually the teens would morph into the Rangers. Tenaya 7 battled Black Ranger as the Grinders battled the rest of the Rangers. The Grinders and Tenaya 7 would be defeated. The following day, the Grinders, along with Nozzbot, entered the city much easier. Tenaya 7 had detach her hand and placed it under Scott's car. The hand had lowered the shields and they were able to enter. The Grinders and Nozzbot defeated the security guards with ease. The Grinders would be destroyed by the Power Rangers as well as Nozzbot.

Several Grinders were in the city with Magnetron. The Grinders were soon battling Blue Ranger and Red Ranger with ease. In the midst of the battle, Blue Ranger and Red Ranger had contacted the rest of the team for help. Soon Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger arrived. The Grinders battled the four Rangers. Magnetron battled the Rangers as well. Magnetron hit the four Rangers hard and they hit the ground and demorph. The Grinders left with Magnetron. Summer, Dillon, Flynn, and Scott soon caught up to them. The Grinders battled the four teens. Magnetron was trying to open the gates to the city. Scott spotted him. The four teens morph. The Grinders were once more battling the four Rangers. Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger used the Road Blaster and Magnetron was defeated. Venjix prepared the download and soon Magnetron was back and giant size. Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger formed the High Octane Megazord and battled Magnetron. The Grinders battled Black Ranger, but it was difficult. Eventually Green Ranger arrived. The Grinders and Magnetron were destroyed.

There were numerous Grinders in the city. One set of Grinders had managed to get to a park that had playground equipment. A mom and her baby were alone and Grinders got closer and closer until she spotted them. Suddenly there was a sound behind them. Scott: Shhh! You'll wake the baby. Ziggy: Yeah, and if you wake the baby, I might just have to sing you all a sweet little lullaby, and then tuck you into bed without any desert or even a single goodnight kiss. Oh wait, wait, what am I saying? That didn't even make sense. I'm really sorry, kinds new to being a Power Ranger. I'm still working on my hero one-liners, so. Scott: Look Zig, I told you, they're called one-liners for a reason. We're action heroes. When it comes to talking...several Grinders approached them. Scott fought them and destroyed them. Scott: Less is more. Ziggy was impressed and walked over to the mom. Ziggy: There! Now did you see that? When it comes to talking, boom, pow, zig, less is more. I don't see why I can't come up with that stuff. The Grinders move in again. Scott: Ziggy! The Grinders went after Scott and he kept them away by swinging the baby stroller around and knocked them off their feet. The rest went after Ziggy and the mom. Ziggy: Now do you think he writes it down ahead of time? Be honest. Did that sound rehearse? The Grinders battled Scott and Ziggy. Ziggy used the playground equipment to destroy them. Ziggy: See! That will teach them to monkey around. Get it? The monkey bars. But it was a Grinder Ziggy was holding, not the mom. Ziggy fought him off and rip off the Grinder's arm. Eventually all the Grinders would be destroyed. The last of them knocked down the slides by Ziggy. Scott would return the baby to it's mom. Another set of Grinders were battling Flynn, Summer, and Dillon out in a field. The Grinders fought hard, but they would be destroyed as well. The following day the attack bot and numerous Grinders found Scott outside the city's walls. The Grinders went after Scott. Scott had gone searching for a flux over thruster remote core. The only one Scott knew of had been placed in Marcus' plane. Scott would use the flux over thruster against the Grinders. Although lots of them were destroyed, there was still enough to block Scott's path back into the city. Suddenly several more were blasted down. It was Colonel Truman and his security team. Scott raced over to the jeep and jumped in. They made it back to the city. The Grinders and the attack bot entered the city as well. Red Ranger battled them. Soon Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger arrived as well. The three Rangers battled and destroyed the Grinders. The attack bot would be destroyed as well.

