Venjix had started conquering Earth three years. Within no time he had control of the world's communication, power, and defense systems. Venjix had built armies of advance robotic soldiers. The robotic soldiers were Grinders. The Grinders laid waste to everything that stood in their path. There was no stopping them. Venjix would declare victory. Venjix: I am Venjix. Your world is now my world and your time is now over. Only the dome city of Corinth was not under Venjix's control and that is where the remaining humans had fled to. Venjix placed a barricade around the city. Grinders patrol the barricade. Other Grinders wander the desert terrain in search of any humans. A year later, Venjix was still in control. Venjix also had two Generals, General Shifter and General Crunch. General Shifter: Ah, your most exalted Venjix. We have a human target approaching the city's barricades. General Crunch: We're going to blow them up into teeny, tiny bits, right? Please! Venjix: Of course. I always enjoy a little target practice. Venjix had the Generals prepared his weapons. Venjix: Prepare to fire on the target. General Shifter, General Crunch, and Venjix counted down to the destruction. Instead a thermo charger hit their weapon and destroyed it. Venjix was furious. With the car passing through the barricade, the shield and gates of Corinth had gone up. Venjix took advantage of the time gap between the gates being open and closing once more. Venjix reveal the Generation 5 Attack Bot to the General Shifter and General Crunch. Venjix then sent the robot out. Several more Grinders and Generation 5 Attack Bot managed to get into the city before the gates closed.

The Rangers battled and defeated the robot. General Shifter: Venjix sir, our attack bot is offline. General Crunch: Right, that's the bad news, but there is good news. Venjix: There had better be. General Shifter: Corinth's shields are not back to full power. The city is vulnerable. Venjix: Then send in the drones. General Crunch: How many drones, your most worshipful highness, sir? Venjix: All of them. The drones were sent out. The drones did a lot of damage to the city, but with the help of the two guys in the car, the Rangers had them retreating. General Crunch: Yes, did you hear that? The enemy is retreating on all fronts. Woo Hoo! Wait! That's us, isn't it? The shields and gates were now sealing the city once more. Venjix: Fortunately, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. Prepare the download. Generation 5 Attack Bot was reactivated and now giant size. The Rangers formed their High Octane Megazord and battled the robot. The robot was destroyed. General Shifter: I suggest the next attack bot to be something very elementary. But General Crunch had an idea for an attack bot as well. Venjix dismiss both their ideas. Venjix revealed his pet project that he had been working on. Something vile and looked human. The something was Tenaya 7.

Venjix was ready to reveal his latest robot. His generals were there. General Crunch: This is my favorite part. Venjix: The Venjix Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot. The robot was revealed. General Shifter: A masterpiece. General Crunch: Sweet! Venjix: The hydraulic circulatory system will allow it to enter Corinth through the city's water supply. Once inside the city, there's nothing that can stop it. Not even the Power Rangers. Generation 9 Amphibious Attack Bot eagerly left for the water supply. Unfortunately the Rangers, with their High Octane Megazord, would destroy the robot and all the Grinders would be destroyed as well.

General Shifter was revealing his latest robot. It was Gopher Robot. General Crunch was impressed. The Generals were concern about trouble from the Power Rangers, once Gopher Robot was within the city walls. Gopher Robot was capable of digging his way beneath the city. Venjix told them not to worry. Venjix had initiated a plan that would bring the downfall of the Rangers from within. Unfortunately, General Shifter's robot would be destroyed by the Power Rangers. Venjix's plan, which was to have Tenaya 7 become the Green Ranger, was also defeated.

General Shifter stood alongside General Crunch and Tenaya 7. They were all standing in front of Venjix. Venjix: Prepare yourselves for a new era of Venjix technology. The latest robot was revealed. Venjix: The Nozzbot Attack System Generation 9. General Shifter: Most excellent Master Venjix. General Crunch: Nice work, your Venjixness. Tenaya 7: It looks like a giant bottle of window cleaner. Sorry, are we trying to destroy Corinth or give the city a streak free shine? Venjix: You are looking at the newest evolution of Venjix tech. And like all technology, the new is designed to replace the old. Which means the time has come for one of you to be destroyed. Generals Shifter and Crunch stepped back. Venjix: Tenaya 7, I'm afraid your failure to procure the Ranger Green series morpher has made you obsolete. The Grinders moved in an attack position. Venjix: Tenaya 7, you were built to think like a human, to feel like a human, but so far you've provided me with nothing. Tenaya 7: Maybe not, but it's provided me with something. Several Grinders moved forward and started fighting Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 destroyed them all. Tenaya 7 faced Venjix once more. Tenaya 7: A self preservation instinct. Venjix: Impressive. Perhaps you are worth keeping operational after all. General Shifter was outrage and stepped forward. General Shifter: I must protest Master Venjix, sir. As I recall, you said that one of us needed to be destroyed. Venjix blasted General Shifter and he was in pieces. Later, Nozzbot would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Generals Shifter and Crunch were rebuilt and back. Venjix had sent Tenaya 7 to get the Landsdown Black Diamond to give his Camera Bot more power. Tenaya 7 had the necklace, but during her battle with Yellow Ranger, lost it. Tenaya 7 return without the necklace and one hand. Generals Shifter and Crunch stood with Tenaya 7 as she gave Venjix the bad news. Tenaya 7: The Landsdown diamond should have been there. General Crunch: What are you going to do to her? Blow her up? General Crunch laughed. Venjix: No. I have something else in mind. An upgrade. Fortunately for you, Tenaya 7, I still need your human form to secure the Landsdown diamond and power up my Camera attack bot. The screen showed a newspaper announcing the upcoming wedding of Summer. Tenaya 7: Well, well, well, if it isn't Ranger Yellow. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Venjix: The Landsdowns will present the rare black diamond as a gift to their daughter at her wedding. Tenaya 7: So I get to get my hands on a big sparkly diamond, destroy the city of Corinth, and ruin Ranger Yellow's wedding, all at once? Oh, I am so totally there! Although Tenaya 7 did get the necklace and fed it to Camera Bot, the Rangers would destroy Camera Bot.

