Final Attack Bot
Final Attack Bot
Episode: End Game &
Danger and Destiny (I)
Season: R.P.M.

This Attack Bot appears to have been made of pieces of many previous Attack Bots. It was created for Venjix's final attack on Corinth. After Venjix activated the Hybrids in the city and gained control of the Control Tower, this Attack Bot confronted five of the seven Rangers. Ziggy was on his way back to base to protect Dr. K and Dillon was trying to fight off the virus inside him after being activated.

The remaining Rangers morphed and fought as hard as they could against this beast. They managed to hold him off for a while, but he was soon grown to giant size. The Rangers called for the High Octane, Mach & PaleoMax Megazords. The High Octane and PaleoMax Megazords tried to battle the bot on the ground, but the machine coated the two Megazords in heavy oil, making them completely immobile. The Gold & Silver Rangers split their Megazord and attack with their Zords, while the Whale Zord washed the other Megazords off.

With the High Octane and PaleoMax back to normal, Gold and Silver reformed the Mach Megazord and held the Attack Bot in place for the Megazords to attack. By combining all of their attacks, they managed to destroy the Attack Bot.

Afterward, the Attack Bot is nickname Chimera Bot after abandened. He going be Samuel's partner. He worked download and defeat every Attack Bots. He used sword, blue blaster or chainsaw (expect Toy Botic). He even used combine as a weapons and barely use finishing attacks to strike them. Which is exculding Akina were not appearance in english version inculding Kita, Shigure and Dino Slash Zord.


Final Attack Bot1

Chimera Bot in End Game


  • The Chimera Bot is actually renamed Final Attack Bot.
  • Akina, Kita, Shigure, and Dino Slash Zord were not appearance in english version. This only japanese version on Engine Sentai Go-onger.
  • Saya were appearance in both R.P.M and Go-onger. In Go-onger, Dyna Banki blast Saya and injured then Kettei Banki taking her to Rolf and replace Akina. In R.P.M, he can used new armament to formed Chimera Bot Red Sword. In others, the old armaments to change into different types.