Several Grinders entered Corinth City when Boom Bot breach the city's shields with his bombardment cannons. Several security guards were there and the Grinders and Boom Bot battled them. City Patrol: Get them! The Grinders and Boom Bot easily overwhelm the security guards. City Patrol: Code Red! Infiltration! One of the guards managed to get to the vehicle to report in. City Patrol: Corinth control tower! This is city patrol...its. The guard was knocked aside by Tenaya 7. Another guard saw it happened. City Patrol: Hey! Stop her! A guard ran up to her, but Tenaya 7 held him in place with her leg. Tenaya 7 mimic the guard's voice perfectly. Tenaya 7: It's all clear. Over and out. The guards were defeated. Tenaya 7: Now go and crush them. The Grinders made more progress through the city and encountered and group of security guards. The guards were trying to get the civilians to safety. Soon Flynn, Scott, Ziggy, and Dillon arrived. The Grinders battled the four teens. The guards soon left as the four teens morphed into the Rangers. The Grinders battled the Rangers until they were destroyed. Boom Bot would later be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Several Grinders burst through the garage doors of the Rangers' home. Camera Bot was with them. There was a wedding taking place. The guests screamed in terror. Tenaya 7 was already in there. A battle broke out. The Grinders battled Flynn, Dillon, Ziggy, Scott, and Summer. Summer would eventually battled Tenaya 7 as well. The Grinders would be defeated by the teens, as was Tenaya 7. Camera Bot would be destroyed by the Rangers.

An attack bot had been sent into Corinth City. There were two fault lines under the city. The attack bot was to drill a hole in one, gathered up the lava, and then proceed to the second fault line. Once the attack bot drilled the second fault line, an volcanic eruption would take place and Corinth City would be destroyed. The attack bot arrived first and began the drilling. Tenaya 7 then entered the city with Generals Shifter and Crunch. Tenaya 7: Let's make it snappy, can we? For once, it would be nice to get this done before you know who gets here. Dillon: Sorry Tenaya. Scott: You're too late. Tenaya 7 was very annoyed to see the teens had arrived. Several Grinders arrived and Tenaya 7 sent them in. The teens battled the Grinders. Ziggy ended up hiding behind some barrels. Ziggy: Wait...wait...hold on. The Grinders took the barrel and tossed it aside. A Grinder grabbed Ziggy and swung him around. As the Grinder did this, Ziggy kicked out at the remaining Grinders, knocking them down. Generals Crunch and Shifter fired at Flynn. Flynn went flying through the air and landed hard on the pavement. Scott, Summer, Ziggy, and Dillon came racing over. Scott: Flynn! Are you okay? Flynn got up. Scott: Ready? Summer, Ziggy, Flynn, Dillon: Ready! Teens: RPM! Get in gear! Green Ranger noted the explosion that occurred behind them when they morphed. Green Ranger: There! See that explosion. I'm telling you, that was just a little one. The Rangers went back into battle. The Grinders and Generals continued to battle the Rangers. The attack bot went in search of the fault line. Tenaya 7: Actually Rangers, and this feels so good to say....(the ground shook) you're the ones who are too late. The attack bot was now giant size. The battle continued and Tenaya 7 joined in as well. During the battle, Blue Ranger's suit had a malfunction and he could not move. The remaining four Rangers surrounded him to protect him as they battled the Grinders when they moved in close. Tenaya 7 used this to her advantage and made a dramatic exit, along with the Generals. Later, the attack bot would find the second fault line, but Green Ranger and Black Ranger were trying to stop it with their ValveMax Megazord. It was a difficult battle and Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger were sent in to help. Tenaya 7 arrived with more Grinders. The Grinders and Tenaya 7 battled the two Rangers. Tenaya 7 had just tossed both Rangers to the ground when Flynn came running up. Flynn battled a few Grinders, made sure Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger were okay, and the reverse his morph. This cause a huge explosion, which knocked Tenaya 7 and the Grinders off their feet. Blue Ranger then battles the remaining Grinders and destroys them. Tenaya 7 retreats. The remaining Rangers form the High Octane Megazord. The two Megazords battle and destroy the attack bot.

Several Grinders were in the city with an attack bot. Soon the Rangers arrived. Red Ranger: Bring it! The Grinders battled the Rangers. Red Ranger: Come one, is that all you got? Yellow Ranger: They never get enough, do they? Green Ranger: Yeah, come one! During the battle, Green Ranger managed to swing his leg into an open window of a car. Green Ranger: Wait! Wait! Time out! I'm a little stuck here. The Grinders waited for Green Ranger to remove his leg and then the battle continued. Green Ranger: Okay, let's go. Eventually the Grinders and the attack bot were destroyed by the Rangers.