An attack bot had been sent into Corinth City. There were two fault lines under the city. The attack bot was to drill a hole in one, gathered up the lava, and then proceed to the second fault line. Once the attack bot drilled the second fault line, an volcanic eruption would take place and Corinth City would be destroyed. The attack bot arrived first and began the drilling. Tenaya 7 then entered the city with Generals Shifter and Crunch. Tenaya 7: Let's make it snappy, can we? For once, it would be nice to get this done before you know who gets here. Dillon: Sorry Tenaya. Scott: You're too late. Tenaya 7 was very annoyed to see the teens had arrived. Several Grinders arrived and Tenaya 7 sent them in. The teens battled the Grinders. Ziggy ended up hiding behind some barrels. Ziggy: Wait...wait...hold on. The Grinders took the barrel and tossed it aside. A Grinder grabbed Ziggy and swung him around. As the Grinder did this, Ziggy kicked out at the remaining Grinders, knocking them down. Generals Shifter and Crunch fired at Flynn. Flynn went flying through the air and landed hard on the pavement. Scott, Summer, Ziggy, and Dillon came racing over. Scott: Flynn! Are you okay? Flynn got up. Scott: Ready? Summer, Ziggy, Flynn, Dillon: Ready! Teens: RPM! Get in gear! Green Ranger noted the explosion that occurred behind them when they morphed. Green Ranger: There! See that explosion. I'm telling you, that was just a little one. The Rangers went back into battle. The Generals Shifter and Crunch and the Grinders continued to battle the Rangers. The attack bot went in search of the fault line. Tenaya 7: Actually Rangers, and this feels so good to say....(the ground shook) you're the ones who are too late. The attack bot was now giant size. The battle continued and Tenaya 7 joined in as well. During the battle, Blue Ranger's suit had a malfunction and he could not move. The remaining four Rangers surrounded him to protect him as they battled the Grinders when they moved in close. Tenaya 7 used this to her advantage and made a dramatic exit, along with the Generals Shifter and Crunch. Later, the attack bot would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Venjix had assembled his Generals Shifter, Crunch and Tenaya 7 to his chamber. Venjix: Prepare yourselves to meet the final nightmare of the living. My most horrifying creation yet. The Reflex bot, generation 12. The Reflex bot had a chamber, and when he opened it, there was a mirror. The Generals Shifter and Crunch were reflected in the mirror. General Crunch: Ewww! Gross! General Shifter: Sweet heavens! It's even more gruesome than I imagine. Look at those two heads, they're disgusting. General Shifter pointed at General Crunch's reflection. General Shifter: Ohhh! That one is the most hideous. General Crunch then pointed at General Shifter's reflection. General Crunch: No, that one is so much worse. Tenaya 7: Do you want to tell them, or should I do the honors? Venjix: What I want is for you to make sure that the Power Rangers do not interfere with my Reflex bot attack plan. Which is why I have built a second one, just for you. I'm counting on you Tenaya 7. You are my wisest and most trusted adviser. The first Reflex bot had walked away and now a second one is revealed. General Crunch: Ohhh, look, this one is even more ugly than the first! Tenaya 7: Well, yeah, but that's not exactly saying much is it? General Shifter: Master, you cannot unleash something this putrid into the world. General Crunch: Can...can machines throw up? I think I'm going to throw up! Tenaya 7 could only place her head in her hands and shake her head. Venjix's plan eventually failed. Both Reflex bots would be destroyed.