Several Grinders were hiding behind some rocks on the beach. Tenaya 7 was ahead of them and confronting Dillon, Ziggy, Flynn, Summer, and Scott. Ziggy was just pointing out how Tenaya 7 was outnumbered when the Grinders came out of their hiding place. Ziggy: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Okay, well, now this isn't fair. The Grinders battled Ziggy, Flynn, Summer, and Scott. Tenaya 7 and Dillon battled each other. Tenaya 7: For a human, you're pretty fast. Dillon: For a robot, you're pretty human. Tenaya 7: Don't ever call me that again! The attack bot in the distance, Lighting Bot, wound himself up and fired at Dillon. Dillon fell to the ground, but quickly got back up. Dillon: RPM! Get in gear! Tenaya 7 battled Black Ranger. The Grinders battled Summer and Flynn. Flynn: You ready? Summer: Ready. Flynn & Summer: RPM! Get in gear! Grinders were battle Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger. More Grinders were battling Scott by his car. One Grinder tried to hit Scott, but miss him and scratch Scott's car instead. Scott became furious and battle several of them. Scott then pulled a container out and spray two of the Grinders. They became frozen. Ziggy came up from behind them. Ziggy: I see you boys have really chilled out. Now try not to go to pieces. The Grinders fell into pieces. Ziggy had hurt his foot in the process. Scott: You okay? Ziggy: Yeah. Scott: Ready? Ziggy: Ready. Scott & Ziggy: RPM! Get in gear! The Grinders battled Red Ranger and Green Ranger. Red Ranger: Nitro Blaster! The Grinders were eventually destroyed. The following day, several more went into the city with Lighting Bot. The Grinders battled Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger. They were having an easy time of it. Soon Scott and Dillon arrived on Ziggy's scooter. Scott and Dillon battled the Grinders with a long chain that was handcuffed to both of them. Scott and Dillon then morphed, breaking the chain. The Grinders were destroyed by the Power Rangers. Lighting Bot was destroyed as well by the Zenith Megazord.

Venjix, in a new attack bot form, had lured the Rangers out into the wastelands. The Rangers were heading to Omega City to find out more about Dillon's past. Venjix had went out to battle them before they entered the city. Venjix had an easy time battling the Rangers. Soon Grinders had arrived and they battled the Rangers as well. The Grinders were having a difficult time against the Rangers. Venjix tossed out some pellets and it the Grinders. This made them more powerful. The Grinders now had an easy time against the Rangers. Eventually the Rangers would use their weapons against the Rangers and destroy them. Venjix battled the Rangers as well, but when two new zords appear, Venjix gave the appearance he was destroyed. Instead he return to his base, pleased that his plan was working so well.

Several Grinders went into Omega City with Dyno Bot. Dillon, Flynn, Scott, Ziggy, and Summer were there. Ziggy and Flynn had just informed Dillon that the memories he had of Omega City were false - a trap set by Venjix. Dyno Bot blasted the five teens off their feet. Flynn, Scott, Ziggy, Summer, and Dillon got back up. The Grinders raced forward and battled the teens. Eventually they were destroyed and the teens go after Dyno Bot. Dyno Bot knocks them to the ground easily. Suddenly Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger stand in front of the fallen Rangers and face Dyno Bot. More Grinders arrive. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger battle and destroy the Grinders. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger will then defeat Dyno Bot. Later, more Grinders left with Venjix and General Shifter. Venjix and General Shifter meet with Dyno Bot in the wasteland canyon. The teens had been heading back to Corinth City. Earlier Dyno Bot had planted a charge on their van. The charge went off and the teens morphed before jumping out of the van. The van would go over a cliff and explode. Venjix uses a code that allows him to toss out red, glowing ropes that wrap themselves around the Rangers. Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger arrive once more. Venjix summons numerous Grinders. The Grinders battle Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger. Eventually they are destroyed. Venjix and General Shifter will end up retreating from battle. Dyno Bot was destroyed by Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger.

Tenaya 7 and Generals Shifter and Crunch had managed to get into Corinth and were inside a building, wrecking the equipment for air recirculation. Five of the Rangers had arrived before they left. Tenaya 7: Grinders! Several Grinder arrived. The Rangers raced forward. The Grinders battled three of the Rangers. Several of them battled Green Ranger. Soon they were pulling at him. Green Ranger: Yeah, stretch that heavy. Yeah. Green Ranger managed to break free. The Grinders continue to battle Green Ranger. Green Ranger: Okay, now you see me! Green Ranger teleported only a few feet away. Green Ranger: Now you don't! A Grinder kicked Green Ranger to the floor and then they moved forward. Green Ranger: Wait! Wait! Blue Ranger use his time freeze on the Grinders. Blue Ranger: Move aside! Blue Ranger destroy several Grinders. Blue Ranger helped Green Ranger to his feet. Blue Ranger: Up and at it. Green Ranger: Thanks. Yellow Ranger was battling Generals Crunch and Shifter. Yellow Ranger: Energy blast! Yellow Ranger knocked the generals to the floor. More Grinders were Red Ranger. Red Ranger: Come on! Red Ranger came running towards them. Red Ranger: Burst attack! Tenaya 7 was battling Black Ranger. Tenaya 7 knocked Black Ranger aside and then began blasting him. Black Ranger: Shield! Black Ranger used his invincibility shield. Tenaya 7 and Black Ranger battle more and then Tenaya 7 knocked Black Ranger to the floor. Tenaya 7 walked over to the control panel and move a few levers. Tenaya 7: So long. The fan at the end of the hall came out and began pulling several Grinders into it. The Rangers managed to hold on. Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger would arrive, bashing the controls and stopping the fan. Tenaya 7 and Generals Shifter and Crunch retreated. Later, more Grinders were at an outpost outside of Corinth. Venjix's plan to have the humans panic and overpowered the shields had worked. Venjix now planned to have Vacuum Bot drain the city of oxygen. Several Grinders were working and Generals Shifter and Crunch yelled at them, calling them lazy machines. Inside the cave were more Grinders, also working. Tenaya 7 was there. Vacuum Bot soon began draining the oxygen. Outside the cave, Gold Ranger suddenly came leaping in. The Grinders and the Generals battled Gold Ranger. Inside the Grinders were battling the sudden appearance of Silver Ranger and Red Ranger. During the battle, the controls were hit and a huge explosion took place in the cave. Vacuum Bot came flying out. Tenaya 7 managed to get out as well. Red Ranger and Silver Ranger came out and battled Vacuum Bot. The Grinders were destroyed. Eventually, the Rangers would destroy Vacuum Bot and the oxygen levels return to the city.

Dillon's car drove through the waste land. A couple of Grinders on bikes found them and went after them. More Grinders were on foot. Dillon and Ziggy jumped out of the car. The Grinders battled Ziggy and Dillon. They soon had Dillon in a hold. A Grinder blasted Ziggy off his feet. Another Grinder came riding on a bike towards Ziggy. Suddenly a figure came running towards the bike. The figure knocked the Grinder off the bike. Summer defeated the Grinder and hop onto the bike. Summer fired at the Grinders holding Dillon, destroying them. Elsewhere several Grinders were posted outside a factory. Venjix used the factory to force human prisoners to make Grinders. There were additional Grinders inside. Several Grinders were posted outside the door of the control room. The Grinders heard a noise and slowly moved forward. A part went flying through the air and hit a Grinder in the head. The Grinders move towards the source of the noise. They were unaware that Dillon and Summer were sneaking into the control room. There were no more strange noises after that and the Grinders went back to their post. Suddenly there was a lot of noise and the intruder alarm went off. Some of the Grinders blasted open the door to the control room, where they found Summer and Dillon. The Grinders battled Dillon and Summer and were defeated by them. When Summer and Dillon ran out of the room, there were more Grinders waiting for them. The Grinders battled the two and were defeated. More Grinders had gathered and soon had Summer and Dillon surrounded. A voice called out that the intruders were getting away. There were shadows of humans on the wall, getting away. The Grinders took off after the intruders, but never found them as they were shadow puppets created by Ziggy.