Venjix had come up with another plan to destroy Corinth and the Rangers. Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 entered his chamber. Venjix: Shifter, Crunch, Tenaya 7, watch and learn. The three watched the screen. The Rangers were battling several Grinders and an attack bot. Eventually the Grinders would be destroyed and the attack bot defeated. General Crunch giggled uncontrollably. Tenaya 7: Let me guess, bigger is better. Venjix: Initiate the download. General Crunch: Whoa, I love this part - every time. I just never get tired of it. The three continued to watch the screen and soon the Rangers destroyed the attack bot with the Zenith Megazord. General Shifter: Not again. General Crunch: Looks like that bot finally met his match. General Crunch realized he had said the wrong thing. Venjix blasts the Generals. Tenaya 7 is ready to leave, but Venjix commands her to stay once more. Venjix tells them of his plan. Sat bot is in the city causing the multiple energy disruptions. So there is no problems with the Rangers, Venjix sends out another attack bot. Venjix has the Generals and Tenaya 7 watch. In the woods, the Rangers battled and with the RPM Enforcer, destroy the attack bot. Tenaya 7 is about asleep and makes another attempt to leave, but Venjix stops her once more and commands that she watches. Venjix then has a breach at the docks. The Rangers will split up to take care of the various problems. The breach in the docks will be taken care of by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger. The Rangers will then reunite and battle Sat Bot. Although Black Ranger was reluctant to battle Sat Bot, since Sat Bot had his memories, eventually Black Ranger would, with the rest of the Rangers, destroy Sat Bot. Venjix was furious that his plan had failed. Tenaya 7 has had enough and tells them she is off to bed. The Generals wish her a good night.

General Shifter and General Crunch were in Venjix's chamber, along with Tenaya 7. Earlier in the day, Tenaya 7 had planted a remote device on the back of Dillon's neck. This device was to accelerate the virus in Dillon. A screen was down, and the General Shifter, Crunch, Tenaya 7, and Venjix could see what was happening. Initially the shields were going down, but after awhile, they were back up. General Shifter: Master Venjix, the city's shields are back at full power. General Crunch: The Rangers have discovered the remote override...uh...thingy on subject D44. Venjix: Well Tenaya 7? Tenaya 7: Not to worry, this is just the beginning. Ranger Black will join us or be destroyed. The following day, General Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 were back in Venjix's chamber. The screen was down once more. It showed the shields were coming down. General Crunch: Subject D44 has begun disrupting the city's shields frequencies again! General Shifter: The robotic virus must be taking hold of him, even sooner than we expected. Tenaya 7 was very pleased. Venjix gave Tenaya 7 her instructions. Once the shields were down by 40%, Lighting Bot was to be sent in. Which is what Tenaya 7 did, along with several Grinders. Lighting Bot and the Grinders would battle the Rangers. The Rangers would destroy the Grinders, and then destroy Lighting Bot with the Zenith Megazord. After the battle, General Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 still kept an eye on the Rangers in Venjix's chamber via the screen. The virus completely took over Dillon and he began fighting his friends General Shifter and the rest were very happy, but it did not last long. Dr. K would type in the base code, which would return Dillon back to normal and return the virus to it's normal rate of growth.

Generals Shifter and Crunch were watching the screen in Venjix's chambers. The Rangers in their High Octane Megazord and ValveMax Megazord were battling a giant attack bot in the city. The Rangers destroyed the attack bot as Tenaya 7 walked in. General Crunch: Now that's what I call crumpled. General Shifter was at a console, looking at the left over parts of the attack bot on a screen. General Shifter: There is nothing we can salvage. General Crunch laughed. General Crunch: Non recyclable, non renewable. General Shifter: Oh, silence! Venjix: My days of defeat are over. I am going to destroy the Power Rangers, once and for all! An attack bot was being lifted out. General Shifter: Behold my newest creation. General Crunch laughed and began walking over to the attack bot. General Crunch: Let's check it out. Tenaya 7: What's so special about this robot? Venjix: Well, you'll see. The download process began. General Crunch: We have a little surprise. General Crunch hooked up the hose to the attack bot. Venjix appeared to have shut down and then the attack bot opened his eyes. Venjix: I've downloaded myself into this body, so I can destroy the Power Rangers with my own two hands. Venjix had walked towards Tenaya 7 as he spoke. Tenaya 7: Very nice. Generation 12? General Shifter: 13! Tenaya 7: When are we going to the city to meet the Power Rangers? Venjix: We aren't. Plans are already in place, for them to come to me! After awhile, Venjix left in his new form. Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 watch his encounter with the Power Rangers on the screen. Venjix had been doing well against the Rangers, and then two new zords appeared. The two zords battled and "destroy" Venjix. Generals Shifter and Crunch became very upset. Tenaya 7 walked up and pointed out that someone needed to take over Venjix's place and continue the assault on the humans. General Shifter was ready, and General Crunch argue that he should be the one. Tenaya 7 told them they should decide by a more fair means. Tenaya 7 has them agree that no one fights until her visor hits the floor. Tenaya 7 tosses her visor and catches Generals Shifter and Crunch by surprise by battling them before the visor hits the floor. Tenaya 7 defeats Generals Shifter and Crunch. But Venjix is not destroyed. Venjix returns to his tube, and congratulates Tenaya 7 on her defeat of the Generals, but Venjix plans to stay around. Another attack bot (looking like the previous one) is pulled out. General Crunch is happy to see Venjix and plugs the attack bot in. Venjix downloads himself into the attack bot. Venjix is ready to defeat the Rangers. Tenaya 7 points out that he has never defeated the Rangers before. Venjix laughs - he has set a trap for the Rangers.

Generals Shifter, Crunch and Tenaya 7 were inside Venjix's chamber along with Venjix. They were watching the screen that showed Dyno Bot. Dyno Bot had recently battled the Rangers in Omega City. Dyno Bot: Venjix, my master, the Rangers have just left Omega City. Venjix: And I take it you did not let them go without giving them a goodbye present. Dyno Bot: Not to worry. Everything is in place as planned. Venjix: Outstanding. Wait until my signal to blow the charge. General Shifter and I will meet you in this wasteland canyon to arrange the proper greeting party. Dyno Bot laughed. General Shifter and Venjix left for the wastelands. The charge had gone off on the van. The teens had morphed before jumping out. General Shifter stood with Venjix and Dyno Bot as the Rangers faced them. Venjix told them they should have stayed in their dome. The Rangers formed the RPM Enforcer, but before they could fire it, Venjix struck them. The Rangers fell to the ground. The Rangers got back up. Venjix used his sequencing code to throw out red, glowing ropes that wrapped themselves around the Rangers. Suddenly Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger leaped down from their zords and landed in front of the fallen Rangers. Venjix summon several Grinders. The Grinders raced forward. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger battled and destroyed the Grinders with ease. Venjix was ready to strike. Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger struck back. Venjix could not defeat the two Rangers. General Shifter had walked up to Dyno Bot and told him to take on the two Rangers to help out Venjix. As Dyno Bot battled the two Rangers, General Shifter suggested to Venjix that they leave Dyno Bot to take care of the Rangers, while they retreated. Venjix agreed. General Shifter and Venjix laughed as they retreated. Dyno Bot would be destroyed by Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger.

Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 managed to get one of the gates opened to Corinth City. They walked through and into the city. Tenaya 7: So what do humans need to live? General Shifter: Food? General Crunch: Water maybe? Or! Tenaya 7: You know I don't know why I bother trying to include you two at all! I was referring to...air. General Crunch: Air? General Shifter: Oxygen, of course! Tenaya 7 had started to walk away. General Crunch: Wait, that was my next guess! The three made it inside an air circulation building and began wrecking the equipment there. Tenaya 7: That should be more than enough damage to do the trick. General Crunch took a hose and started spraying the air at General Shifter. General Crunch: In your face Shifter! General Crunch laughed. General Shifter: Stop that! Tenaya 7: I said enough! General Shifter and Crunch stopped. Tenaya 7: We need to pull out before...Red Ranger: Before the Rangers get here. Tenaya 7's visor went down. Tenaya 7: Sure, something like that. Tenaya 7 turned around faced the Rangers. Tenaya 7: Grinders! The Rangers raced forward and the battle began. Green Ranger was battling several Grinders. The Grinders began pulling on Green Ranger. Green Ranger: Yeah, stretch that heavy. Yeah. Green Ranger managed to get out of their grip. Green Ranger: Okay, now you see me! Green Ranger then teleported to another part of the room. Green Ranger: Now you don't! But there were more Grinders and they soon knocked Green Ranger to the floor. Green Ranger: Wait! Wait! Suddenly Blue Ranger appeared and used his time freeze on the Grinders. Blue Ranger: Move aside. Blue Ranger destroyed the Grinders. Blue Ranger helped Green Ranger back up on his feet. Blue Ranger: Up and at it. Green Ranger: Thanks. General Shifter and General Crunch was battling Yellow Ranger. Yellow Ranger: Energy blast! Yellow Ranger knocks the generals to the floor. Red Ranger is also battling several Rangers and knocking them all over the place. Red Ranger: Come on! Red Ranger races towards more Grinders. Red Ranger: Burst attack! Tenaya 7 is battling Black Ranger. Tenaya 7 knocks Black Ranger to the floor and then starts blasting him. Black Ranger: Shield! Black Ranger uses his invincibility shield to protect himself. Tenaya 7 and Black Ranger battle more and then Tenaya 7 knocks Black Ranger to the floor once more. Tenaya 7 walks over to the controls. Tenaya 7: So long. Tenaya 7 flips a few switches and the huge fan at the end of the hall turns on. Several Grinders end up in the fan. General Shifter's and General Crunch's weight makes them immune to the power of the fan. The Rangers hold onto whatever they can grab onto. Green Ranger loses his grip and begins to get pulled towards the fan. General Shifter and Crunch stand by Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 is thrilled to see one of Rangers heading towards the fan. Only four more to go! Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger arrive. Silver Ranger bashes the controls, which stops the force of the fan. Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 retreat. They manage to get through the gate. Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger were after them, but Red Ranger stop them from leaving Corinth. They return to Venjix's headquarters. Venjix is very pleased. The humans are overreacting as he had planned. Venjix plans to send in Vacuum Bot in to take out all the oxygen out of the dome. An outpost is set up just outside the city. Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 head out with Vacuum Bot to the outpost. Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 supervise the Grinders outside as they move equipment. Tenaya 7 then heads inside the cave with Vacuum Bot. Initially, everything is going well, but after awhile, Gold Ranger arrives. Generals Shifter and Crunch go after Gold Ranger, along with Grinders. During the battle, an explosion takes place inside the cave. Vacuum Bot is thrown from the cave. Tenaya 7 makes it outside the cave as well. Tenaya 7 sees Gold Ranger and goes after him. Soon Red Ranger and Silver Ranger arrive. Gold Ranger asks Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 to hang on, as he runs over to Silver Ranger and Red Ranger. Instead of sticking around, Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 retreat. The three Rangers defeat Vacuum Bot, but Venjix prepares the download and Vacuum Bot is giant size. The rest of the Rangers arrive, with the ValveMax Megazord and the zords. High Octane Megazord is formed. The Rangers battle and destroy Vacuum Bot.

Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger were in the city, searching for an attack bot, they thought was in the shape of a ball of yarn. Generals Shifter and Crunch were there, but they were hidden. Tenaya 7 was there as well. Tenaya 7 watched them for a moment, enjoying their confusion as they could not find a ball of yarn. Tenaya 7 started whistling as she approached the Rangers. The five Rangers began looking around for the source. Black Ranger: Unless it was a trap. Tenaya 7: That's right Ranger Black, but the whole whistling thing kind of gave it away, don't you think? Tenaya 7 finished whistling her tune. Generals Shifter and Crunch appeared on the balcony of a building. General Shifter: Greetings. General Crunch laughed. Red Ranger: Sorry guys, but that ball of yarn has me way more worried than you. General Shifter: Should we tell them about the surprise? General Crunch: Oh no, don't ruin it. Let's let it be a surprise. Tenaya 7: You just did ruin it. As soon as you said the word surprise. Green Ranger stepped forward. Green Ranger: Sorry, but we came here expecting to find a big ball of yarn. What could you possibly offer that would surprise us at this point? Suddenly an attack bot (Saw Bot) came racing towards Green Ranger and attacks him, pinning him against several crates. General Shifter and Crunch: Surprise! Green Ranger: Okay, I'll admit I didn't see that coming, but I wouldn't actually say I was surprised. Tenaya 7: The surprise is not that you are going to be fighting Venjix's latest creation. Tenaya 7 let them know that Saw Bot had been created to learn the Rangers' moves and then use it against them and destroy them. Saw Bot battled four of the Rangers as Tenaya 7 battled Black Ranger. Black Ranger broke off his fight with Tenaya 7 when Dr. K advise him to help Yellow Ranger. Saw Bot easily battled the Rangers and they were soon knocked to the ground. Tenaya 7 was very happy and confident the Rangers were about to be destroyed. Instead, Tenaya 7, Generals Shifter and Crunch, and Saw Bot were knocked off their feet by an explosion. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger had arrived. Tenaya 7 was furious and decided to make a dramatic exit. Tenaya 7 created her own explosion and when the smoke cleared Tenaya 7, General Shifter, General Crunch, and Saw Bot had vanished. The following day, the Rangers would destroy Saw Bot.

General Shifter and General Crunch were inside Venjix's chamber. Venjix was presenting his latest creation to them. Venjix: I present the new and improved Saw Bot Generation 16. General Shifter: Oh, yes, a worthy successor, Master Venjix. Tenaya 7 walked in and she wasn't as impressed. Tenaya 7: But that's a bit on the pathetic side, don't you think? The Rangers have already defeated your Saw creation. Tenaya 7 snapped her fingers and the screen displayed the Rangers destroying the last Saw Bot. Tenaya 7: Sending it after them again is like, I don't know, asking a girl out on a date, after she's just totally rejected you. General Crunch burst into laughter. Venjix: On the contrary Tenaya 7. The defeat of the Saw Bot was hardly pathetic. It was only part of the plan for having it ultimately destroy the Power Rangers. During the initial encounter with the Rangers, the Saw Bot's goal was not to defeat them. It was merely to gather raw data. To study the Rangers' moves, to uncover their weaknesses, and to use that information for the base programming of this incarnation of the Saw Bot. Tenaya 7: Let me guess. It's now invincible. Venjix: Invincible enough to destroy the Rangers and to make certain that my ultimate plan takes flight. The alarms went off and the screen showed a map. Tenaya 7 was excited. Tenaya 7: Sensors are picking signs of a human raiding party nearing...sector 17. General Shifter: Sector 17! That's the location of the primary factory site. Venjix: They're much too late. My doomsday weapon will be online and airborne in a matter of hours. Venjix looked at Generals Shifter and Crunch. Venjix: Prepare the drone squadrons and my personal ship for an aerial attack on the city. General Shifter and General Crunch bowed. General Shifter & General Crunch: Yes, Master. Generals Shifter and Crunch left. Later, Venjix was in battle along with Saw Bot and Doomsday Bot. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger had just defeated Saw Bot. Generals Shifter and Crunch were back when Venjix gave his next orders to Tenaya 7. Venjix: Tenaya 7, initiate the temporal power load and victory...Tenaya 7: shall be ours. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. Tenaya 7 gave the order to Generals Shifter and Crunch and they prepared the download. Unfortunately Venjix's plan did not work. Dr. K had managed to transform the Doomsday Bot into a new zord for the Rangers - the Blue Whale zord. With the new zord, the Rangers were able to form a new Megazord configuration that Saw Bot did not know, the Mach Megazord. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger battled and destroyed Saw Bot.