Venjix had created another attack bot - Saw Bot Generation 16. Saw Bot was out in the waste land battling Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger. Several Grinders arrive as well. The Grinders battled Gem & Gemma. Other Grinders were being fired at by Colonel Truman, Corporal Hicks, and their troops. Saw Bot had an easy time with the Rangers, until Gem & Gemma placed an explosive on it. Several Grinders surround Saw Bot protectively. Saw Bot exploded, along with the Grinders surrounding him. The rest of the Grinders were destroyed by the rest of the Rangers. More Grinders were guarding the outside of the factory. Soon they were battling five of the Rangers, Gem & Gemma. They were all defeated. More Grinders were inside the factory and battle Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Yellow Ranger. Saw Bot was inside the factory as well, and battled the same three Rangers. Eventually the Grinders inside the factory were destroyed as well. The human prisoners were rescue and the factory was blown up.

Several Grinders were standing inside the palace when they were accidentally destroyed by Tenaya 7 and her electromagnetic lighting blaster. Later, several Grinders left with Tenaya 7, General Shifter, and Generation 3 Textile Bot to an island out in the wasteland. Three of the Grinders helped to set up target practice for Tenaya 7 by placing a paint can on a rock. They were rewarded by being destroyed by Tenaya 7, while the paint can stayed intact. More Grinders surrounded Tenaya 7, General Shifter, and Textile Bot when Gem & Gemma arrived. The Grinders, Textile Bot, and General Shifter battled Gem & Gemma. Eventually Gem & Gemma morphed into Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger. Unfortunately the Grinders and Textile Bot would be destroyed by the Rangers.

Numerous Grinders had entered the city. Colonel Truman and his men arrived and began firing at the Grinders. Security Guard: Take cover! Colonel Truman: Delta squad, move east one block! The Rangers arrived and immediately began battling the Grinders. Colonel Truman: Fall back! Fall back! Red Ranger: Dad! A Grinder had entered an alleyway and walked towards a young girl. Colonel Truman and some of his men were there. Colonel Truman: Not this time! Colonel Truman grabbed the Grinders and flung him aside. An attack bot started walking towards them. Colonel Truman: Fall back! Fall back! More Grinders had entered the alleyway the opposite direction. Colonel Truman, his men, and the young girl were boxed in. Colonel Truman: Track my signal. Employ back-up pronto! Gold Ranger arrived and began battling the attack bot. Red Ranger arrived seconds later and began battling the Grinders. Red Ranger: Dad! Colonel Truman: Let's go! Move! Move! Gold Ranger: Boom time! Gold Ranger destroyed the attack bot. Gold Ranger: Yeah! Red Ranger destroyed the Grinders. Eventually the rest of the Grinders were destroyed as well. Out in the waste land, a Grinder on a bike was pursuing some refugees. Commander Murdoch: Run! More Grinders arrived and soon the refugees were rounded up. Tenaya 7 walked towards the frighten group. Tenaya 7: Naughty, naughty. No one escapes the easily. Venjix is going to blow a circuit when he sees the workers I have brought to the palace. Grab them! More Grinders arrived with two young men. Tenaya 7: Well, well, come join the fun. One of the men had a Medal of Valor hanging from his neck. Tenaya 7 walked up to them and noticed the medal. Tenaya 7: For bravery, hun? Tenaya 7 took the medal and placed it around her own neck. Tenaya 7: You aren't so brave now, are you? The Grinders and Tenaya 7 lead the refugees towards the transport vehicle. Suddenly Commander Murdoch broke free from the group. Commander Murdoch managed to grab a weapon and fire at the Grinders, destroying three of them. The rest of the Grinders captured Commander Murdoch. Tenaya 7 was not happy. Tenaya 7: Three perfectly good Grinders trashed! Tenaya 7 was about to fire at Commander Murdoch when the two young men broke free. The two young men morphed. The Grinders battled Gold Ranger and Red Ranger. Tenaya 7 also battled them. Eventually the Grinders were destroyed and Tenaya 7 was defeated. The refugees loaded up into the transport vehicle, Commander Murdoch rode with Scott in his car. They all took off for Corinth. Two Grinders on bike pursue them. The vehicles reached outside the gates of the city. Colonel Truman and his men were there, along with Dillon, Flynn, Ziggy, Gemma, and Summer. The security guards fired and destroyed the Grinders.