Generals Shifter and Crunch walked towards Tenaya 7, who was placing on a weapon onto her wrist. General Shifter: Wait, shouldn't you be assembling the next generation attack bot as Venjix instructed? Tenaya 7: First of all, lug nut, I don't take orders from you. Secondly, I've done one better. I've built an electromagnetic lighting blaster. It will end the Rangers in one painful stroke. General Crunch: How does it work? Tell me! Tenaya 7: It's easy. You just check the safety...the weapon goes off and Tenaya 7 accidentally destroys several Grinders. Tenaya 7: Okay, maybe I need a little practice. General Crunch: I love to practice! Can I help? Tenaya 7: Why don't you go build another attack bot, and then, maybe. General Crunch: Goody-goody! General Crunch walked away, still talking. General Crunch: I'll make the perfect bot. It will be colorful and crazy. General Shifter: Perhaps we should test this further. General Shifter, Tenaya 7, and several Grinders head out to an island out in the waste land. Tenaya 7 is ready to do some target practicing with her lighting blaster. General Shifter watches as the Grinders set up a paint can onto a rock. Tenaya 7 fires her weapon, destroying the Grinders. Tenaya 7 is very pleased, not General Shifter, who is concern. Tenaya 7 summons her latest attack bot, Generation 3 Textile Bot, which will take care of the Rangers if they decide to show up. Soon Tenaya 7 is aware that Gem & Gemma have arrived on the island. General Shifter, Tenaya 7, Textile Bot, and several Grinders make their presence known. Gem & Gemma battle the Grinders and Textile Bot. Eventually they morph. Gold Ranger and Silver Ranger have a difficult time against General Shifter, Textile Bot, and the Grinders. Tenaya 7 uses her lighting blaster against them as well. The two Rangers go flying through the air and then hit the ground hard. Silver Ranger and Gold Ranger form their Mach Megazord. The Mach Megazord is soon on the ground and tied up. Unfortunately the rest of the Rangers arrive in their High Octane Megazord and ValveMax Megazord. High Octane Megazord frees Mach Megazord. Tenaya 7 is ready to use her lighting blaster when she and General Shifter are blasted off their feet. The blaster goes flying and is destroyed. Tenaya 7 is upset, but General Shifter laughs at what had happened. Venjix had been the one to attack them in his flying machine, angry at General Shifter and Tenaya 7 for launching an attack without his permission. Venjix then joins Textile Bot in the battle against the Rangers. Soon ValveMax Megazord and High Octane Megazord are in trouble. Mach Megazord helps them out. The Rangers then form the SkyRev Megazord which destroys Textile Bot and defeats Venjix.

Generals Shifter and Crunch were inside Venjix's chamber with Venjix. Venjix: This body has failed me for the last time. General Shifter: The sequence complete. Plug in. Venjix: After I upload, you'll fix this body. Give me enough armor to take out the entire city. General Shifter: Yes your greatness. Venjix re-entered his tube as his new body was being formed. General Crunch threw various items inside the pit for Venjix's new body. General Crunch: Cannon blaster! Rocket lasers! It'll be a masterpiece. General Shifter: This body will be able to handle your power Master Venjix. Venjix: You had better be right this time. Later, the body was completed and lifted out of the pit. General Crunch plugged Venjix into his new body. The downloading process began. After awhile, General Shifter informed Venjix that one of the gates to Corinth was being raised. Venjix wanted the download to stop. The Generals cautions him that the download was only 80% completed. Venjix did not care. The download was stopped and Venjix left. Venjix battled the Rangers in the waste land. Venjix was defeated and left into several pieces. General Shifter came up into the waste land and found Venjix. Venjix was furious that his new body had failed and told General Shifter to take him back to his palace. General Shifter picked Venjix up and left for the palace.

Generals Shifter, Crunch and Tenaya 7 were inside Venjix's chambers with Venjix. The screen had just shown the latest attack bot being destroyed by the Power Rangers. General Shifter: No! Tenaya 7: Of course it was a failure. General Bolts for Brains here design it. Venjix: On the contrary. The bot has planted lead chargers inside Corinth. When activated, they will disrupt the city's shields long enough to grant the next attack bot access into the city. General Shifter: Kudos to me and my unrivaled design expertise. Tenaya 7 wants to design the next attack bot, but General Shifter smugly tells her he has already taken care of the next attack bot. Generals Shifter and Crunch laugh at Tenaya 7 as they walk out. Later that day, General Shifter reveals Hammer bot. Tenaya 7 puts it down, insisting she could do better. Venjix points out that her job is not to design attack bots. Tenaya 7 wants to know what her job is. Venjix becomes angry with her and tells her she will do what she is told. The following day, General Shifter leaves with Hammer Bot. Hammer Bot does well against the five Rangers. Eventually a giant tire arrives, that knocks Hammer Bot down. The giant tire is out of control, but the Rangers will soon have it under control. General Shifter gives the command to prepare the download and Hammer Bot is back and giant size. Blue Ranger and Silver Ranger arrive in their zords. The SkyRev Megazord is formed and the Road Attack Zord is release. The Rangers battle Hammer Bot with success and destroy it. After the battle, General Shifter returns to the palace. Tenaya 7 had gone off on her own, and Venjix is very angry with her insubordination. Tenaya 7 blames it on her human side. Venjix tells her she is not human, she is completely machine and if she doesn't behave, she will be dismantle. General Crunch wants Tenaya 7 to be dismantle and is eager to watch. Tenaya 7 tells General Crunch he better watch it and storms off.

Generals Shifter and Crunch were in Venjix's chamber with Venjix and Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 was revealing her latest attack bot. Tenaya 7: The Generation 3 Chemical Bot. It's arm with toxics that can knock out everyone in Corinth City. Generals Shifter and Crunch started making sounds of fear. Tenaya 7: Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm brilliant. General Crunch: No, not you. It'''s Kilobyte. Kilobyte chuckled and entered and struck a dramatic pose. Kilobyte: Indeed, it is. Venjix: Kilobyte, my most fear general. I thought I lost you. Kilobyte: I thought I lost myself a few times, Commander. 4,319.2 miles of walking. Kilobyte removed his head and poured sand out. Kilobyte: Well no wonder I've had such a headache. Kilobyte pointed to Tenaya 7 and then to the floor. Kilobyte: Sweetheart, would you mind cleaning up this mess? Tenaya 7 was furious and walked up to Kilobyte. Tenaya 7: Sweetheart! I am Tenaya Generation 7 Venjix Human Infiltration Attack Bot! Kilobyte touched Tenaya 7's face and she yanked it away. Kilobyte: Just 7? Well even that should be enough to know how to use a broom. Tenaya 7 was ready to strike, but Generals Crunch and Shifter grabbed her and held onto her as she struggled to free herself. Tenaya 7: Let go of me! Venjix: Tenaya 7, take your Chemical Bot and attack the city as planned. Generals Crunch and Shifter released Tenaya 7. Tenaya 7 glared at Kilobyte as she walked past. Kilobyte: Hmmm, a robot with attitude. How charming. Unfortunately Tenaya 7's Chemical Bot would end up being destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Generals Shifter and Crunch, along with Tenaya 7, were searching an area that used to be the headquarters of Alphabet Soup. Generals Shifter, Crunch, and Tenaya 7 looked around the area. Tenaya 7: This is where it all started. Alphabet Soup. General Crunch became excited when he saw an Operation Overdrive red helmet. General Crunch: Wow! General Crunch picked it up. General Crunch: Maybe I can be a Ranger! Tenaya 7 was not happy. Tenaya 7: What did I say? General Crunch dropped the helmet quickly. General Crunch: Uhmmm, don't touch anything. Tenaya 7: There has to be something useful in this stink tank. Tenaya 7 bent down and began looking at the items on the floor. General Crunch: Hey, what is Alphabet Soup anyways? General Shifter: It's a chicken-based human substance containing pasta that's been pressed into the letters of the Latin alphabet. General Crunch: Oh! I get it! I get it! I get it! General Crunch began laughing. Tenaya 7 found a laptop and plugged herself into it. Tenaya 7 was immediately tuned out and focus on the information provided. General Crunch: I hate it when she does that. Tenaya 7 finally disengaged herself. Tenaya 7: Finally, something interesting. They've buried all their discarded technology in the south red mountain. General Shifter: That's the dome. Tenaya 7: We're going to need something that can dig. General Crunch: That'll be fun! General Crunch and Tenaya 7 left. General Shifter: The south red mountain range. General Shifter returned to Venjix's palace before Tenaya 7. He went to Kilobyte and gave him the information. Kilobyte reported the information to Venjix. Kilobyte and General Crunch began working on an attack bot. General Shifter watched them when Tenaya 7 entered proudly. Tenaya 7: Master, I've acquired important information from Alphabet...Venjix: I already know about the dumping ground from Kilobyte. Kilobyte: Everything's under control sweetie. I'm already building a Series 2 Roto Bot as we speak. Tenaya 7: But how? General Shifter: With my help. Tenaya 7 walked up to General Shifter. Tenaya 7: So you've chosen sides. A big gamble. Huge! General Crunch and Kilobyte: Whooaa. Tenaya 7 stormed out. Later the Power Rangers would gain a new Megazord, PaleoMax Megazord, and destroy Series 2 Roto Bot. After the battle, General Shifter was walking the halls in the palace, when he heard whistling. General Shifter paused and looked around. Tenaya 7 came walking up to him. Tenaya 7: You better watch your back, Shifter. General Shifter became annoyed and walked away.