Tenaya 7 leads several Grinders into the city. Tenaya 7 is still fuming over Kilobyte calling her sweetheart. Tenaya 7 blasts a few citizens, who run and take cover. Tenaya 7 turns around and faces the Grinders and asks them if she looks like a sweetheart. The Grinders say nothing. Tenaya 7 tells them wrong answer, and then blasts one off it's feet. The Rangers arrive. The Grinders battle the Rangers. After awhile, the Rangers break off. Five of the Rangers take off. The Grinders continue their battle with Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger. Tenaya 7 joins in the battle as well. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger eventually defeat Tenaya 7 and destroy the Rangers. Later, Tenaya 7 enters the city once more, with more Grinders and Chemical Bot. Soon Gemma and Summer arrive. The Grinders and Tenaya 7 battle Summer and Gemma. Eventually Gemma and Summer morph. The Grinders battle Silver Ranger and Yellow Ranger. Tenaya 7 send sin her attack bot as well. Suddenly a thunderstorm arrives. The lighting blasts several of the Grinders. Tenaya 7 uses the lighting strikes to power herself up. Chemical Bot leaves. A tornado forms and more Grinders are pulled into it. Tenaya 7 fires at Colonel Truman's office, hitting the computer, and knocking the weather program offline. The storm ends. The Grinders and Tenaya 7 battle the two Rangers. The remaining Grinders are destroyed during the battle. Eventually Tenaya 7 would be defeated and Chemical Bot would be destroyed by the Rangers.

Ziggy wanted you to see how they do what they do and was taking you on a behind the scenes look at Power Rangers. Several Grinders were sitting together under the shade of a tent. Others were getting a drink. Several more were goofing around. One Grinder was sitting in Tenaya 7's chair. Tenaya 7 walked up. Tenaya 7: Excuse me! The Grinder quickly got out of the chair and Tenaya 7 sat down. A Grinder began to fan Tenaya 7 and another offered her a drink. The Grinders hovered closed by. Tenaya 7: Well, come on, don't you guys have something better to do?

Several Grinders were sent with Series 2 Roto Bot in the woods, to search for a new zord, paleozord, that had appeared during an earlier battle. Flynn, Scott, Ziggy, Gem, Gemma, Summer, and Dillon were in the woods as well, searching for the same zord. Ziggy spoke too loudly and the Grinders and Roto Bot heard him. The Grinders and the Roto Bot faced down Scott, Ziggy, Gem, Gemma, Summer, Dillon, and Flynn. They raced towards each other. The Grinders battled Ziggy, Gem, Gemma, Summer, Dillon, Flynn, and Scott. Eventually the teens morphed. The Grinders and attack bot continued their battle with the Rangers. During the battle, the paleozord appeared once more, knocking the attack bot down. Red Ranger leaped onto the zord as it sped away. The Grinders continued their battle with Gold Ranger, Silver Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger. Eventually the Grinders were destroyed. Later, Red Ranger with the PaleoMax Megazord, destroy Roto Bot.

Several Grinders entered with city with Heat Bot. The Rangers battled the Grinders. Yellow Ranger: You guys go after that attack bot. We'll hold off these Grinders. Blue Ranger: Okay. The Grinders continued their battle with Gold Ranger, Silver Ranger, and Yellow Ranger. After awhile, Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger left to help the rest of the Rangers battle Heat Bot. The remaining Grinders were destroyed by Yellow Ranger. Tenaya 7 had battled Black Ranger. After the battle, she returned to the palace. Tenaya 7 was damaged. A Grinder worked on repairing her. Tenaya 7 barked at him to be careful. General Crunch was with them. General Crunch offered to help with the repairs, but Tenaya 7 slapped him away. The screen was displayed, and General Crunch got a glimpse of something happened. General Crunch told Tenaya 7 to rest, he would check the screen. General Crunch walked over and told Tenaya 7 that the hybrid had left the city. General Crunch suggests they send in the Grinders, but Tenaya 7 tells him no. Tenaya 7 wants to take care of the hybrid personally. Later, Heat Bot is sent back into the city and begins his attack. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger use their weapons and freeze Heat Bot. At the palace, a Grinder is polishing Kilobyte's feet as Kilobyte and Venjix watch the screen. Kilobyte comments on Tenaya 7's old fashion ways. Venjix is not pleased. Kilobyte tells him not to worry, he will clean up the mess like always. Kilobyte shakes off the Grinders. The Rangers have gathered together, when they are suddenly knocked off their feet by Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 walks towards them and tells the Rangers she wants the hybrid. Tenaya 7 summons several Grinders. The Grinders battle all the Rangers, except Black Ranger. Tenaya 7 and Black Ranger battle. Eventually the Grinders are destroyed. Heat Bot is also destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Two Grinders on motorcycles were patrolling the perimeter outside of Venjix's palace. They did not see Dillon and Tenaya 7 hiding in the sand. Moments later, inside Venjix's palace, several Grinders grabbed Dillon in one of the halls. Dillon was placed in handcuffs. They stopped in the doorway of Venjix's chamber, and Venjix was pleased to see Dillon had been captured. The Grinders walked away with Dillon. Kilobyte would take Dillon to his cell. Elsewhere, two Grinders were guarding the main computer console. Tenaya 7 walked towards the Grinders and asked them if they had gotten the menu, she was now in charge. Tenaya 7 dismissed them, and the two Grinders left. Later, two Grinders walked back into the main computer room, where Kilobyte was talking to Tenaya 7. The Grinders reported to Kilobyte that Dillon had escaped. After giving the information, the two Grinders left. Dillon found Tenaya 7 and they escaped the palace together in the Fury. As they neared the barricade, several Grinders began firing at them, trying to stop them from getting back into Corinth. Tenaya 7 fired at the barricade. A piece of the barricade was knocked down and Dillon and Tenaya 7 make it into the city.

Several Grinders were inside Venjix's chamber. One stood close by Kilobyte as he worked on a new weapon for Venjix. Kilobyte: Ahh, yes. Almost there. Kilobyte got a crick in his neck. The Grinder stepped forward and handed him a tube of oil. Kilobyte used it on his neck and then passed it back to the Grinder. Kilobyte: Master Venjix, our new weapon is nearly complete. It will be Generation 15. General Crunch was there as well and he was peering into the pit. General Crunch: Wow! That's really going to be something! Kilobyte: I think I'll go introduce my sidekick to our friendly traitor, General Shifter. Venjix: Not yet Kilobyte. When our new weapon is finished, Shifter will pay the price for his betrayal. Kilobyte: As you wish. After awhile, a Grinder comes in with a cart that is filled with pieces of General Shifter. The Grinders take the pieces to the pit and tossed them in. The pieces will be used for Venjix's new body. Later, several Grinders appeared in the city with an attack bot. Flynn, Scott, Ziggy, Gem, Gemma, and Summer are there. The Grinders battled them. Eventually the Grinders are destroyed. The attack bot will be destroyed as well.