General Shifter and Kilobyte were walking down a hallway together. The hallway lead to Venjix's chamber. General Shifter: The programming is perfect this time. Kilobyte: Then you'll be fine. They entered Venjix's chamber and General Shifter walked up to Venjix. General Shifter: Venjix, once downloaded, you can fight beside us in this new body. Venjix: But can it handle my power? General Shifter: This is Generation 16 technology. It cannot fail. Tenaya 7 walked out and over to the console. Tenaya 7: Talk, talk, talk. Why don't you show us how it works? General Shifter: Sure. Watch this. General Shifter walked over to the console where Tenaya 7 stood. General Shifter: Move. Tenaya 7 moved over. General Shifter activated his Hyper Bot. Hyper Bot fired a laser at Venjix. Venjix: Nooo!! Kilobyte: No! Kilobyte quickly knocked over Hyper Bot and knocked him out. General Shifter: That's impossible! The programming was flawless and...General Shifter glanced over at Tenaya 7 and saw her smiling. General Shifter: You! You did this! Tenaya 7: Typical Generation 5 glitch, shifting the blame to others. Venjix: You will leave here General Shifter, and never return. General Shifter: What! Into the waste land! But I'll rust! Kilobyte: Another tragic Gem 5 flaw, no undercoating. Avoid the salt flats. General Shifter growled at them. General Shifter: Gem 5 has strengths too, and I'll use them. General Shifter left, dragging Hyper Bot behind him. General Shifter took quite a bit of his equipment with him as well. He made a place for himself out in the waste land. General Shifter ranted at Hyper Bot. General Shifter: How dare they banish me! General Shifter tells Hyper Bot that Venjix could have rule the world, but now he will. Later, the Rangers battle a giant Heat Bot in two of the Megazords. The Rangers destroyed Heat Bot. General Shifter is ready to show what his attack bot is capable of. Hyper Bot is giant size and enters Corinth. Hyper Bot knocks both Megazords to the ground, before leaving.

General Shifter stepped out and faced his Hyper Bot. General Shifter: We'll destroy the Rangers first, then Venjix. Hyper Bot begins it's attack. General Shifter enters the city in his flying machine. General Shifter drops a giant key onto Hyper Bot that makes it more powerful. Soon the PaleoMax Megazord is under General Shifter's control and he is thrilled. The PaleoMax Megazord begins attacking the city. Red Ranger had been knocked out of the PaleoMax Megazord and watches from the ground. General Shifter walks up to Red Ranger and taunts him. General Shifter and Red Ranger battle. Two more Megazords arrive, the Mach Megazord and the ValveMax Megazord. General Shifter knocks Red Ranger to the ground. General Shifter sends a small key into Red Ranger's chest. Red Ranger gets up and this time, General Shifter is knocked to the ground. Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger arrive in their zords. Red Ranger tells General Shifter to watch how they get rid of attack bots like his. The High Octane Megazord is formed. General Shifter watches the battle from the ground. The Mach Megazord and ValveMax Megazord breaks apart and General Shifter is very pleased. The PaleoMax Megazord knocks the High Octane Megazord apart as well. A jamming signal is sent out and the PaleoMax Megazord is back under the Rangers' control. General Shifter is stunned when all twelve zords come together to form the RPM Ultrazord. General Shifter wonders how they got his coding. The Rangers battle and destroy Hyper Bot. The key from Hyper Bot falls to the ground. General Shifter picks it up and absorbs Hyper Bot's power.

General Shifter enters the city. He has a control panel with him. General Shifter: My Hyper Bot was just the beginning. Soon the world will discover just how brilliant I truly am. He presses a switch, which sends out a signal through the city. This activates the control key that is inside Scott and soon Red Ranger is under General Shifter's control. General Shifter launches his attack. Citizens run in terror. Soon Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Silver Ranger, Gold Ranger, and Yellow Ranger arrive. General Shifter battles the Rangers. General Shifter easily knocks the Rangers to the ground. General Shifter then shots up several ropes and has the Rangers tangling in the air. The Rangers are knocked back down to the ground and released. The Rangers get up quickly and are ready to fire at General Shifter. General Shifter uses his control panel and Red Ranger walks up. Red Ranger stands protectively in front of General Shifter and is ready to fire at the rest of the Rangers. Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Silver Ranger, Gold Ranger, and Yellow Ranger cannot fire at their friend. Red Ranger tries to fight against the control General Shifter has on him. Suddenly there is an explosion. General Shifter hits the ground and his control panel is knocked out of his hands. The control key is also knocked out of Red Ranger. The explosion came from Tenaya 15. Black Ranger is unable to convince Tenaya 15 of who she really is. General Shifter gets back up and grows to giant size. Red Ranger is still weak, but the rest of the Rangers summon their zords and attack General Shifter. Then the zords are formed into the RPM Ultrazord. General Shifter battles the Ultrazord and is defeated. General Shifter returns to normal size and leaves the city. Red Ranger tracks him down. General Shifter battles Red Ranger. Eventually General Shifter is destroyed by Red Ranger. His pieces are taken to the Venjix palace to form Venjix's new body.