Several Grinders were in the city, placing detonators in various parts of the city. Another set of Grinders was holding onto Ziggy as Tenaya 15 led them to see Fresno Bob. They reached the racetrack and soon a limo pulled up. Fresno Bob and his men got out of the limo. Tenaya 15 tells Fresno bob she will give him the runt once he turns over a briefcase. Ziggy doesn't appreciate the runt comment. Fresno Bob tells Ziggy to forget about it as it will all be over soon. One of Fresno Bob's men gives the briefcase to a Grinder. The Grinder gives the briefcase to Tenaya 15. Tenaya 15 opens the briefcase and is very pleased. But Tenaya 15 does not do the exchange - as Ziggy is too valuable to give to Fresno Bob. Ziggy grabs his morpher from Tenaya 15. Ziggy yells at Fresno Bob and his men to leave. Ziggy morphs. Green Ranger battles Tenaya 15. The Grinders soon have Fresno Bob and his men surrounded. Green Ranger breaks away from his battle with Tenaya 15. The Grinders battle Green Ranger. Green Ranger manages to get Fresno Bob and his men into the limo. The limo takes off. Green Ranger joins back in the battle. All the Grinders but one are destroyed. Tenaya 15 knocks Green Ranger to the ground. Silver Ranger arrives. Tenaya 15 battles Green Ranger and Silver Ranger. Both Rangers are knocked to the ground. The Grinder with the briefcase walks up to Tenaya 15. They both leave. The remaining Grinders in the city are finish with placing the detonators. Kilobyte is in the city as well and he is giant size, battling three of the Megazords. Kilobyte gives the Grinders the order to pull the switch. Before the Grinders can do so, they are destroyed by the Mach Megazord. The Rangers also defeat Kilobyte.

Kilobyte was in the city of Corinth. So was Dr. K and Green Ranger. Several Grinders arrive and stood by Kilobyte. Kilobyte: Attack! The Grinders raced forward. Green Ranger: Watch and learn. The Grinders battled Green Ranger. Some of the Grinders went after Dr. K and she fought them off. Dr. K was clutching a sign post when Kilobyte spotted her alone and started to make his way towards her, pushing his way through the Grinders. Kilobyte: Move it! Green Ranger saw Kilobyte heading towards Dr. K. Green Ranger: Doc! Kilobyte: Dr. K. Kilobyte raised his sword. Green Ranger raced over and knocked Dr. K to the ground. Kilobyte's sword sliced the sign post. Green Ranger and Dr. K both grab the pole. Green Ranger: I need this. Dr. K: You have weapons! Use one! The Grinders battled as Green Ranger and Dr. K battled with the pole. Eventually Green Ranger summons his power ax. Green Ranger: Turbo Ax! The Grinders battled Green Ranger as he used his Power Ax against them. Green Ranger turned around and accidentally sliced the pole in half. Dr. K: Thanks. Kilobyte: Well, Venjix will be pleased to see you again, Dr. K. Dr. K: Quick, Ranger Green, teleport us! Green Ranger: Good idea. Before Kilobyte could reach them, Green Ranger had teleported them both out.

A busted up Grinder laid in the waste land. Gem & Gemma worked on it. The Grinder was fixed and stood up. The Grinder faced Gem & Gemma. Gem: Come on. Gem began moving his arms up and down, like the motion the Grinders do. Gem: Go home, go home, go home. The Grinder watched him for a few moments. The Grinder began moving his arms up and down and started walking away. At first he only went around in circle and it seemed like he was lost. But eventually he found Venjix's palace. Meanwhile there were several Grinders inside Venjix's palace. One was helping Kilobyte with his device. Kilobyte: Hmmm. I'm waiting. The Grinder passed over a tool to Kilobyte and Kilobyte took it and continued working. Kilobyte: Right. After a few moments, several Grinders left with Venjix, General Crunch, Generation 12 Energy Bot and Tenaya 15. They headed to Corinth and faced down the Rangers. Tenaya 15: Here they come. Red Ranger: Stop right there. General Crunch: Don't worry Master. He always says that. Venjix: Rangers, you have foiled me for far too long. Red Ranger: Venjix?! Green Ranger: No way. Black Ranger: You might have a new body, but you're still going down. Venjix: Foolish Rangers. The two groups raced forward. The Grinders battled Green Ranger and Black Ranger. The two Rangers eventually destroyed the Grinders. Later Generation 12 Energy Bot would be destroyed by the Rangers as well. In the city, Tenaya 15 set off the device Kilobyte had been working on. The device sent off a magnetic wave, which turned off power in the city, stopped all vehicles, and turned on all the hybrids infected with the Venjix virus. Several Grinders made their way into Colonel Truman's office. The Grinders stopped the city guards. Vasquez held a weapon against Colonel Truman. Venjix entered and told Colonel Truman he works for him now.